Charter & Codified Ordinances

A Municipal Charter is the constitution of a municipal corporation, defining its powers and structures.  Any amendments thereto must be submitted to the electors of the Municipality.  Every five years, a Charter Review Commission is appointed to review and recommend amendments.  The Mayfield Village Charter was originally adopted in 1974; its most recent amendments were made in November of 2020.

Ordinances are local laws, passed by the Mayfield Village Council, that apply to persons and things subject to the local jurisdiction.  In order to be enacted, ordinances require the affirmative vote of Council and must be signed by the Mayor.  From time to time, the ordinances that are of a general and permanent nature of the city are codified. That is, they are revised, arranged, and consolidated into component codes, titles, chapters, and sections and published in an organized manner. 

The Mayfield Village Charter and Codified Ordinances are reproduced in their entirety at American Legal, to go to the Codified Ordinances click here.

To view the Charter please click here. (the Charter reflects changes per the election in November 2020).