Rec Board - April 16th 2014

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mayfield Village Civic Center

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Attending:  Kate Sullivan, Dave Perout, Stivo DiFranco, Meg Stifler, Troy Koch, Pat Andrzejczyk, Lori Sperling, Mary  Murphy, Peggy Kerver, Bill Thomas and Sean Supler.

Introduction:  Meg called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  She asked for approval of the March 19, 2014 Minutes as written.  Kate approved and Stivo seconded.  All in attendance approved.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is May 14.  The movie is “Saving Mr. Banks”, and reservations are due by May 7.  The menu is Spring Panzanella Salad. The cost is $5 for lunch.
  • The next Foot Clinic is Friday, May 9.
  • The trip to Lakeview Cemetery was held April 16.
  • The May trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Canton Classic Car Museum was canceled.
  • We are taking reservations for the 32nd annual Anniversary Party on Friday, May 16.


Easter Party Evaluation

  • Meg reported that everything went really well overall.
  • Stivo agreed but also said that there were too many things happening at one time.  He said a lot of people were in line waiting for pictures with the Easter Bunny and couldn’t see Rick Smith Jr do his magic show.  He suggested that maybe we could do refreshments and tables in the room where the bar is, and use the main big room to host all the activities.  That way everyone could see what’s taking place.  Meg said timing is off a little and maybe to look into staggering to avoid everything going at once.
  • Meg said the Bunny was a little late coming out.  Mary explained it was her fault as she didn’t realize the Bunny was waiting for her to come out. 
  • Kate also suggested that the clown making balloons takes a lot of time with each child.  Maybe then can come with some pre-made balloons so it helps speed things up.  The clown spent extra time with people, even handing out business cards so the line kept getting delayed.  Everyone agreed that the balloons was taking too much time.
  • Meg said the decorating on Friday night went well and thanked everyone who come, especially Laurie and Dave Blood.  The Easter Bunny did an amazing job as always.
  • Mary finished with saying that she got lots of great compliments on the event and that Rick Smith Jr is amazing and worth the price.


Debbie Hudacko Scholarship Updates (Interviews: Wednesday, April 30 at 7:00 p.m.)

  • Bill wanted to make sure that everyone on the interview committee got their packet.  All there said they did receive it.
  • Mary said they will interview 5 students and decide who will get the scholarship money. 


Meeting Dates

  • Bill said he mirrored the dates from this past year and no dates fell on any important days.  Dave said the March meeting falls on his birthday next year!


Open Discussion

  • Bill began with the discussion about the Intergenerational Park he envisions down at Parkview. Actually, this was envisioned back in 1998 before I got here.  This would include 2 tennis courts, 2 sand volleyball courts, 2 bocce courts, picnic shelter and restrooms.  He wants to move all activities from Wiley Park and keep that solely for picnic/group reservations.
  • Lori asked if there was ever any discussion of adding a dog park.  Bill said only a couple but feels people should take their dogs to the Metroparks. Others agreed that dog parks can be eye sores and nuisances. 
  • Bill went on to say that he has gone in front of all the program committees (Activities, Citizen’s Advisory) with this idea to gauge interest and get consensus from everyone before proceeding.  He explained that it would cost roughly $125,000 for the different courts and that Ted Esborn would write a grant to help secure funding for the Nature Works grant like we did in 2006 for the softball fields.  Stivo asked where all this will go at Parkview?  Bill answered to the west of the Greenway Trail but away from the Wetlands.  He will need to involve Village Engineer Tom Capella, John Marrelli, Doug Metzung and Diane Wolgamuth in scoping the area.
  • Dave wants to see picnic tables and benches scattered throughout the park once it’s completed.  Put some in the tree line, along the trail, etc so people can enjoy the area. 
  • Peggy brought up the problem of limited parking that already exist at Parkview, and with adding all these new activities, where will everyone go?  She explained that even with just the Pool and Softball, parking in the lot is extremely tight. Bill agreed that is a problem but its something they will need to look into.  He said they are discussing adding some slanted parking spaces along North Commons Blvd on the side closest to the Grove.  People who come at night to the Grove can also park at Progressive. 
  • Mary wanted to know the cost of adding the bathrooms to Parkview for softball & new park.  Bill said it would be roughly $300,000.  The new bathrooms down at the soccer fields are almost completed and water was turned on.  They are fine tuning some features but should be ready very soon.  Mary said the facility looks very nice and sleek.
  • Bill finished by saying this park is still in its very early stages.  He hopes to have a memo out to council in late 2014 about the plans. 
  • Stivo asked about the Zatko property that is located just south of the softball fields.  It was suggested to be some sort of concession/restroom area for softball players, families on the trail, etc. who want to grab a hotdog, hamburger, or ice cream and watch the games being played from the patio.  Pat said it would cost a lot of money to repair that house since it’s in such bad condition. She would like to see the Village bring in someone from the outside to run it more like a restaurant but isn’t sure how that works since it’s owned by the Village.  Stivo also said he believes there is an agreement which says the house can’t be torn down.
  • Bill asked Dave for an update of the Pool upgrades for this season.  Dave explained they are replacing the main water heater.  The pool will be using a new computer system called Sportsman.  It’s the same operating system that the Recreation Department uses, as well as, Mayfield Heights and Wildcat Sport & Fitness.  This means it’s all one data base being used between the entities.  All the swim lesson, exercise class and activities will be run through Sportsman too.  If a person has a membership at Wildcat Sport & Fitness, then get a Parkview membership, they will use the same card to gain entrance.
  • Mary asked how many members are currently at Wildcat Sport & Fitness?  Bill said the last numbers were about 2850 but we should be closer to 3000 now.  We need to get more equipment to help accommodate the growing number of members.  We also need to figure out a solution to the tempature inside the facility now that the weather is getting warmer.  We are looking to install big fans in the ceiling.
  • Dave said he was recently talking with the Assistant Director at Akron University’s Rec Center and they discussed these very small lockers that Akron has throughout their facility.  They are only about 7inches deep and are meant for people to drop their wallets, ID cards, and cell phones into.  He explained that a lot of people come fully dressed to work-out or play sports, and just need something small/quick to put their items into.  Bill will contact the company, American Security Lockers, to find out more info.


The meeting concluded at 7:40 p.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 17 at the Civic Center

Respectfully Submitted,

Sean T. Supler,
Sports Coordinator