Rec Board - September 18th 2013

Mayfield Village Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Pat Andrzejczyk, Stivo DiFranco, Peggy Kerver, Tom Marrie, Dave Perout, Kate Sullivan, Mary Murphy, Meg Stifler, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Guest In Attendance:  Tom Piteo

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Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at approximately 7:07 p.m.  She asked for approval of the April 17, 2013 Minutes as written.   Mary approved and Kate seconded.  All in attendance approved.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is October 9 with “Moonstruck” and reservations are due by October 2.
  • The next Foot Clinic is October 18.
  • The Covered Bridges and Winery trip on October 18 is sold out.  There are still openings for the “Senior Legislator for a Day” trip on October 25.  Reservations are due by September 24.
  • The Senior Open House at Wildcat Sport & Fitness on Tuesday, September 17.
  • The deadline to enter the leaf-raking drawing is September 20.
  • We have received almost 100 applications for snow removal. The deadline to opt in is October 3.  The deadline to opt out is December 31.


Debbie Hudacko Run Discussion

  • Bill said this was the first year for the hat trick run.  The hat trick consisted of 5mile, 5k and 2 mile runs.  Bill said he should have financial information about the event at the next meeting.
  • Mary asked if there was any confusion with the starting locations and routes.  Stivo said most of the confusion was along the routes but there was a little confusion about where to start.   Tom suggested using more arrows.   Bill said the timing company has them.  The committee thought a color coded map would be ideal to have as well.  Pat said more volunteers would also be helpful.    Bill said if he could get more Key Club members to volunteer he could place them in the park.   He said it is difficult to get student volunteers in the summer.   Stivo said signage would help too.   The committee members agreed that signs/arrows, color  coding and volunteers would help things run smoother next year.
  • Pat said she heard that participants are tired of shirts in various shades of blue.  Peggy suggested something bright.  The committee agreed that was a good idea.


Parkview Pool Discussion

  • Dave said the numbers are higher this year than last.  This year the pool stayed open an additional week.   He said August was much better than it has been in a while.    He referenced Forest Hill where they peaked at the end of season  similar to Parkview.   The weather was not great mid-season but then it got better towards the end of the season.  Highland Heights had some issues with their pump and a few days without staff so we honored their passes.  Mayfield Heights had some issues with their pool towards the end of the season so Mayfield Village honored their passholders as well.  Mary asked if Parkview Pool passholders had any issues when Mayfield Heights and Highland Heights passholders were honored.   Dave said no, everything went fine. 
  • Dave said that Mayfield Heights and Mayfield Village were short staff at the end of the season.   Mayfield Heights staff came and worked at Parkview so it was a nice cooperative effort.  Mary asked who paid the Mayfield Heights staff.   Dave said Mayfield Heights did.  Dave also said that Mayfield Heights pass holders used their passes at Parkview.   Dave said we only closed early one night due to staff shortage. Dave said that the staff shortage at the end of the season will always exist because of school.   Tom said as long as safety isn’t jeopardized because of lack of staff.  Dave said it was not.  Dave said he even guarded too.    He asked Bill to talk with the area recreation directors to see if they can come up with a solution to the problem.  Dave said all the guards really came through at the end of the season.
  • Mary asked how behavior was at Parkview and if there were any issues this year.  Peggy said everything was fine. 
  • Kate said she heard a lot of people from the high school indoor pool were happy that they got to use Parkview when the indoor pool at the high school was closed for annual maintenance.   Meg said she and Mayor Rinker came up with that solution.  Bill said that will be the procedure each year.  Dave said it wasn’t a lot of people.  Meg said there are really only a few dedicated lap swimmers.
  • Meg asked if the handicap accessible lift was used.   Kate said a few in her class used it.   Some of the participants did not like the swinging of the lift and preferred to be wheeled in and transferred.  Dave said there was another guest who used it regularly.
  • Danielle asked if the committee wanted to set up a policy for cancellation of private evening rentals.  She said there was a scenario where she received a cancellation just a few days before the use.  Danielle said when that happens, then nobody else can use that date.   She asked if we want to say something like cancellation has to be done a certain number of days in advance or else part of the deposit may be forfeited.   Tom asked how the Parkview Pool staff feels about it.    Dave said the guards don’t mind if they don’t have to stay late.  Dave said we don’t make any money on private rentals.  Meg said they are community residents booking the facility. Tom asked if they are.  Danielle said the permit has to be signed by a Mayfield School District resident.  The committee members agreed to make a 24 hour rule where if the cancellation is within 24 hours, then they lose half of their deposit.  Danielle said the department can also use their judgment in case it is an emergency or family issue.    The committee agreed.
  • Dave said the Summer Sizzler Swim Meet that is normally held at Parkview, sponsored by Mayfield Village, takes a lot of resources and manpower.  The meet is getting more difficult to run.   Dave said we have proposed to the Suburban Swim League (10 communities involved), that they use Parkview Pool for their annual Championship Meet.  This meet would replace the Sizzler.  He said the Suburban Championship Meet is a two day event where the meet is held at a different community on Saturday and Sunday but there is always a designated home/host team that receives the financial benefits.   A few years back they were supposed to use Highland Heights pool for the meet but there was a construction issue so Parkview Pool became the venue that day.   The Suburban Swim League Board will be discussing the idea.   They have a few concerns that need to be discussed.    If they agreed to it, it would not happen in 2014 but possibly 2015.    Parkview Pool could be the venue each Sunday for that meet each year.  Dave said that since Parkview is 10 lanes, it has the greatest capacity compared to the other pools that are generally used for the event.  Dave said we would basically just rent the pool to them and supply the guards.  The host team would run the meet and handle all the supplies.  Bill asked if Toni would be able to open the concession stand and if Mayfield Village would be able to keep the profit.  Dave said that has to be discussed.  Dave said it’s basically a money maker for the home team.   Dave said the charge is roughly $175 an hour.  The committee members said as long as it covers cost.  Tom said he has been to one of the meets before and he said there are just a ton of people involved with it.  Dave said we provide for the community and we don’t have a Mayfield team.  Mary asked about cleanup.    Dave said it is all their responsibility.   Bill asked if the host team provides their own Service Department staff for cleanup.  Dave said some do if it’s a municipal team but the private teams don’t have that.  Kate said she is a past swimmer parent and a facility like Parkview would be a great venue and she said this was a great idea.  Stivo asked if this meant the pool would be closed for two days. Dave said no, just the Sunday.  Danielle asked about set up and Dave said they would do it Saturday night.  

