Caucus - December 5th 2016

Mayfield Village Civic Hall
Monday, December 5, 2016- 8:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, December 5, 2016 at Mayfield Village Civic Hall.  Council President Saponaro called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:          

Present: Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Marrie, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, Mr. Saponaro, and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Mr. Cappello, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: None


  • 2017 Schedule of Council Meetings

Council President Saponaro stated, Council and Mayor Bodnar should have received the proposed schedule for next year for Council meetings as well as the Council Committee Assignments. With regard to the Council meetings, what we were trying to do is get away from the Tuesdays because everyone is used to being here Monday and then not having people come in when it’s a holiday.  Where we could adjust it we did.  The first thing we adjusted was instead of having the first meeting on January 2nd which could be pretty close to people being out on holiday or whatever, we moved that to the 9th.  That then pushed the Council meeting until the 23rd.

On the 9th, we are going to have the Organizational Meeting so there is not going to be Finance or Safety and Service at that point.  Then we are going to have the Caucus and from there on the 23rd we will have our normal schedule of Committee meetings and then Council.  That gave us two weeks to then go into February to do the 6th and the 20th and it repeats for March. We lucked out because we had a couple of places where we had 5 Mondays so that kind of helped us out so we could adjust it.  As long as we make sure that the media knows when our meetings are, even though we try to do the 1st and the 3rd, some of these are the 2nd and the 4th for the months that have 5 Mondays in them and the 1st Monday fell on a holiday, that’s why we did it that way just to keep them on Mondays.  Does anyone have any questions, thoughts, objections or anything?

There were none.

  • 2017 Council Committee Assingments

Council President Saponaro stated, the list is blank.  What I really would like is I obviously would like to be Council President again, but if I am not, I think it would be helpful for anyone if we could put in there what Committee you would like to be on and rank them.  This is the one I want to be on for sure, rank it, pick three or four, I don’t really care, but rank it from the one you want to be on the most and pick 4 Committees so that we can try to make sure that everyone’s voice is being heard.  We can have a discussion on that as well at the Council meeting if we want to do it that way or we could talk off-line, however everyone wants to do it.

Mrs. Mills asked, when do you want those papers by?

Council President Saponaro replied, whenever you are done with them, give them back to me and I can talk to people individually.  In years past, we have made Committee assignments in December for January.  We could continue to do that.  My recommendation would be that we can formalize it in January to make sure that, again, I don’t want to be presumptuous that I will be voted in again, and so if I am not, then the Council President can make any changes or that determination.  It will take place on January 9th.  People currently on the Committees right now, we are going to assume that you are going through but there’s going to be no Committee meetings on the 9th anyways, so we should be all set.  Does that make sense? Get me your thoughts as soon as possible and then we will put together a list and everyone can look at it.  Does anyone have any questions on that?

Mr. Metzung stated, Council President, just as a point, Drainage and Infrastructure is set by Ordinance.

Mr. Jerome added, for three At-Large.

Council President Saponaro stated, right.  Thank you.  Drainage and Infrastructure to Mr. Metzung’s point is always At-Large Council, period.

Council President Saponaro stated, importantly, today, Mr. Thomas was recognized for his great achievements and efforts through the Hillcrest Community Advisory Partners.  They gave him a beautiful presentation as well as our Mayor and a beautiful crystal award.  Well deserved.  Everyone in the room was gushing over Bill and what he has done over the years. We know because we have been fortunate enough to have him in our community.  Kudos to Bill for a job well done as you continue to do that.  We appreciate it very much.


As discussed during Finance Caucus, the following schedule has been established for Committee meetings on the evening of Caucus:

  • Drainage and Infrastructure or other Committee meetings – 6:45 p.m.
  • Planning and Zoning – 7:00 p.m.
  • Safety and Service – 7:15 p.m.
  • Finance Caucus – 7:30 p.m.
  • Council Caucus – Immediately following Finance Caucus

On the evening of the Council meeting, the following schedule has been established for Committee meetings:

  • Finance Committee – 7:30 p.m.
  • Council – 8:00 p.m.

Mr. Jerome asked, so if we go by this schedule, with the Caucus starting immediately following Finance Caucus, my suggestion would be to hold all of the meetings in here.  We are kind of at capacity in the Main Conference Room.  The fact that we are going to hold Caucus immediately following, it would just make more sense to be here and then we can go right on with our business.

Council President Saponaro stated, the only reason why that did not happen is that when we have held them in this room, they tend to get treated as one large meeting and because it becomes audience participation, it’s a different feel for the meeting instead of being what it’s intended to be.  Not that we can’t control that.  Of course we can.  I think your suggestion is well taken because of that reason, but that was the reason why we kind of kept them separate to signal that it is open in attendance, but there’s not an open portion of it.  Do you understand what I am saying?

