Parks & Recreation Board

The Council shall provide by ordinance for a Parks and Recreation Board. The members of such Board shall consist only of residents of the Municipality willing to devote their time and efforts to the Recreation Board. No elected official of the Municipality shall serve as a member of the Board, except that the Council President shall appoint one member of the Council as a Council representative to such Board, who shall have a vote equal to any other member. All other members of the Board shall be appointed in such manner and for such terms, and the Board shall have such powers and duties, as may be prescribed from time to time by ordinances of Council. The Parks & Recreation Board shall serve in an advisory capacity for the development of facilities and programs. The Board shall advise the Director in the operation of the Parks & Recreation Department.

Current Members: 

Pat Andrzejczyk
Mary Ann Brastoff

Diane Catalano
Aaron Caunter
Patti Fioritto
Terrie Haycox
Ashley Hess
Steve Jerome
Peggy Kerver
Dona Kless
Troy Koch
Ron Lew
Mary Murphy
Derek McDowell
Dave Perout
Laura Prcela
Elliot Ross
Mary Singer
Lori Sperling
Nona Stella
Phil Stella
Meg Stifler
Kate Sullivan
Debbie Thomas
Shane McAvinew, Recreation Director
Danielle Echt, Assistant Recreation Director
Sean Supler, Program and Facilities Manager
Mark Arndt, Council Rep
Denny Murphy, Council Rep
Steve Schutt, Council Rep

To contact the Parks & Recreation Board you can email Danielle Echt at or you can call the Recreation Department at 440.461.5163.