P&Z Workshop

Thursday, July 16, 2020 6 PM

For more information on Planning & Zoning, please contact Debbie Garbo at 440.461.2213 or dgarbo@mayfieldvillage.com.

Follow link for Live stream: https://youtu.be/XGFuya4yzYQ

This meeting has been duly noticed and will be held in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22 specific to recent amendments made in light of the current COVID-19 declared emergency (House Bill 197). Under the orders of Governor DeWine and the Director of Health of Ohio, the Planning & Zoning Commission will be meeting remotely, via electronic means.

The public is invited to view the meeting live and can access the meeting through a link posted on the Mayfield Village website at www.mayfieldvillage.com. The public is encouraged to view this meeting agenda and offer any comments or questions prior to the meeting to be read into the record and addressed at the meeting. Comments and questions will be accepted until 4:00 pm on Thurs, July 16, 2020 by sending an e-mail to Deborah Garbo at dgarbo@mayfieldvillage.com.



  1. Lot Split & Consolidation Plat
    Center School & Old School House Building
    6625 Wilson Mills Road
    ThenDesign Architecture
    Digital Files
  2. Lot Line Change-Island Lots
    Montebello Subdivision
    Highland Road
    Digital Files
    1. Summary of proposed revisions from Tom Cappello