Refuse & Recycling Collection

Curbside Refuse & Recycling

Mayfield Village provides each residence with a toter for solid waste. The toter is either 96 gallon or 65 and is the property of Mayfield Village. Additional toters can be purchased through the Service Department which would remain the property of the homeowner.

 A 35 gallon, or smaller, container with handles, weighing no more than 60 lbs. can also be used or the standard trash bags weighing no more than 40 lbs. Cardboard boxes and drums or barrels cannot be used for refuse.

Refuse can be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 p.m. The night before your collection day and no later than 6:30 a.m. on the your collection day. to check what date your street is scheduled for pick up click here.

 There is no limit to the amount of solid waste collected per household, however, waste generated by commercial construction or from other property is not permitted. Excessive refuse from either moving in or moving out must be put in a roll-off container that can be rented from The Kimble Companies at 1.800.201.0005.

Rubbish/Recycling is only affected if a major holiday falls on a Monday. If this occurs then rubbish/recyclables will be delayed one day. If holiday falls on a Tuesday regular rubbish/recyclables will be picked up on Monday as normal and Tuesdays will be picked up on Wednesday. For verifications of pick up - call Kimble Companies at 1.800.201.0005. You can view the affected holidays here.

The Village supplies each residence with a toter for recyclables. Recyclables no longer have to be separated but can be commingled.