Sewer Conversion Project Update

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thornapple/Robley Septic to Sanitary Sewer Conversion
PROJECT UPDATE - Dec 4, 2018

Installation of the new sanitary sewer and water main on Thornapple Drive and Robley Lane is complete. The roadway base and intermediate asphalt courses have been installed with the final asphalt surface course to be paved in the spring of 2019. Site restoration and landscaping will be done at that time.

All new concrete driveway aprons have also been installed. The new aprons have an 1-½” high lip parallel to the roadway, approximately 12” from the roadway’s edge.  In the spring, when the final asphalt surface is added, it will be flush with the lip. Please be aware of the lip when clearing snow and inform your snow plow contractor to prevent damage.

Property owners will not be permitted to connect to the new sanitary sewer until the project is fully completed and accepted by the County. 

A resident meeting to provide further information on the connection process will be scheduled in the spring. Please note that assessments are not scheduled to begin until December 2019.

Although this project took longer than originally anticipated, we are pleased that it is nearing completion. Your patience throughout has been appreciated and we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please contact : Village Engineer Tom Cappello at 216.731.6255 or Service Director Doug Metzung at 440.442.5506 or send an email to