ARB - July 11th 2013

July 11, 2013

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, July 11, 2013 at 7:40 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman Dinardo presided.

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Present: Mr. Ron Dinardo (Chairman), Mrs. Mary Ann Wervey, and Mr. Carmen Miozzi (arrived 7:48 p.m.)

Absent: Mr. Joshua Klein (Chairman Pro-Tem) and Mr. Ivo Tombazzi

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner) and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)

CONSIDERATION OF MEETING MINUTES:  May 23, 2013 & June 13, 2013

Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Dinardo made a motion to approve the minutes of May 23, 2013.

Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mr. Dinardo made a motion to approve the minutes of June 13, 2013.


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi                       

Nays: None                                       

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved As Written.


  1. Addition & Alterations
    Dorr & Joyce Dearborn
    6708 Bramblewood Ln.
    Doty & Miller Architects
  2. Addition & Alterations
    Governor’s Village
    280 N. Commons Blvd.
    Owner: Randall Residence
    Architect: C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group
  3. Addition & Alterations
    Andy Gathy
    6784 Eastgate Dr.
    H.L.F. Homes, Inc



Addition & Alterations
Andy Gathy
6784 Eastgate Dr

Chairman Dinardo called the meeting to order beginning with proposal #3.

Howard Feuer with H.L.F. Homes states we’re going to match the brick & roof and put new siding on the house. New addition on back corner of house will be approx 300 sq. ft. New siding will be Tuscan Clay, Alside. Dual Brown Cambridge shingles to match. Displays brick color sample. 

Chairman asked if Howard has any photos of current foundation brick. No photos available.

Howard Feuer said existing chocolate brown siding will all come off.  

Chairman asked how old the existing roof is.

Howard Feuer has no idea.

Chairman said you’re adding on to this and trying to match the shingles, that’s going to be your hardest part.

Howard Feuer said it’s on the back. We’ll try and get as close as we can.

Mr. Marrelli asked about a framing plan & energy calcs.

Howard Feuer said he has both and will drop off. 

Mr. Marrelli said you’re going to cut this wall open on the back of the house, what are you going to do for a header?

Howard Feuer will talk to Darrin the Draftsman. I’m sure we’ll take care of it.

Mr. Marrelli said that’s not going to work. I need to know.

Howard Feuer said I’ll get that to you tomorrow or the next day.  

Chairman said I think you did a nice job blending the roof lines. The only thing I’m concerned about is that roof. When you tie into that existing roof, you’re going to have a difference.

Howard Feuer calls the homeowner and confirms the roof is 2 yrs old, Burnt Sienna color.

Carmen Miozzi arrives 7:48 p.m.


Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to approve the proposal for Andy Gathy at 6784 Eastgate Drive as noted.   


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi   

Nays: None                                       

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved & Signed as Noted.


Addition & Alterations
Dorr & Joyce Dearborn
6708 Bramblewood Ln.

Chairman proceeds to proposal #1.

Bill Doty with Doty & Miller Architects states this is a sunroom addition to the back of their house. We’ll match existing materials. One of the things we will not be able to match is the roofing and we don’t need to because this is a low slope roof. They have a gray architectural shingle on the roof now. We’re going with a gunmetal gray to harmonize with that. Since we gave you the pictures, we repainted the front to make it more appealing, it was so flat. We took landscaping out. I think it’s pretty awesome. Board Members agree.

Bill Doty continued, the balance of the house is cedar vinyl siding. It’s fading from the original siding, but I was able to get a color that matches almost identically. Brick is common red. Tim from Thomas Brick says he has a match. We’re matching the trim. The whole front of the house is stone & cedar. The back is a pre-painted aluminum.

Chairman likes the metal roof material choice selection since the existing asphalt shingles can’t be matched. 

Bill Doty said we’re going to take the old deck out. Right now it’s just a deck stuck out. We’re doing a deck that doesn’t come all the way over, steps down, a little transition and then we’re going to do permeable pavers. Joyce is going to do a rain garden too.  

Mr. Marrelli said to watch the new standards on the decks with the connectors and the way you have to bolt them to the house.

