Rec Board - February 20th 2013

Mayfield Village Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Civic Center

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Attending: Paula Conte, Peggy Kerver, Tom Marrie, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Lori Sperling, Meg Stifler, Kate Sullivan, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Also Attending:  Jim McKnight, Mayor Bruce Rinker, Jeff Thomas and Diane Wolgamuth

Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at approximately 7:03 p.m. She asked for approval of the January 16, 2013 Minutes as written.   Mary approved and Kate seconded. All in attendance approved.  A volunteer sign-up sheet for the Mother’s Day Pancake was passed around.

Presentation for Restrooms at Softball and Soccer Fields

  • Mayor Rinker introduced Jim McKnight, the landscape architect who is working on the restroom projects. He is also working on the Grove. Jim was involved with Medical Mart downtown and Diane sought out his firm. Landscape design is a critical component to our areas so Jim put some ideas together and feedback is needed from the Recreation Board. Mayor Rinker said Progressive is focused on their front yard, even the area across from Governor’s Village which is being commercially developed. Progressive uses our facilities and we have a great working relationship with them. Mayor Rinker said that Progressive has diplomatically said they are interested in helping with this project. He said that Jim has two designs; the one at softball matches the pool architecture and the one at soccer resembles Progressive more.
  • Jim made a power point presentation (attached).
  • Jim said the transformers at the softball fields present a bit of a challenge but he is working on landscape to hide them. He said that vending machines could be put under the overhang by the bathrooms.  Picnic tables could be installed near the transformers.
  • Jim said they have included parking for food trucks at the soccer fields. He reported that the mound where the bathrooms and pavilion will be will have to be graded out a bit. He said that the construction for the pavilion involves kits so things can be adapted.
  • Mary said it is a really nice lunch area for Progressive. Lori agreed and said it is also nice to include the parking for food trucks. Mayor Rinker said the trail is being built and it connects our parks and businesses in between.  He said it is connecting neighborhoods and that there are not many communities that have this with recreation and corporations where the end users all benefit and contribute.  He said there really is a lot of interaction with everyone, a lot our programs are collaborative. The design works for us and them and everyone benefits. Mary said it is nice that Progressive is considering kicking in.
  • Mayor Rinker said that the buildings will have storage but as demand creates opportunity, there is potential for other things, like a concession stand. He said things evolve, we take baby steps and leave the door open.  Kate said she agreed but felt that we provide recreation, not concession. She said that people can bring their own items to the fields. Mayor Rinker said we provide concessions at the pool and summer concerts. Tom said we don’t have to build a concession stand, employee staff, buy product or clean it up but we can have the space there.
  • Mary said that it looks like the doors to the restrooms at softball open on to the path. She wondered about the safety of someone walking by. Paula said it is probably a safety factor for someone walking in, so parents can see a child come in and out of the bathroom.
  • Meg asked if the restrooms will have to be opened and closed. Bill said yes, they have to be winterized.
  • Sean asked if the Gator and Skidster will fit in the storage portion of the building at softball. Jim said they can. Meg asked if anything else would fit with it. Jim said other things would fit. Sean said there will be tire tracks and mud from the equipment going in and out of the building.  Diane asked if those items could go in the current storage shed at the fields since they plan on keeping the shed as well.   Sean said no, it does not fit. Jim suggested the access point for the storage in the building to be on the other side.  Mayor Rinker said there is also no place to clean off the equipment.
  • Mary asked what the next step is; figure out the cost and then approach Council? Mayor Rinker said this is preliminary and this is the sketch phase. He said the plans will be worked on and widdled, and then Council has to be approached. He said the Recreation Board needs input because it is their community and their programs.
  • Mayor Rinker said there is a good relationship with Progressive and the Village, including residents. He said even now with the Mayfield High School Field House, there is an indoor facility for us so we can focus on outdoor facilities.
  • Peggy asked if pavilions would be the same size as Parkview Pool’s and Jim said yes, he believes so.   Approximately 26’ x 30’.
  • Meg asked if there would be any more drawings and Mayor Rinker said Jim is working on them.
  • Meg asked if there was a preference on which facility should be done first. Sean said he would like to see them at the softball fields first just because he is there every night and sees the need for them. Sean then said that the priority should probably be the soccer fields because of the kids and families that use the fields. The majority of the users at the softball fields are adults.  Mayor Rinker asked the committee to advocate what they want and think about the priority. Dave agreed with Sean and said the younger crowd should probably have the bathrooms first. Tom said that when Council was originally approached, it was because people wanted bathrooms at the soccer fields. He also agreed that it a younger family setting at soccer. Mayor Rinker said that these are valid points. He asked the committee members to study the issue more and discuss among themselves and the community. He suggested talking to coaches and participants. Mayor Rinker said that a case can be made for both facilities. Kate added that it also has to do with numbers, she said more people use the soccer fields than softball fields. Peggy said the Progressive employees use the soccer fields during their lunch time. Sean said the adult soccer players have to change in their cars when they come from work.
  • Tom urged committee members to come to the Council meeting too when it’s time. He said it’s great to discuss it but the support needs to be there too. Mayor Rinker added that the committee members help Council make decisions and people don’t have to attend meetings just for confrontational things.
  • Kate asked what the committee needed to do next. Mayor Rinker said keep discussing. He said that the committee will be kept in the loop. He said administration will look at the nuts and bolts to come up with cost, they will talk to the Citizens Advisory Committee too. Everyone will be informed.
  • Bill asked if there would be a cost saving to complete both projects at once. Mayor Rinker said that they thought so. He said that Progressive is interested in contributing and it wasn’t expected. He said that Progressive planted trees along Parkview Drive. He said he didn’t know how that came about but they did it. Mayor Rinker said they seem to do a lot of things quietly but they are great to work with. Mayor Rinker said that Progressive has not said a dollar amount, they just put the offer on the table.
  • Peggy said everything is a great design and Paula said it is beautiful. Tom added that it matches the Village.  Meg said the designs are nice with clean lines. Mary said there is nice foliage.  Dave said that Progressive has an imprint on the Village. He said the designs fit. Mayor Rinker agreed and said we did not want the buildings and designs to be an afterthought.
  • Mayor Rinker said people have been sledding at The Grove. He said they have found now that they need flooring, possibly something portable that can be moved to various locations. He said while in Montana they had a traveling Shakespeare group so there is potential for The Grove to become a gathering place. There will be basic structural things and enough to start with so we can then add on. He said with time there is change and people adjust to it.


