ARB - September 26th 2013

Sept 26, 2013

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Sept 26, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman Dinardo presided.

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Present: Mr. Ron Dinardo (Chairman), Mr. Joshua Klein (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, and Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey

Absent: Mr. Carmen Miozzi

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner) and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)


Mr. Tombazzi, seconded by Mr. Klein made a motion to approve the minutes of Sept 12, 2013.        


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mr. Klein, Mr. Tombazzi                       
Abstain: Mrs. Wervey
Nays: None                                         

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved As Written.


  1. Swimming Pool In-Ground
    Joseph Bican
    796 Hanover Rd.
    Signature Construction



Chairman Dinardo called the meeting to order. Joe, you went through the Board of Zoning Appeals and got your approval for tree removal. Please explain what you’re proposing tonight.

Joe Bican, 796 Hanover begins by addressing John with a drainage question. There’s a sewer drain on the side of my driveway that I was going to bring up. Do I need a permit for that? I think it needs to be 34”. I’ll make sure I have proper fall.

Mr. Marrelli replied we should inspect it. It should go on record. Is this the drain out of the bottom of the pool?

Joe Bican replied yes.

Mr. Marrelli said tie it into your storm.

Joe Bican said before we moved in, I know John Marra put perforated drain tile in, then they just stopped it. My yard floods all the time.

Chairman said you have a 40 x 20 ft pool here. You’re going to have a fence all around it. It looks like it’s attached to your deck. What kind of fence?

Joe Bican said Signature Construction has a guy whose been doing them for 30 years, it’s going to be aluminum black. It’s going to go on the concrete. It’s all concrete around the 40 x 20 outline.

Mr. Marrelli said then you have the steel fencing which would be on the outside of the concrete.

Joe Bican confirmed that’s correct. And the gate off the wood deck will be an 8 footer. There’s a one step height difference between the deck and the ground. We’re taking the step out and the concrete’s going to be that high. Pool will be completely enclosed. Only way you can get to it is from the house or the double gate.

Mr. Marrelli asked how old his children are.   

Joe Bican replied 10 & 9 years old.

Mr. Marrelli said to let you know, if you have little kids over, there are alarms you can buy that go on the water. They float, at night you turn it on and if that water jumps, it’ll set off an alarm in your house if something hits the water.  

Joe Bican said I don’t know if our Contractor will do the whole thing or if he wanted me to bring the storm up. I’ll call you.

Mr. Marrelli said you have to wait until he comes out to excavate so you can get your heights. We’ll do it all as part of the pool package. I don’t care if you do it or if he does it. Put your pipes in when he’s digging.

Joe Bican said I think the only thing I’ll be doing is the gas line for him. He’ll do his own electrical.


Mr. Marrelli asked where the equipment’s going.

Joe Bican demonstrated where the equipment’s being placed.

Mr. Marrelli asked how far away from the property.

Joe Bican replied 20’ off of the edge of the concrete. It’s 27’ from the property line to the pool. 

Mr. Marrelli advised to try and hug the deck area. Is there any reason you can’t put the equipment on this other side?

Joe Bican replied that’s an unfinished part of my basement. This here is all finished ceiling in my basement. Also, the gas is on this side.

Mr. Marrelli asked if he’ll put bushes around to screen it.

Joe Bican replied I have big pine trees. Another thing, the little crab apple tree I have in my front yard, I might have to dig that out to dig that line up but I will put something back.


Mr. Marrelli asked about lighting. Are you lighting this pool up?

Joe Bican said he’s putting two lights in the pool, in the water.

Mr. Marrelli asked, no flood lights down in the pool?

Joe Bican replied no. 

Mr. Marrelli said that’s what they did down the street and it’s really attractive and not a nuisance at all.

Chairman asked, I assume there’s existing lights on the house?

Joe Bican replied yes, existing flood lights. We’re also looking at a possible cabana.

Chairman said if you’re thinking about a cabana, you may want to think about where you put your equipment, because you may want that cabana to come right off your deck.


Chairman asked about the finish on the liner. 

Joe Bican said it’s just a liner, it looks like tiles/stone. 

Mr. Marrelli asked about the depth.

Joe Bican replied 5’ so you can stand in the water and 3’ shallow end.

Mr. Marrelli advised he has to have the footage marked.

Joe Bican said our Contractor didn’t say anything about that but I’m sure he’ll mark it.  

Mr. Marrelli asked if there’s a slide or a ladder.

Joe Bican replied neither.


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to approve the proposed In-Ground Swimming Pool for Joseph Bican at 796 Hanover Rd. as presented.    


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mr. Klein, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey  
Nays:   None                                       

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved & Signed.

Note: Applicant received an approved drawing. 

Chairman Dinardo asked about timing.

Joe Bican said we plan on starting beginning of October.


There being no further business, Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes:    All                                           
Nays:   None                                       

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.