Mr. Miozzi said remember when they didn’t want them bolted to the house.

Mr. Marrelli said yes, since we’re talking about that I understand if you don’t bolt it to the house and you put posts, they don’t consider that a taxable addition. I bring that up because I’ve had two deck companies tell me that they’re not attaching them to the house. One is they don’t want to punch that many holes in the side walls and two if they don’t attach it it’s not considered an addition, it’s considered a patio.


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to approve the proposal for Dorr & Joyce Dearborn at 6708 Bramblewood Ln. as presented.    


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi   

Nays: None                                       

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved & Signed.


Addition & Alterations
Governor’s Village
280 N. Commons Blvd.

Randall Residence

Chairman proceeds to the final item on the agenda, Governor’s Village. 

Ryan McNutt, Project Architect with C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group introduced himself and thanks everyone for their time.  

Eileen Nacht, Project Manager with C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group introduced herself.

George Gatta, Designer with C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group introduced himself.

Ryan McNutt presents. Governor’s Village is an Assisted Living. They currently have 48 private suites. We’re proposing a two-story addition that’ll have 38 additional suites. Our goal is to maintain the same brick motifs, the siding, same colors throughout, style and color palate. The idea is with the addition that’ll still appear as a single building, not that you have an existing one and you have a new addition to it. The addition will stand on its own.

New Building Connector to Existing Structure

Mr. Marrelli asked how he’ll jump up from one to two stories.

Ryan McNutt replied the main lobby area currently is a two-story space.

Mr. Marrelli said I’m afraid it looks like you took a two-story building and dumped it onto a one-story building. I don’t know how you’re going to make that connector happen.

Chairman agreed.

Discussion ensued on a more seamless tie-in option.

George Gatta agrees they need to make a more sensitive connection. It’s a back alcove which will help us. You’re not staring at it. I’m not as concerned aesthetically because I think you won’t catch that. I’d be more concerned structurally with snow load.

George Gatta demonstrates existing facility & proposed addition site on Google Earth. We’re not moving the transformers. Chairman thinks that’s a concern.

Mr. Miozzi said you almost want that new building coming on top of that roof. That overhang would go into the other building. John agreed, that’s what we’re looking for, some kind of connection.

Chairman said we’ll leave that up to you to study for a solution.

George Gatta said we have to make sure we have our fire separation. We’d almost have to modify the existing structure on the one side of the fire wall to make it look like it’s part of this one.

Mr. Marrelli said then you’re going to have to do some surgery on those roof lines.

Trash Enclosure

Chairman said the existing trash enclosure is on the front. The entry still remains. You are now going to emphasize that area. Can you shield it better or relocate it?

George Gatta replied the kitchen is right there. We’ve actually increased the size so we can make sure more of the items are contained within that area. By enlarging the footprint, getting the dumpster size coordinated with the trash company, all of that will fit behind those gates. There’s a very small dining expansion that comes out, so your eye focally is focused on the dining hall. In all honesty, I’d argue that this is actually screened better than it is now.

Mr. Marrelli asked if the apartments in the new building will be overlooking the dumpster area.

George Gatta said it’s a necessary evil.

Mr. Marrelli said I don’t know why you don’t put it in the back, but then it’s too far from the kitchen probably.

George Gatta said remember we have this odd property where the back is actually another property. That’s not ours. We have no back, we only have front.

Ryan McNutt said we have all the existing generator and transformers in the area right here, so we’re limited.

Mr. Marrelli asked, how do you build it around those transformers?

George Gatta replied this two-story link is coming out from this pattern and then all the housing starts here. The other thing is they’re really encouraging all the residents to still use this front door. This is maybe for move-in or something, as a secondary element. They don’t want residents and certainly not guests coming in an out here. We want to make it attractive, but it’s not a major entry point.

Eileen Nacht said in fact it’s a controlled entry point. It’s not an open door from the outside. They want to minimize any traffic through that door, they want to bring everybody through the front.

Chairman Dinardo said to meet the tie-in that we discussed, I think you just have to sit down and think it through.

