Caucus: January 9th 2017

Mayfield Village Reserve Hall - Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, January 9, 2017 - 8:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, January 9, 2017 in Reserve Hall at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Council President Saponaro called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:          

Present: Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Marrie, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, Mr. Saponaro, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mr. Cappello


  • Back up/disaster recovery for server and miscellaneous support for server – 2017 (All Covered – not to exceed $12,000)

Mr. Wynne reported, All Covered is the company we have been using for as long as I have been here to do all of our back-up to all of our computer systems and disaster recovery in the event of any issues.  We are currently paying $628.50 a month or $7,542 a year.  On top of that, Jeff Thomas may require some services outside the scope of the back-up disaster recovery agreement so we are requesting $12,000; $8,000 for the basic monthly charge for the back-up disaster and then $4,000 for any ancillary services we might need throughout the year.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone have any questions?  There were none.


  • Carpet Replacement Civic Hall and ramp to offices (K.D. Flooring – not to exceed $10,000)

Mr. Marrelli reported, we got three bids for the carpet replacement for Civic Hall and the stairs and ramp.  The low bidder was K.D. Flooring who was about $2,000 less than the next bidder.  The only issue I have right now is timing.  Can this be approved tonight at the Special Meeting? There’s a 6-8 week lead time.  The schedule for carpeting would be at the end of the March.  6-8 weeks from now is the middle of March.  If there’s any chance, can this be taken care of tonight in some kind of affirmative vote so I can instruct the installer to put the order in?

Council President Saponaro stated, you received 3 bids.  Everyone should have received that information in their packet.  We discussed this at a recent Finance Committee meeting.  Does anyone have any comments, questions or concerns regarding this?  Does anyone have any issue that due to the timing of this it should be placed on the agenda for the Special Council meeting this evening?

Mr. Jerome replied, we have talked about it for a couple of months.  We are well aware of everything.

Council President Saponaro stated, at the Special Meeting we will make a motion to amend the agenda and include this item.

Mr. Marrelli replied, thank you.


  • Upcoming seminars

Mrs. Betsa reported, there are two events coming up.

On February 1st, there is a Joint Educational Meeting on Property Tax Reduction Programs and Forest Management with Cuyahoga County and the ODNR Division of Forestry.  It will be at North Royalton City Hall from 1:00-4:00.  If you are interested in receiving information on this, just let me know and I will forward it to you.

The Local Government Officials Conference is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, April 12th and 13th.  As soon as I receive the registration packet, I will forward it to everyone to let me know if they are interested in attending.

Council President Saponaro encouraged anyone able to attend the Local Government Officials Conference to do so. It is extremely informative.  You don’t have to attend both days.  Mr. Marquardt, myself and Mary Beth attended last year. It is excellent.  I strongly suggest you consider attending.


  • Council Committee Assignments – 2017

Council President Saponaro stated, not knowing that I would be elected Council President for sure, I did ask you prior to 2017 to provide your thoughts on what you wanted in terms of the assignments.

Council President Saponaro passed around the proposed Council Committee assignments for 2017.  It is a draft.  I would like all of Council to review it.  If you have any questions, certainly we can discuss it. This is not the final.

The top of the list are Committees that meet pretty regularly.  They are meeting on a monthly basis. The ones down below only have one or two meetings or only on an as-needed basis.  I segregated them that way.  Look at it. If you have any questions or concerns, we can certainly talk about it.  I would like to get this finalized for the January Council meeting.  Just let me know.


  • Support for Finance and Payroll Systems – 2017 (Creative Microsystems, Inc. - $6916.00)

Mr. Wynne reported, Creative Microsystems or CMI is a company we use that does all of our customer service support and software updates for our Finance and Payroll systems. This is the annual cost of that service.  It’s up 3% from last year which was $6,713.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone have any questions or comments regarding this?  There were none.


  • Annual Hydrant Fee – 2017 (Cleveland Water Division - $9020.98)

Chief Carcioppolo reported, this is an annual fee.

  • Lieutenant Promotional Examination and Assessment (Ohio Fire Chief’s Association – not to exceed $7,600).

Chief Carcioppolo reported, this is for the promotional examination and assessment. The Civil Service Commission has been working on this.

Council President Saponaro asked, are there any questions on these two items?

There were none.



  • Amending Section 153.12(B) and (C) – Providing for Health Insurance for Council Members

Mr. Diemert reported, I was requested to research and look in to this.  I have prepared a first draft.

