Annual Residential Recycling Report

Monday, June 26, 2017

How Green is Cuyahoga County?
Annual Recycling Report Shows Results for 59 Communities

June 26, 2017 -- Garfield Heights, Ohio -- Cuyahoga County communities recycled 265,210 tons of residential waste in 2016, according to the annual Residential Recycling Report published by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District. That amounted to 36.13 percent of all residential waste produced in Cuyahoga County last year and more than double the rate from 2001, the first year the report was published. It’s also 0.71 percent higher than 2015.

The District publishes this report annually to demonstrate how community recycling efforts add up to help us get closer to a world without waste. Residents may request copies of the report by calling 216.443.3749 or by visiting A PDF version of the report is located here.

The report documents the recycling habits of Cuyahoga County’s 59 communities and shows the amount of waste collected for recycling. This includes cans, cartons, glass, paper and plastic, along with yard waste collected for mulching and composting. Both add up to waste that was diverted from landfills and recovered for reuse and recycling which, in turn, saves cities and residents money.

Some highlights from the 2016 report show that:

  • 44 communities improved their recycling rate from 2015
  • 46 communities exceeded Ohio’s recycling goal of 25 percent
  • 15 communities achieved a recycling rate of 50 percent or more for recyclables including organics.

“The numbers are encouraging. The numbers prove that Cuyahoga County is moving in the right direction for recycling, composting and waste reduction,” says Jessica Fenos, planner for the Solid Waste District.

What happens after collection? Mixed recyclables collected through municipal recycling programs are taken to one of three Material Recovery Facilities in Northeast Ohio where they are sorted, baled and shipped to mills to be made into new products. Yard waste is often mulched and used by the city or its residents or taken to a compost facility.

Recycling is an important activity to conserve natural resources, save energy in manufacturing, create jobs and reduce landfilling. The District encourages all residents to participate in waste reduction and recycling where they can.

About The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District is the public agency helping the people of Cuyahoga County reduce, reuse and recycle at home, at work and in their communities. We serve as the leading resource in the County for information, expertise and programs that support sustainable materials management and reduce the environmental impact of waste. Visit or call 216.443.3749 to learn how to recycle in your community and discover other recycling and disposal options.