Rec Board - January 16th 2013

Mayfield Village Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7:00 p.m.
Civic Center

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Attending: Pat Andrzejczyk, Stivo DiFranco, Peggy Kerver, Troy Koch, Tom Marrie, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Meg Stifler,  Kate Sullivan, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction: Meg called the called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10 p.m. She asked for approval of the November 14, 2012 Minutes as written. Peggy approved and Kate seconded. All in attendance approved. Sign up sheets for volunteers for the 2013 recreation parties/events were passed around.

Restrooms at Softball and Soccer Fields

  • Bill reported that the restrooms are being worked on.   Diane found out that Romtech was more expensive than first anticipated.  He said that there will be restrooms and a separate pavilion depending on bid responses at the soccer fields.   The building at the softball field will have restrooms, storage and a separate pavilion again depending on bid responses.   The building will have the same look as the pool building.


Senior Program Updates

  • 246 residents have opted into the Snow Removal Program and 128 have opted out.
  • Mayfield Village residents may have their income taxes prepared by an AARP volunteer on February 18, March 18, and April 8.
  • The Community Partnership on Aging Lunch n’ Movie programs held at the Civic Center are going well. The next program is Wednesday, February 20.
  • Winter activities are ongoing including Games, Cards, Mat Pilates, Tai Chi, Fitness for You, Good Time Dancin’, Watercolor, and the ABC Village Quilters.
  • A Senior Information Open House is being planned for Friday, June 28 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Community Room.  Representatives from Village departments and Cuyahoga County will be present to provide information and answer your questions about a variety of topics such as lock boxes, Code Red, building permits, fraud, and deeds.
  • The committee discussed the Code Red service.    Some members said they were not aware of it.  Tom explained how residents can be simultaneously notified of emergency situations.   Members who were already signed up said it is a great service.
  • Bill said he hopes that residents take advantage on the Community Partnership on Aging’s programs and services.
  • Dave said the fair sounds like a great idea.  He also suggested an outreach program such as having representatives from the fair going over to a place like the Village Apartments and setting up there.  It might be easier for those tenants to attend the fair there directly in their building.


Christmas Party/Santa Ride Evaluation

  • Bill said that the ride started a half hour earlier this year and they arrived at the Community Room for the party shortly after 1:30 p.m.  He said there were a lot of people waiting outside to see Santa so starting at the 10:00 a.m. time seemed to work well.
  • Danielle said she thought the party went well.  She said there were a lot of Recreation Board Members there volunteering.
  • Mary asked if there are a lot of kids at the party.  Dave said yes, he said during the ride a lot of the kids say to Santa “see you later” and then they are at the party.
  • Meg said the presents Shelly bought were great.    She asked if they ran out of presents for any of the age groups. Danielle said as far as she knew everything was okay.  The committee members agreed that Shelly does a great job with the gifts for this party.
  • Meg said she is already looking at crafts for the 2013 party as well as other holiday items for the other recreation parties this year.
  • Danielle reported that approximately 30 letters to Santa were collected at the party.   With the Finance Director’s approval, she was able to put postage on the letters and deliver them to Macy’s “Believe” program.   Macy’s collects the letters and donates $1 to Make-A-Wish for each letter that is posted.


Debbie Hudacko Walk/Run

  • Bill said that he spoke with Howard Mack from the timing company HMA Promotions and a new format was suggested.   This unique offering would feature a Hat Trick for the runs.  There would be a 5 mile, 5k and 2 mile run.   Participants could sign up for one race, two races, or all three.   He said the goal is to get more runners so more money can go into the scholarship fund.  Howard is hopeful that there will be 200-300 runners with this new format.
  • The committee members thought it was a good idea because it is new and the 5k was one of the distances.  They felt that a 5k was key to securing more participants.
  • Bill said that he is thinking about offering a relay as well; it might be more family friendly.   Danielle said that it sounds like a good idea but that might be too much and too complex for the first year.   She suggested seeing how this year’s race goes and then maybe offer the relay next year.   The committee members agreed.
  • Danielle said that the new format makes things more complex overall.  She asked when each race would start.    The committee members felt that it would be best to offer the 5 mile run first.    If it were offered last, there may be a heat factor.   And if the 2 mile was first, then those participants would have to stand around and wait a long time for awards.   The committee members agreed for the order to be 5 mile, 5k, 2 mile.
  • Troy asked about awards.   The committee members suggested and agreed that something like a hat might be a nice commemorative award.  It could say something like “I survived the Debbie Hudacko Hat Trick”.   (Note:  after the meeting, it was determined that visors might be better with the inscription “The Debbie Hudacko Hat Trick Runs”)
  • Danielle said there would have to be more awards so then expenses would also go up.   Danielle said that the timing service may cost more too with the additional races being added.


Open Discussion

  • Bill said he has been working with the Teen Advisory Board to plan a 6th – 8th grade event on Friday, January 25, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. at the Mayfield High School Field House.   There will be a dodgeball tournament, swimming, food, and d.j.   He said volunteers are needed if anyone is available.
  • Tom Marrie said that Cuyahoga County Council Representative Jack Schron will be speaking at the Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, January 28, 7:00 p.m. in Civic Hall. Danielle emailed the committee members the information.
  • Stivo said that he took his son sledding at The Grove.   He said it is a great hill, he thought it was faster heading towards Progressive.  He said if you sled towards the theatre it is more gentle and you have to go around a fence.   He said that he and his son had a great time.  Tom said that fence will eventually disappear.    Stivo said it might be nice if there was a sign saying the area could be used for sledding.   The committee members thought it might be nice to have a winter special event there in the future.  There could be sledding and hot chocolate.
  • The meeting concluded at 7:57 p.m.


Next Meeting:   Wednesday, February 20, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center

Respectfully Submitted,
Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director