Council President Saponaro stated, I do not know if you all have had an opportunity to review this.  Joe has written an opinion.  If you have questions for Joe, you certainly can ask him at this time.

Part of the reasoning behind looking at this; and this has been something we have looked at in the past; as you know, over the last year, the benefits for OPERS have changed dramatically in terms of as we go forward and as public servants move from their position to retirement or so forth, the benefits that were once available to elected officials through OPERS are pretty much diminishing, certainly in terms of healthcare.  This was brought up at a roundtable I was at with other public officials, again regarding healthcare, and how we are supposed to address it as we go forward. I asked Joe to come up with the legislation and I have also asked him to write an opinion.  We have received some inquiries and questions on it.  I wanted to address some of those questions and Joe, I want your input to make sure we are not speaking out of turn here.

Some of the questions asked regarded healthcare coverage and what municipalities our size pay Council members and how many provide healthcare coverage, particularly a high-level plan.

In terms of the high-level plan, all employees benefit from the best possible plan we can provide for them because it is part of employee retention.  We try to give the best possible plan but it has to also be cost-effective.  Ron has done a tremendous job of making sure that has been cost-effective over the years and people have been pleased with the plans we have had in the past as a municipality.

In terms of municipalities, our size, every one is different.  It depends on the budgetary item.  There’s really no quick and easy way to say, well, if a municipality is the same size as us, they offer, they don’t offer.  Certainly, there’s municipalities that do offer that are our size and there’s ones that don’t.  It also depends on their budget.  Although we have not surveyed the other municipalities, I know that there are a few that have come to my attention, one of them which is Reminderville, another is Macedonia.  Those do offer those types of benefits.

The inquiry asked regarding Gates Mills, why Gates Mills does not pay their Council members at all let alone provide healthcare; Gates Mills is a completely different municipality than Mayfield Village.  Our budget is not even comparable.  You can’t compare the size of literally anything there in terms of the expenditures.  It’s not comparable in size, budget, zoning, industry, safety or service.

The next question asked was, would this be considered a pay raise if we were to go forward with this? This is not considered a pay raise.  A pay raise has to go through Charter Review and would go to the electorate.  Prior to 2015, which was effective in 2016, Council had not received an increase in their pay nor has the Mayor for over 15 years.  That came through the Charter Review Commission.  This would not be considered a change in the Charter. It’s an Ordinance. This would go through the same three readings that we would have in any other type of Ordinance that is not an emergency in terms of there is no requirement to have this done by a date certain.

There was a question regarding the part-time employees.  Is Council considered part-time?  From a legal standpoint, and Joe can answer this, the law would prohibit giving some things to part-time and not to other part-time. However, in this capacity, Joe has written his opinion that Council would be considered full-time in terms of healthcare because of the nature of our position but also following one of the three tests, we would actually comply with one or more of the tests just like the other communities that give healthcare to their Council.

We don’t know how expensive healthcare would be for Council because we don’t know if any Council would take it.  It’s not necessarily for the Council sitting here today.  As we move forward, the faces of Council will change dramatically over the coming years.  Part of what we provide for our employees, we want to provide for Council as well.  This would be an incentive to serve. This is a job most of us love doing because we want to be public servants, but there is a price tag that goes along with that.  We want to make sure there is a benefit so as we move on from our positions here, that other people are incentivized to run for office.

Some audience members started discussing amongst themselves.

Council President Saponaro suggested the audience members come to the podium and give their concerns.  No one is amending any Charter by Ordinance. We have a legal opinion to that effect. I am introducing it to the members of Council. Council will take it under advice.  Council will vote it up or vote it down.  That’s the end of the discussion.

An audience member stated, I think you are forgetting who you work for.

Council President Saponaro stated, I think you are forgetting the Rules of Order here.

The audience member continued, you work for the residents. You don’t work for the Council.  You are asking for something you are absolutely not entitled to.  You already got a pay raise. You knew what the circumstances were when you people got elected. Now you are trying to change your mind.  It’s a small Village.

