Handgun Safety/Concealed Carry Class


The Mayfield Village Police Department will be hosting a Handgun Safety/Concealed Carry class for Village residents the weekend of April 6th and 7th. Under certain circumstances, the Ohio Revised Code (state law) allows for adults 21 and over to carry handguns concealed on their persons. As the Police Chief, I am committed to your safety, and as such, I believe it is my responsibility (and that of the police department) to ensure that this is being done safely and in accordance with the state law. 

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be presented which can then be used to apply for a Concealed Carry License through the Sheriff’s Office. 

The course consists of a combination of classroom and live-fire proficiency exercises on our shooting range. The class is twelve hours in length, with eight hours of classroom on Saturday and four hours on Sunday consisting of both classroom and shooting exercises.  Cost for the class is $50.00 and is payable to Mayfield Village at the beginning of the class. Students must provide their own handgun and ammunition. All weapons will be inspected by our range officers prior to shooting.

Due to the size of our shooting range, we can accommodate only a limited number of students. There will be additional classes scheduled throughout the year.  To sign up for the class, simply call the police department (440.461.1234) and the dispatcher will take your contact information.  You will receive a confirmation call from a member of our staff shortly thereafter.  Certain restrictions apply. This is being provided as a public service to Mayfield Village residents, so we ask that you provide proof of residency (utility bill, driver’s license, etc.) and proof of age (over 21 only).

Thank You

Chief Richard A. Edelman