P&Z Workshop

Thursday, September 19, 2019 7:30 PM

For more information on Planning & Zoning, please contact Debbie Garbo at 440.461.2213 or dgarbo@mayfieldvillage.com.


  1. Rezoning (Single Family Residential to Office Laboratory District)
    Development Agreement
    Dr. Yoram Moyal - University Hospitals
    730 SOM Ctr Rd.
    PP # 831-15-003
    MELD Architects, Inc
    (Council 1st Read 8/19/19)
  2. Rezoning (Single Family Residential to Small Office)
    Mayfield City School District
    Old School House Building
    784 SOM Ctr Rd
    PP # 831-15-014
    ThenDesign Architecture
    (Council 1st Read 8/19/19)
  3. Tree Clearing & SWPP Plan
    Skoda Construction
    345 Miner Rd., LLC
    Highland Rd. Planned Residential Development District
    Polaris Engineering