Senior Program Updates

  • Mayfield Village residents may have their income taxes prepared by an AARP volunteer on February 18, March 18, and April 8.
  • The next Foot Clinic will be held March 15.
  • The Community Partnership on Aging Lunch n’ Movie programs held at the Civic Center are going well. The next program is Wednesday, February 20. (This program was originally scheduled for February 13.)
  • The next trip will be to the Cleveland Museum of Art with lunch at Trattoria on April 17.


Easter Party (Saturday, March 23, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Community Room)

  • Meg reported that she and Danielle looked at Oriental Trading and supplies have been ordered.  Meg said they also found some clearance items too for the other holiday parties.
  • Danielle said Swifty and Rick Smith Jr. have been booked.
  • Meg said they are trying to come up with new decoration ideas for pictures with the bunny. Meg said she found a bunny bunting to put on the couch and Danielle is looking into using the white lattice from the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast.
  • Meg said volunteers would be needed to help decorate on Friday, March 22, possibly around 4:00 p.m. Danielle said she will email the committee members and get a list together for volunteers. She said that the service department will have the tables and everything set up. In the email Danielle will also ask for volunteers for the party itself, with volunteers arriving around 12:30 p.m.
  • Meg said that since Easter is so early this year, there is a good chance that the outdoor egg hunt might not happen. She said that it would be best for the person collecting money to keep a tally of ages so they know how many kids are in each age group and so that they can pass out eggs indoor if needed. Meg also suggested that the Easter Bunny give out the eggs.


Debbie Hudacko Walk/Run and Scholarship Interviews

  • Bill passed out a rough draft of the flyer for review (attached).  He said the Hat Trick format is new this year and it will be a trial. The committee will evaluate it.
  • Bill asked for volunteers for the scholarship interviews on Wednesday, April 24, 7:00 p.m. Kate, Mary and Lori volunteered. Danielle will get the candidate information out to them as soon as it is ready.


Parkview Pool Update

  • Dave said the leak has been found.  The pool will be sandblasted and painted this spring. There will be a new surface called Aqual Seal installed where the poured-in-place was. This material should hold up better to the pool chemicals. Dave also said there will be a water feature/fountain where the park bench was.  Dave said there will be some new things in the pump/chemical room. There will be a new man door where the gate is by the pump room and a driveway. A shower system for chemical spills will also be located at the pump/chemical room.
  • Meg asked if the ADA lift would be ready to use this season. Dave said that it has been installed.
  • Dave said the diving well will be power washed and painted. It will not be part of the sandblasting project.
  • Dave reported that Laura Locker from Progressive will be offering two aquatic fitness classes, one in deep water and one in shallow water. He also said that a new level 6 will be added to Learn to Swim.


Open Discussion

  • Bill said that the department has been working on managing the Field House. Mary Murphy asked if she missed a meeting because she didn’t know what he was referring to. Bill said that it hadn’t been discussed much yet because we aren’t there yet. Bill said that the schools are no longer managing the facility and they no longer offer Community Education classes. Mayfield Heights and Mayfield Village Recreation Departments are working together to manage the facility. Mary asked if the recreation department’s office would be there. Bill said at some point in time, yes but right now we go back and forth. Danielle said Sean is the only one from the department that is there on a regular basis supervising. Bill said there are currently 700 members. Bill said that an adult presence is needed at the front desk and Meg said she would be interested in working there. Paula said she would also be interested but she travels often. Bill said that it would be Monday – Thursday, approximately 5:30 – 9:15 p.m.
  • Someone asked where Sports `n More Camp would be housed this year and Bill said it will be at the Field House, not St. Francis.
  • The meeting concluded at 8:28 p.m.


Next Meeting:   Wednesday, March 20, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center

Respectfully Submitted,

Danielle M. Echt,
Assistant Recreation Director