Mr. Jerome stated, I do understand what you are saying.

Council President Saponaro continued, if there’s a suggestion or a way we can do it, that makes sense.  It’s just that was the reason why we kind of kept it the way it was.   We will take it under advisement.  We will figure it out.

  • Annual Meeting – M.C.I.C. – December 19, 2016 – 8:00 p.m.

Mrs. Betsa reported, on December 19th, the Mayfield Village Community Improvement Corporation Annual Meeting will commence at 8:00 p.m.  The Council meeting will be held immediately following the M.C.I.C. meeting which is scheduled annually for the purpose of the election of officers.

Council President Saponaro asked, Joe, do we have to look at any of the Economic Development Incentive Programs?

Mr. Diemert replied, Ron will probably report on them.

Mr. Wynne replied, the M.C.I.C. will need to meet again some time during the first quarter of next year to review the performance of the Agreements that are currently in place.

  • Upcoming Events

Mrs. Betsa will be keeping Council posted of all events and seminars coming up in 2017.  If there are any other seminars that Council is interested in attending, I will certainly register you.


  • Bid Results - Band Shell Structure – Grove Ampitheatre

Mrs. Wolgamuth reported, six bids were received for The Grove Band Shell.  Three of the six bids were either under the estimate or within 10% of the estimate.  Ed Parker, the Architect, is verifying all of the bids and expects to have a recommendation.  We will have that in packets this Friday. I will let you know that EFG Property, the low bidder, has pulled their bid.  They said that they made an error in calculating the structural steel.  They are allowed to do that within 48 hours of the bid.  They are no longer on this list.

Council President Saponaro asked, can we change the way that the bid sheet looks to add it to the Minutes so when people see that they can see a line through it, so that people don’t say, why didn’t you pick them?

Mrs. Wolgamuth replied, okay.

  • Consulting Contract for Programming Coordinator at The Grove

Mayor Bodnar reported, Garry Regan has been operating and managing The Grove for us since its inception.  We talked about this at Finance a little bit.  He has brought a great deal of expertise and done a wonderful job.  It’s now time to begin paying Mr. Regan for his services.  Diane and I met with him to get a full description of the work he would do and that was given to Council in their packets. Basically, he will be managing all of the operations of The Grove.  He will report to the Recreation Director.  He has asked for and I think it was reasonable to pay him $1,500 a month.  Mr. Regan has also agreed within those parameters to include responsibility for Reserve Hall and the Gazebo. He will be responsible for all three venues, all of the planning, working with public relations, pretty much taking full charge of those three operations for us.  We would recommend that we go forward with a Consulting Agreement of this nature.  Thank you.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone have any questions regarding this?

There were none.

Council President Saponaro stated, we will move this along to the Legal Department.


  • Civic Hall Drywall Proposals

Mr. Marrelli reported, in your packet you have a memo.  I went out to get prices to get this room redone with drywall so we are not looking at cinder block.  What you see on the walls should be removed.  Drywall will be installed.  Three 70-inch televisions will be installed with associated wiring.  The estimated budget for that work is $20,000.

Council President Saponaro stated, it is worth noting that in Finance, we did discuss the fact that we wanted you to look at this room to see what other changes may be made but to your point you said, you are not really sure what.

Mr. Marrelli stated, I am open to suggestions.

Council President Saponaro stated, we as Council, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts regarding this room, we are not looking to change it in terms of the function, just if we wanted to add something or to have desks or things of that nature, whatever it may be.  So if anyone has any suggestions if you can e-mail it to all of Council and Administration and Mr. Marrelli that would be great.


Mr. Wynne stated, at the Council meeting we will have all of the year-end final pieces of legislation that relates to our budgeting and taxes for the year.

  • Resolution to advance property taxes

Mr. Wynne stated, this is an annual requirement to notify the Cuyahoga County Treasurer for next year that as they receive property tax dollars on our behalf, they forward those monies to us as it is received versus waiting until the end of the collection period.

  • Resolution requesting Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer to Adjust Amended Official Certificate of Resources for 2016

Mr. Wynne stated, this is our revenue budget for the year. Once we have better handle on our receipts for this month, we will make some final adjustments and notify them of those.