Council President Saponaro stated, first of all, you are out of order.  You don’t get to just yell because you feel like you need to yell at people. If you want to say something constructively, you wait until you are given that opportunity to do that.  This is not a public meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns to address with anyone, we are happy to do that.  But making accusations when we are having a discussion.  All we are doing is talking about it. We are not telling you we are going to do this or do that.  We are just telling you what we are discussing.  Just like we would do with any other item that comes on the agenda.  If you don’t want us to discuss things because you don’t think we should do that, that’s your prerogative, but it is our prerogative to discuss items and determine their viability and if we believe they should be part of our Ordinances or not. You will have ample opportunity if you want to come to a Council meeting during public comment, you can make a comment. But I will tell you right now, I will not tolerate anyone coming to the podium and accusing Council or anyone else of anything.  I will not tolerate anyone that is going to be disrespectful, because there’s no need for it.  We are public servants here. Some of us have served for decades, so we don’t need to be told who we work for.  We know who we work for.  But we are also residents of this community as well.  Don’t forget that either.  So, hold your comments.  If you want to talk constructively, you certainly can reach out to me.  You have the phone number for every member of Council here. You have my e-mail.  Call me.  E-mail me.  I will be happy to talk to you about it. I was trying to address concerns that came up from a resident as part of this process.  We don’t need to go further on that if that’s not what is going to be beneficial here, but I thought it was at least moving this forward.

We don’t know how expensive it is going to be for Council.  The question was, how might the cost increase?  There’s no way of knowing any of these things.  We are not even sure how many Council members, if any will take advantage of this benefit should it go through.

Finally, there was a procedural question regarding Council as a Whole to discuss an agenda item at Caucus before it is discussed in Committee. We don’t have Committee members right now because we just elected the Council President at our organizational meeting so there was no reason to have a Finance Caucus or Safety and Service this evening.  We will address any of those issues on the floor of Caucus as well as at our next Council meeting. So anything that needs to be vetted, we will do that there fully. If anyone has any questions on this, that’s fine. This was discussed at our December meeting. This was told to everyone. It’s in our Minutes.  I also advised all Department Heads to be ready to discuss their agenda items at the Caucus. That’s the reason why we did not have Safety and Service or Finance Caucus this evening.

There’s a lot of information out there.  Obviously, there’s a lot of feelings on this.  It’s perfectly fine. We welcome any constructive and respectful comments. We will take everything under consideration and then when it is appropriate, council will make a decision one way or the other.

Council President Saponaro asked, is there any other questions or comments regarding this matter at this point?

There were none.

  • AED’s for the Fire Department

Mr. Diemert stated, these are the automatic defibrillators. The Chief came up with this idea last year that since we are having assisted living type projects brought in to the Village and we have one already in the Village, he thought it might be good to require these defibrillators which are civilian-operated.  They are pretty smart documents.  I have one at my house.  They actually walk you through the whole process.  They are pretty easy to operate and to use.  The prices have come down considerably according to the Chief.  It might be a good idea to help save lives that we require those in assisted living facilities.

In doing further research to determine that it was a legal enforcement thing for a Village to do, I also found that there are places around the country that require them in physical fitness facilities and other types of areas where large groups get together. I included those in there. The Chief and the Mayor have approved it.  Now it is for Council’s consideration.

Dr. Parker stated, I believe we spoke once before on this.  We had talked about maybe like we do with smoke detectors for Village residents where perhaps we make something like that available, maybe we could get a better pricing or something if Village residents would like to own one or have one.

Council President Saponaro asked, like a type of a purchasing program.

Dr. Parker said, purchasing program.  Like we have done before.  I know it was brought up.  We did it with carbon monoxide detectors and such.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, we do do that with the smoke alarms as you all know.  We don’t have any incentive breaks through the manufacturers. They are typically on State bid.  The State bid price is what we get when we purchase.  I don’t know that we are allowed to purchase those at that cost and then pass it on to the residents.  That would be a legal question.

Mr. Diemert stated, or you can just ask the State. I don’t think they would care if the Village had a program and it’s a pass-through where we would get reimbursed for something we sell. The Fire Department will be offering a program to train people on it.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, it’s basically just the CPR training we provide for free already. We would be offering that, including where you should put them and how to maintain them appropriately.

Mr. Marrie asked, how much do one of those run?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, about $1,000-1,500 depending on which model you get.

Dr. Parker stated, if we can look into that, that would be great.  It’s just one more service we might be able to provide. I think it would save lives.

Chief Carcioppolo asked, you want it to be open to anyone in the Village?  Or just businesses?

Dr. Parker replied, it could be either.  Obviously we have to respond to a lot of places.