The committee members were supportive of this proposal.  They felt that the space and facility would be put to good use.   Bill said that Dave laid it out well for the Suburban Swim League Committee.


Fall/Winter Brochure

  • Bill said it went out late and asked everyone if they received it.   Everyone said they did but Mary said she didn’t recall seeing it.   Bill said it went out to 32,000 residents.
  • Mary asked if the Spring/Summer brochure would also be combined with the other communities.   Bill said no, ours will just have Mayfield Village and Gates Mills.
  • Bill said that we realized that ads should be more expensive because the brochure is reaching a larger audience.  Tommy V’s did a full page ad for $1,050.    Bill said Mayfield Village collected $4,625 in ad revenue.
  • Meg said there is a lot of information in the brochure.


Youth Halloween Party (Saturday, October 19)

  • Bill said he is working with the Key Club.  There will be one set of students who help Paul Lynch with the Haunted House and the other set will set up and run the games.
  • Meg said the Key Club did a great job last year with games but they need guidance to make sure they have everything ready.
  • Meg asked if the Village gets pizza for the Key Club.  Danielle said in the past we have ordered just  for the haunted house volunteers since they get there much earlier but it usually winds up with all Key Club volunteers eating.  The committee agreed it would be fine to supply pizza for all of the Key Club volunteers. 
  • The committee discussed if pizza or donut holes would be best for the party. Danielle said we have done both but at one point in time the committee decided that since the party is after lunch, pizza wouldn’t be necessary.  The committee members agreed to go with donut holes again.  Meg said that last year someone suggested putting the donut holes in a baggie or little cup for the kids.  The committee members agreed that it would not be necessary.
  • Meg said that she will need help decorating the Community Room on Friday.  It was determined that she will be available from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.   The committee can try to narrow down the time at the October meeting or email Danielle when they are available.  
  • Volunteers are also needed during the party.   Meg, Mary, Pat and Peggy are available.  A few additional volunteers would be helpful
  • Meg said she and Danielle will work on making sure there are prizes for the games as well as the big prize that each child gets when they leave.
  • Danielle or Bill will follow up with Dr. Parker to see if he will donate toothbrushes for the kids.



Open Discussion


Restrooms at Soccer Fields

  • Bill said the latest update is that they are scheduled to be done late October/early November
  • Tom said they ran into some buried concrete and water so the site had to be moved several  feet.   Council passed the change on September 16 so everything is ready to go.  Tom said Progressive is on board to do the landscaping with the patio/shelter.   He said that Progressive appreciates us trying to match the architecture.   Tom reported that the project will be over $300,000 but it will be nice.   All the utilities had to be brought in from S.O.M. Center.
  • The committee members agreed that they were glad the project was approved and underway.


The Grove

  • The last event is on Sunday, September 22.  It is Lincoln at the Grove.  If it rains, the event can be moved indoor to the library.
  • Bill said the other events were well attended.   There were approximately 125 people at Dancing Under the Stars, 200 at Dance Stop and approximately 30 for Yoga.


Wildcat Sport & Fitness

  • Bill reported that there were 140 seniors registered for the Senior Open House
  • Meg asked who picked the furniture color in the lobby.   Bill said the school did.  He said it’s nice furniture.  Bill said he is pleased that they got it so quick.  Scott Snyder from the schools noticed that the lobby was lacking furniture so he went ahead and ordered it.
  • Bill said that he will be giving Council a tour on Monday at 6:00 if anyone else wants to attend they are more than welcome to.
  • Meg said people seem excited that the facility is available.  
  • Tom said the hours were very restrictive before.  
  • Meg said she works at the front desk and they are ensuring that only school district residents purchase memberships.   She said everyone is being diligent about checking documents for proof.  Bill asked if people give the staff a hard time.   Meg said not really but sometimes.  
  • Mary asked who runs the facility.   Bill said Mayfield Village, Mayfield Heights and the school.   There is part time staff and Danielle is there from 9:00 a.m. – Noon and Patty from Mayfield Heights is there from Noon – 3:00 p.m.  Bill said it’s working out and he would like to get rid of Patty and Danielle at the front desk and hire full time staff there.   Meg said more cohesion is needed.  Bill said it’s a learning process.  
  • Bill said it’s a second job and both Mayfield Heights and Mayfield Village are feeling it.  Bill said the school wanted to get out of recreation and get back to educating students. The Mayors agreed to the concept. Kate said someone needed to be in charge and she agrees with taking it over.  
  • Bill said the annual membership is very cheap.


  • The meeting concluded at 8:17 p.m.


Next Meeting:   Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director