Special Council - January 4th 2016

Mayfield Village Civic Hall
Monday, January 4, 2016 – Immediately Following Caucus

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Special Session on Monday, January 4, 2016 immediately following Caucus at Mayfield Village Civic Hall. Council President Saponaro called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m.


Present: Mr. Jerome, Dr. Parker, Mr. Marrie, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, Mr. Saponaro, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Cappello, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent:  Mr. Esborn

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was given.


3-minute limit imposed by Chair limited to agenda items. Those who wish to speak must first state their name and address.

Marge Eisenberg

My discussion tonight is about 911. If you have a landline and you call 911, your call goes directly to the police and fire station. But if you don’t have a landline, I have wireless which is treated like a cellphone, your call goes to CECOM and you must tell them where you are because if you can’t tell them where you are, you have a problem. They then funnel it back to the correct place, correct?

Chief Edelman replied, yes.

Mrs. Eisenberg continued, we have two towers in this Village. Why can’t we somehow cut out CECOMS and go directly to the two towers? This could be dangerous. We need to fix this. We need to work on repairing this because how many people in the Village still have a landline? Do any of you have a landline? I don’t.

Council President Saponaro asked, when you are saying wireless versus cellular, are you talking your cellphone?

Mrs. Eisenberg replied, it’s exactly the same. My wireless is considered a cellphone. I think we need to work on this. That could be dangerous. It could impair someone’s health. Let’s see if you can’t work on attaching it to the towers we have. Would that be possible?

Chief Edelman replied, not directly. Chief Carcioppolo has more information on this than I do. This is one of the things we looked at when we were considering joining CECOMS. I know some of the other dispatch centers are trying to do that as well. Chagrin Valley was trying to do that.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, because of the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) and the abundance of those in the State of Ohio, it was defined in the law that they wanted to consolidate dispatch centers or PSAPs into a smaller amount because we had approximately 320 of them comparatively like the State next to us that had more. Right now the only entity in our area that had that ability was CECOMs. CECOMs relinquished some of that control to the City of Cleveland so the City of Cleveland can handle their call volume. That was directly related to the quantity of calls and the ability to handle that. I don’t believe the technology is available. Your phone does something called geocoding. It triangulates your position and then it routes it to the closest PSAP center, but I don’t think that the technology is at the level where we can actually do it here yet. That might come in the next three years, but that was part of our rationale and reasoning for trying to promote the consolidation because of that difference in time.

Mrs. Eisenberg stated, no disrespect, but then I think we need to tell the people that live here in the Village exactly what it is and how they have to do that.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, I will tell you that the enhanced 911 that has been put into our dispatch center last March, if you call 911 from your cellphone, it will show your position on a map in Mayfield Village to the dispatcher at CECOMs. That will automatically ping directly to our computer here when they transfer the call so they know now exactly where you are.

Council President Saponaro asked, is that regardless of the age of the wireless device?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, that could be a problem depending on how old the technology is. It will give them a larger triangulation. It might be within 1000 meters whereas the newer phone or higher technology phone would be within 50 feet.

Mrs. Eisenberg stated, if you were in the park, you might have a problem. Or if you are on Mayfield Road, it could be Cleveland Heights, it could be South Euclid, it could be Lyndhurst, it could be Mayfield Heights, it could be Gates Mills, it could go all the way out to Chesterland. That person has to be able to say, I am in Mayfield Heights. It’s a problem.

Mr. Diemert stated, Marge, if you have a wireless phone as opposed to a cellphone, a lot of people have these wireless phones that Motorola and AT&T makes. They are wireless but they go through a landline in your house. Those do go directly to 911.

Mrs. Eisenberg replied, that’s not mine.

Mr. Jerome stated, unfortunately the problem is bigger than us. The trend is starting to get there. We need to be a little more active. Again, out of our control, but I think we all understand that whenever this technology can come to us, we want to be on the front of it.

Chief Edelman stated, we are on top of it. The technology is not available to us right now.

Mr. Christian stated, with these new phones, a lot of times people turn off their GPS so it doesn’t register.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, if you turn your GPS off your phone, that doesn’t disable it.

Mr. Christian stated, it disables your location-finder.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, it might be off to you and your friends, but as far as placing an emergency call, it still permits your phone to triangulate a position.

Chief Edelman confirmed, it will always give your position on 911.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, even if you don’t have a contract on your phone, if you need to place an emergency call, they have to allow you to do that.

Council President Saponaro stated, I appreciate your comments. If there is something we can put in the Voice of the Village, that may be something useful to disseminate information. Is there anyone else?

Rick Christian
510 SOM Center

Steve was out at my house again. He saw the problem.

Council President Saponaro asked, Mr. Jerome?

Mr. Christian continued, yes, Steve Jerome. He saw the 2 foot water standing in the back where it is coming up in my yard. Just to let you know. There’s a problem. Steve knows about it.

Mr. Jerome stated, I walked through the property, Mr. President and sent several pictures over to the Service Department. There are a couple more I have to get over there. This is something that doesn’t seem to be going away. Mr. Christian does have some issues that I would like looked into. I know it’s bigger than Drainage and Infrastructure Committee but I think we need to really look at it. There’s a lot of water getting in over there. If we can help him out, I think that would help everyone out.

Council President Saponaro stated, thank you. I know that we have gone there. We have surveyed it. We have gone through processes here. We need to obviously try to address where we can and at least provide a definitive response. Anyone else who wants to speak during the open portion? There were no further comments.

Executive Session

  • Motion to enter into Executive Session to consider the appointment, employment or compensation of a public employee or official and for the purpose of discussing pending Court action.

Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Jerome, made a motion to enter into Executive Session to consider the appointment, employment or compensation of a public employee or official and for the purpose of discussing pending Court action.


NAYS: None

Motion Carried.

Council President Saponaro stated, we are going into Executive Session. We will come back. We will not be voting on anything else this evening. You are welcome to wait or you can leave if you would like. It’s entirely up to you.

Council went in to Executive Session at 8:20 p.m.

Council reconvened at 9:45 p.m.


Council President Saponaro asked, are there any other matters to bring before Council this evening? There were none.


Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Marquardt, made a motion to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. The next Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.