Mr. Diemert suggested, why don’t you just check with your source.  Can we purchase them as we have a request?  In other words, if we need one, can we just call down there and order it and pay for it as a Village and get reimbursed from a business or from an employee?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, they will sell us as many as we want.

Mr. Diemert stated, that’s what I figured.  I don’t see a problem with it.

Chief Carcioppolo stated, as far as the other side of it, getting reimbursed, that would have to be something we would have to work out.

Mayor Bodnar asked, do we have an idea of how many businesses this is going to impact?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, based on the legislation and how it is written, there is approximately 6-8 businesses that would be required.  Any rehabilitation center, the conference center because of the large assembly occupancy, fitness-type occupancies and then nursing homes and assisted living.  All those are lumped into one where there is a high propensity for a cardiac event.

Council President Saponaro asked, any other questions?  There were none.


  • Committee Assignments – 2017

Mayor Bodnar reported, Committee members came up for reappointment.  Anyone who is a member of the Activities Committee, Citizen’s Advisory, Mr. Prcela on the Board of Appeals, Mr. Syracuse on P&Z.  Everyone has been sent out letters of reappointment.  I expect everyone will continue to serve.  Most of them have already agreed to do that.  We have one additional individual going on Citizen’s Advisory, Mr. Steve Schutt, who is a resident of Hickory Hill.  Everyone has been asked to attend the January 23rd meeting where they will be sworn in.

  • Legislation Confirming the Appointment of Shane McAvinew as Director of Parks and Recreation for Mayfield Village, Ohio

Mayor Bodnar stated, we are very excited about having Shane come on board as our Recreation Director.  You should have a received a memo on this.  He has been Recreation Director in Barberton since 2009 and has had extensive experience prior to that time.  He truly has a wealth of experience.  Most of the things he has done dovetails into the things we do here. He does festivals, fireworks, recreation programming, sports programming.  They have a concert series so he is very experienced and will be well able to do a good job here.  Most importantly, I think he is very much a people person. He is very open-minded. He will listen to new ideas. He is a team builder. We think he is going to fit in very well here in Mayfield Village.

We had 60 resumes come in.  There were some stellar ones out there.  It was unbelievable to me how qualified most of the people were who applied for the job.  We then narrowed it down to around 9 interviews and our intention was to then narrow it down to 2 or 3 people for a third round.  But after we did the 9 interviews, Bill, Ron, Diane and myself were doing the interviews, Shane McAvinew is clearly the tops on all of our lists and we felt it was not even necessary for the third round, so we talked it over with Joe.  You will get to meet Shane at the January 23rd meeting. I am very excited about bringing him on board.  Does anyone have any questions?

There were none.

  • Position of Village Engineer

Mayor Bodnar stated, Tom Cappello’s contract will be on the same terms and conditions as last year.  There is no increase in pay.

  • Position of Prosecutor

Mayor Bodnar stated, Mike Cicero’s contract will be a two-year contract with no increase in pay.

All of this legislation will be on the agenda for January 23rd.


  • Fireworks – 2017 (American Fireworks - $10,250)

Mr. Thomas reported this is our second year of a three-year contract with American Fireworks.  This will be our 5th year with American Fireworks.  I believe the Fire Department and Police Department are pleased with what they present.  The cost last year was $10,000.  They are asking for $10,250 for the second year. The third year will go up to $10,500.  I would strongly recommend we go back to American Fireworks.

  • Fitness Center Memberships – 2017 (Progressive Insurance – not to exceed $13,000 – pass through)

Mr. Thomas reported, this is our annual pass-through.  We are putting down not to exceed $13,000.

  • Fumbrellas for Parkview Pool (Anchor Industries - $12,000)

Mr. Thomas reported, this is part of our capital improvement. I am coming in front of you now to ask for approval on January 23rd to purchase two fumbrellas that we would like to place on the grass at Parkview Pool.  I provided pictures so you can see what we are talking about.  If I can get approval at Council, that would be wonderful.

  • Geese control – soccer fields and The Grove – 2017 (Ohio Geese Control - $9,460.00).

Mr. Thomas reported, this will be our second full year with Ohio Geese Control.  I am making a recommendation that we purchase it for the entire year and save $880 on the geese control.  We have been very pleased with what they have presented.

Council President Saponaro pointed out, the contract said it goes to June and then starts back up in August.  It misses July.  Is there a reason why July is not included in the contract?

