Economic Development

One piece of Mayfield Village’s portfolio of resident companies is fairly well known. The Progressive Corporation moved its headquarters to Mayfield Village in 1974. In the years since, Progressive has taken root in the Village in a way that nobody fully predicted. The company currently has two campuses, over twenty buildings, and over 6,000 employees in Mayfield Village.

Progressive, however, is far from being the only company that makes its home in Mayfield Village. Over 100 other enterprises take advantage of Mayfield’s favorable tax rates, superior services, and overall welcoming business climate.

Since the 1960s, plans for Mayfield Village have focused on maintaining a residential character while encouraging business growth—specifically on Beta Drive, the town’s commercial district. Mayfield Village’s economic development goals today start with service to our current businesses, being attentive to their needs and responsive to their feedback. In addition, while commercial occupancy rates in Mayfield Village are high, we work with our commercial property owners and potential businesses to continue bringing high-potential businesses to Mayfield.