Mr. Marrelli said there’s got to be a way to notch it in.

Ryan McNutt said we still have to keep them separate because of the fire rated wall.

Eileen Nacht said they’re also different construction types on either side. Proposed building is 5A and the existing building is 2B.

Chairman suggested talking about the rest of the building at this point. We’ll have you come back. I want to be comfortable with everything else. We’ll come back to the trash enclosure and roof connector. As far as the overall design, you’re going to have this two-story structure hanging out there.


Ryan McNutt said it’s similar siding, we matched it up with what’s existing. Same 4” exposure, same style, light tan, vinyl same throughout. Brick is a similar match, a little rougher texture than what’s existing.

Chairman asked when this was built.

Ryan McNutt replied 2001. The roof shingles as well will be very similar to compliment with what’s existing, Brownwood Oakridge shingles.

Mechanical Equipment

Mr. Marrelli asked, are you going to have the flat roof on the top like you do now?

Ryan McNutt replied no.

Mr. Marrelli asked where all the mechanical equipment’s going.  

Ryan McNutt replied it’s within the building. We do have a small area of flat roof in the two-story, but we’re not putting equipment on there. We have different rooms designated for the equipment.

George Gatta said we went back and forth on this. We looked at mimicking the existing structure and the pros and cons of snow on there vs. the mechanical system.

Mr. Marrelli asked, they were willing to give up the floor area and room space for mechanicals?

George Gatta said yes.

Chairman Dinardo asked where the condensers are going.

Ryan McNutt replied units will be placed around the building, south & north side.

George Gatta said we looked at ganging them all on that flat roof of the atrium. Issue was they were too far away.

Chairman said the design intent here is best you’re going to do based on two-stories and number of rooms.

Mr. Miozzi said the A/C units in the existing building that service each room, they’re framed with the windows all around. Your renderings are just showing vents, they’re not framed all in the white.

Eileen Nacht said yes. We’re trying to detract the attention from, it’s more of an architectural grill that blends.

Mr. Miozzi said to me it looks more like a Motel 6.

Mr. Marrelli said the aluminum grills scream Motel 6.

Eileen Nacht said when we use PTAC’s, due to budget constraints, we try to minimize the impact on them aesthetically. We generally do not frame them out.

Mr. Miozzi said but it’s on the buildings now.

George Gatta said the other difference is the units that presently exist have one window. I agree with you that framing that down seems to be more in keeping. We looked at, do we double? Do we create your detail double wide and do that solid panel on either side? We thought this was more sympathetic. If it were single, I would agree with you, you bring that straight down. Once we got the double windows, it looked like a lot of overbuild.

Chairman asked, are colors a clear anodized aluminum or white?

Ryan McNutt said thought is do a similar color with what the brick is and what the siding was, louvers to give it the brick color and white to match the siding.

Roof Height / Pitch

George Gatta said the one element that’s totally different is the chimney on the front elevation.

Mr. Marrelli said that roof looks huge with nothing on it. No gables, no vents. You need to break that up with something. From the top of the window up to the ridge, that roof surface area is immense with no break.

Chairman agreed it’s a lot of roof.

Ryan McNutt said we entertained dormers as an option. They looked attached as an afterthought.

George Gatta suggests revisiting fake dormers.

Mr. Marrelli asked why they don’t like the flat roof with the mechanical units.

George Gatta replied maintenance as one issue.

Eileen Nacht said snow load another. 

George Gatta said we have a contractor on board. We’re pricing this out. Everything’s a give and take to get this price justified. They say it’s cheaper to build this than to create that other structure.

Mr. Marrelli said they’re thinking of trusses. It’ll be cheaper to build a bunch of trusses and not bother with the mansours and the flat roofs. Is it 2% or 5% cheaper?

George Gatta doesn’t have that answer.

Ryan McNutt said the pitch is a 7 / 12.

Chairman suggests going with a 5 / 12.

Mr. Marrelli asked the setback from the front of the building to the curb. It’s 37’.

