Solar Arrays

Dovetail Solar and Wind recently installed solar arrays ant the Mayfield Village Police Department. Facts about the solar array system are listed below and there's also a link where you can view 'real time' stats. All of the major components within this solar power system are made in the USA and installed by 100% Ohio labor. To view photos of the solar arrays, go to  the MV Photo Album page here.

Real Time Monitoring:

System Size:

  • 50.54 KW (50,540 watts)


System Specifications:

  • 169 Sharp 240W panels for the flat roof arrays and 48 Sharp 208W panels for the pitched shingle roof. Two separate DC/AC inverters (PV Powered and Fronius) are installed in an interior electrical room


Annual Production:

  • 55,000 – 65,000 kWh


Average Building Offset*:

  • 30%
  • *How much power the solar panels are offsetting for the building use


Sustainability Facts:

This system will provide the following over the next 25 years:
1,400 tons or more of CO2 avoided

Which is equivalent to ...
4,667,460 Miles NOT Driven
24.6 Acres of Tree’s Planted

Expected Lifespan of Solar Power System: 30+ Years

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