Weekly Packet

Below is a layout of the packet enclosure Council members receive. If you click on the individual titles you will be directed to that item. The column on the right side of the page has links to previous year's packets.

September 19th, 2014




  • Plain Dealer
    • EverGreen EverBlue (9/14)
    • Wanted: 324 new workers (9/17)
  • News Herald
    • Grades are in...how did your high school fare (9/13)
    • Local districts pull in poor grades (9/13)
    • Doughnuts by the dozens at Wildcat Park Stadium
  • SUN News
    • Police Blotter (9/11)
    • Messen' Around (9/18)
    • Mayfield schools no longer perfect
    • Results of the 2014 Ohio School report cards
    • Police Blotter

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