Mr. Thomas stated, I will find out about that.  We will look into it and get back to you.  In the meantime, my recommendation is to purchase this for the full year.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone have any questions on any of these items?

Mr. Marquardt asked, you are making the umbrellas yellow and gold again?

Mr. Thomas asked, do you want them the same color?  At this point it would probably be yellow and blue.

Mr. Marquardt stated, that’s Michigan colors you know.


  • R/M CAD/Additional software, etc. covered under yearly maintenance agreement (TAC Management Co. - $12,020.04)

Chief Edelman reported, this is our annual maintenance contract.  It is our records management software system that we use.

  • Cleaning of Police Station – 2017 (Camco Cleaning Services, LLC - $7884.00)

Chief Edelman reported, we have been using Camco since we opened the new building.  We are still very happy with their services.

  • Back-Up Connectivity in the New Dispatch Center – 2017 (12 months – Agile Network Builders - $14,880.00)

Chief Edelman reported, this is the connectivity to the MARCs system.  It is both the primary and the back-up connectivity for the MARCs system we are using.

  • LEADS Access Fee with a DMVPN connection – 2017 (Treasurer, State of Ohio - $7,200.00)

Chief Edelman reported, this allows us to connect to the LEADS system, which is the Law Enforcement Automated Data System.

Council President Saponaro asked, what is the DMVPN?

Chief Edelman replied, that is the virtual private network that LEADS uses to maintain the private network.

  • Change order to original invoice for purchase of two 2017 Dodge Chargers (Expenditure approved 11/21/16:  Greve Chrysler Jeep Dodge - $45,276; change order - $280.00)

Chief Edelman reported, when we ordered the Chargers, I made a mathematical error when I put the order together.  I have requested a changeorder from the original order.  I was short by $280.00.  My apologies on that.

  • Code Red Extension for 1/13/17-01/12/18 (ECN Intermediate Holding Co. - $4510)
  • Code Red Extension for 1/13/17-1/12/18 (ECN Intermediate Holding Co. - $2500)

Chief Edelman reported, this is the annual fee for Code Red.  Understand that last month we approved the 911 Cellular system.  We are going to be phasing out Code Red but I am asking that we extend it through this year so that we give the residents enough time so we can educate them on how to use the 911 Cellular. At some point this year we will be phasing out Code Red.

Council President Saponaro asked, one is Code Red and the other is for Code Red weather warning?

Chief Edelman replied, yes.  They are actually grouped together, but they split them up in the invoice.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone have any questions regarding these items?

Mr. Jerome asked, how is the new software going to provide what Code Red does?

Chief Edelman replied, there is a portion of Cellular 911 that actually provides for mass notifications.  It’s a lot simpler to use.

Mr. Jerome asked, so part of what you want to do is the marketing of this new program which will let people know that we are going to phase out Code Red and to sign up for Cellular 911.

Chief Edelman replied, exactly.  I am meeting with Chad on Friday and we will be discussing how we will be doing that.

Mr. Jerome stated, thank you.

Mr. Marrie stated, when you explained it last month, this far exceeds Code Red.

Chief Edelman replied, it does. The mass notification portion of Cellular 911 is just a small part of it.

Council President Saponaro asked, any other questions?

There were none.


  • Rubbish/Recycling Collection – January-June 2017 (Kimble Recycling & Disposal - $122,746.68)

Mr. Metzung stated, as I mentioned at the last meeting, our rubbish contract will be coming due this year in June.  I met with the Solid Waste District.  I am sure I will be hearing from all of the vendors to see what is new out in the market.  One of the items that is kind of interesting in that regard is that they do have piggyback programs that we can do with someone else who has an existing contract and should we find that favorable, we can go on that.  As we talk about it, keep in mind what you like about our trash removal and what you might not like and any ideas that you might have, let me know.

  • Janitorial Services – Civic Center and Community Room – 2017 (Camco Cleaning - $39,419.40)

Mr. Metzung stated, this is an annual expense.

Mr. Metzung added, one last item which is not on the agenda is the Memorandum of Understanding with the Health Department for our Phase II Stormwater Program.  In years past we have used the Health Department.  A new item this year is that the Regional Sewer District will be picking up the tab for this.  That will be coming soon.

Council President Saponaro stated, very good.  Does anyone have any questions?

There were none.


Council President Saponaro asked, are there any other matters to come before Council?

There were no further matters.

There being no further matters, the meeting concluded at 8:38 p.m.