Common Fire Hazards in the Home

Clothes Dryers

It is estimated that over 15,000 home fires annually involve clothes dryers. In 2006, there were 15 fatalities and over 350 injuries connected with these fires. The most common factors related to these fires is lack of cleaning and maintenance. Lint is extremely combustible and while it is essential to clean your lint filter after every load, additional regular removal of lint from the vent stack and the surrounding area especially behind the appliance is necessary. The vent stack should be constructed of rigid metal with a smooth interior surface. This will help lint from clinging to the walls of the vent. The vent should discharge to the outside of the home. The vent stack should be removed periodically, but at least annually and cleaned to remove residual lint that accumulates along the inside walls. Do not use duct tape to seal sections of vent pipe together. Standard duct tape is not rated for temperatures normally produced by dryer exhaust. Never use plastic flexible venting for your dryer. Plastic is very combustible and can ignite and add to the spread of the fire.