Chairman summarizes task at hand:

  1. Look at the tie-in of the new building to existing.
  2. Look at a different roof pitch.
  3. Look at adding dormers.
  4. Bring sample of gate for trash dumpster. Consider tucking it in the back.
  5. Bring sample of railing.


Mr. Marrelli asked if they’ve thought about any kind of a covered walkway connector, like an atrium connector instead of banging the buildings right up against each other, maybe an indoor courtyard.

George Gatta said aside from the cost, it’s also a fire separation. 

Mr. Marrelli said you can do your fire wall on your new building and still connect it with something like glass because there are sprinklers in there. When you put sprinklers in there, you take the fire grading down a notch from 2 to 1. If you can’t make a good connection, then make a little different connection.

George Gatta understands the concern on the roof connection. We’ll treat that and make it look more tied in, and I’m thinking lowering it to a 5 / 12 pitch and placing dormers.

Landscaping Design

Mr. Marrelli asked about landscaping. Are you going to throw some maple trees in that’ll get up 15 – 20’ to break that wall up? How about mounding? I’d like to see some plan on an elevation.

Ryan McNutt said Pattie Group will submit a landscape plan.

Chairman said Jim McKnight is the Village’s Landscape Architect. He’ll have to review the plan. I suggest we invite Jim to the next meeting.

Front Porch

Mr. Marrelli asked about railing & columns in front.

Ryan McNutt said no columns. Wood porch structure cantilevers out. We’ll wrap it in Azek for a more residential feel. Eileen Nacht said railing is a prefinished aluminum. 

Mr. Marrelli concerned about Azek on this prominent feature.   

Chairman requests samples of the railing at next mtg.

Mr. Marrelli asked if they thought about doing that in steel. Ryan said they looked at steel as a product option.

Mr. Marrelli asked how they’ll protect the deck if a fire breaks out underneath.

Ryan McNutt replied with sprinkler heads under. 

Mr. Marrelli said if you do it in metal and make it nice, it’s a feature. If you do it like somebody’s house, then it looks like somebody’s house.

George Gatta asked, are you suggesting metal that’s exposed, visible?

Mr. Marrelli said yes, something defining & attractive. Azek’s what people have in their backyards.

Ryan McNutt said the thought behind that was we wanted the residents to feel like it’s a residence and not a commercial institutional building.

Mr. Marrelli said it’s on the end of the building, it’s the closest element to the street and I think it needs some pizzazz.

Chairman Dinardo said overall you’re going down the right direction.


George Gatta advised to make corrections and submit for next ARB meeting per discussion. 

Eileen Nacht states August is the target date for construction. What would be the impact on the overall review schedule with BOA, ARB and P & Z if we resubmit for ARB in Aug?

Mr. Marrelli said you don’t have the lots consolidated yet. It’s not yet part of your property. We’re proceeding as if everything is in place. You still have to go to the meetings and get your approvals. You can’t start construction until the parcel is consolidated. 

Ryan McNutt asked what dwg’s need to be submitted for the P & Z 7/18 workshop.

Mr. Marrelli replied:

  • Site Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Parking Lot Lighting showing foot candles.
  • Detention
  • Elevations


Mr. Marrelli said we notified your neighbors about BZA on 7/16 that this building will be in their backyard. There could be some pushback from them but I doubt it. I’m hoping you guys have talked to your neighbors. You’re slated for a 4’ 6” height variance. At the BZA we’re going to say there’s a contemplated re-design which means taking the roof height down to the code required height or within. You can withdraw that variance request if you could get that down 4 ½ feet.

Chairman Dinardo said if not down to 4 ½ feet, you have the Architectural Review Board’s recommendation to reduce the variance request from 4’ 6” to whatever it comes out to. 

Consensus is to move forward with other reviews and shoot for Aug 8th ARB for revisions.


Chairman Dinardo asked if the current owners will maintain ownership.

George Gatta said yes. They’re doing another project now near Dayton, and another in the near future. It’s a family business. They’re updating their existing communities. They know there’s a need for memory care. It’s well thought out.


There being no further business, Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All                                           

Nays: None                                     

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.