Parkview Playground

Monday, March 9, 2020

The 2020 Parkview Playground Project will begin this Wednesday, March 11, 2020. The project will take approximately 3-months to complete, and during this time the area will be shut down for safety.

By June 2020, there will be a unique inclusive Parkview Playground. This playground will have fewer physical barriers and fresh equipment that all ages, abilities and generations can benefit from using. This will be unlike any other play feature in the area. Parkview Playground will include traditional features with added flare. There will be a larger variety of slides, an assortment of swings and a bigger sandbox with more diggers. Poured-in-Place surface has served the playground and its users well in the past and it will be installed again. In addition, there will be many distinctive features included in this playground design such as:

A swing in which an adult and child can swing together. This, in and of itself, transforms play into a brand-new experience.

Large chimes in the center of the play-ground. While also making music, there is a strong vibration to be felt. Someone with difficulty hearing can feel the music being produced. There are other pieces of musical equipment as well within the playground.

The seesaw can accommodate two to four people sitting in seats. With a flat top, other people will be able to sit on it and enjoy this feature without having to climb into a seat.

Spinners, twirlers and gliders will be installed for all to enjoy various motions.

By including some basic workout equipment as part of the playground, adults can get some exercise while their child is playing nearby. Walkers and runners can stop by and get in a quick workout along the way.

A game area will also be included for cornhole, ping pong, checkers and chess.

If you have any questions or would like more information on this great project, please call the Recreation Department at 440.461.5163 or email the Director of Parks and Recreation at