Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Mayfield Village Fire Department is proud to release the results of its recent Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey, which was conducted by Insurance Services Offices (ISO), and will become effective March 1, 2019.

The PPC is the rating which insurance companies use to rate the jurisdictional protection capabilities of local fire departments when quoting insurance premiums. The lower the PPC number, the higher the level of protection capability offered, which can result in a decrease in insurance premiums for residents and businesses within that community.

Mayfield Village Fire was evaluated in 2014 at which time its PPC rating was reduced from a “5” to a “3”.  The most recent survey, completed in September of 2018, lowered its PPC rating even further--from a “3” to a “2”.  These reductions are directly related to continued and expanded support in training, additional line staffing, the addition of the Assistant Chief / Fire Marshal’s position, continued and expanded public education programs and improvements in our dispatch center technology.

These improvements would not have been achieved without the support of former Mayor Bruce Rinker, current Mayor Brenda Bodnar and the Council members that have supported the needs of the Fire Department.  Lastly, the dedicated staff at the Fire Department is the reason that we have accomplished so much as it takes a team of people to work in a concerted effort to reach these attainable goals.

For additional information, contact
Mayfield Village Fire Chief Eugene Carcioppolo
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