  • Advances and transfers

Mr. Wynne stated, Council passes the transfers between funds based upon the budget.  I provided Council with a detailed Memorandum of all of the transfers.  Worth noting are three significant changes:

  • We originally budgeted to transfer $40,000 from the General Fund to the Community Room Fund.  That is going to be $115,000. The difference is $75,000 which is to reflect a change order approved by Council earlier in the year for some additional work at the Community Room.
  • Because our tax collections were so strong this year, we are going to transfer $1.5 million from the General Fund to the Sanitary Sewer Relief Fund.  The budget for the year was zero.  I am going to use the funds to help pay for the final sanitary sewer conversion project that is needed in the Village.
  • We had originally budgeted that the Eastgate/Meadowood project would come in under budget by $288,000.  It came in under budget by $422,000.  We will be transferring $422,000 to the Sanitary Sewer Conversion Fund again to pay for that final Sewer Conversion Project.

  • Final appropriations for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016
  • Temporary appropriations for January 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017

Mr. Wynne stated, there will be legislation to approve the final budget for this year and then also to approve the temporary budget for the first quarter of next year.  We pass the final budget for the year generally in March so we have to pass legislation in December to pass the temporary budget for next year so we can do business until our final budget is passed.

  • 2017 Estimated Annual Premium – Worker’s Compensation

Mr. Wynne stated, we will be asking for approval to pay the 2017 Worker’s Compensation premium on January 3rd to take advantage of a 2% discount.  It’s due earlier this year to reflect the change in the Bureau of billing participants in advance for the coming year versus in arrears like they have done in prior years.


  • Formation of Heights-Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team for Special Rescue Services

Chief Carcioppolo stated this is the Shared Services Agreement for the Technical Rescue Team.  This articulates what we have currently been doing for the past 6-10 years with the Heights Area Special Rescue Team.  The legislation permits the Mayor and Council President to sign the Shared Services Agreement.  In order for all of these different agencies, all 14 different Fire Departments to participate in a technical rescue team that is done through provisions in the Ohio Revised Code, you need to have an Agreement in place which needs to be ratified by Council.


Mr. Diemert reported, with regard to the rezoning of the property at 730 SOM Center which was going to be on consideration for December 19th, the attorney called for the owners of the building and requested that it be continued until your first meeting in January.  Respectfully, I would suggest January 9th during the course of your meetings that night.  As you know, this was scheduled for third and final reading at the last regular meeting and we postponed it and they have made arrangements for everything.  The lawyer is not available on December 19th and wants to be here.  They were courteous about it. I don’t see any reason not to accommodate them.

Council President Saponaro stated, we should probably have our Organizational Meeting then the Special Meeting and then our Caucus.  That way they can come in and won’t have to wait through too much.

Mr. Diemert stated, if you think you need Caucus to discuss it more, but we have really talked about it.

Council President Saponaro stated, that’s a very good point, but we are allowed to discuss it at that meeting as well.  I figured we will put the spotlight on that.  If no one has any objections, we will do it that way.

  • Legislation adopting a moratorium on Medical Marijuana

Mr. Diemert stated, this is a moratorium ordinance on the implementation of medical marijuana.  Those of you who have been reading know that medical marijuana has been approved for Ohio effective this past June 2016.  We have already had calls from people interested in setting up shop.  We have not adopted any regulations state-wide yet.  They have not completed those.  Because of that, and because we have the right under the new law to have regulations pertaining to zoning and building and maybe a taxation of such uses, we would like time to have the administration investigate and research all of this and make recommendations to Council on how we can regulate it, if at all.  The moratorium would allow us to do that.  We believe the moratorium is lawful and the State would honor that moratorium for a reasonable amount of time.

Council President Saponaro asked, are we going to then see from the Hillcrest communities as well to see what our neighbors are doing or what their thoughts are?

Mr. Diemert replied, sure.  We have been gathering information already from states that have gone through this.  We may be the leaders in producing such legislation.  We have gone to Walter Drane already.  They really are prepared with anything at this point.  We thought we ought to be ahead because we have had calls.  We want to be in the forefront.

Mr. Jerome asked, no other municipalities that you know of in Ohio are doing this?

Mr. Diemert stated, I am sure they are looking into it.  They are all kind of waiting for the State to do their regulations then they will have to adjust to that and we will of course.

  • Legislation on 911 Cellular

Mr. Diemert stated, I don’t know if Diane has any more to say about this in relation to what the Chief did and Code Red or anything like that.

Chief Edelman stated, I will talk about that during my report.

Mr. Diemert stated, the last thing is we were bringing in an Ordinance to amend Chapter 1105.02 of the Codified Ordinances which will allow for the guidelines and the implementation of use variances which the voters approved last November.  That code section would conflict with the Charter Amendment as it exists.  We have been struggling in administration to get the language together appropriately from all of our departments’ viewpoints to make a recommendation to Council.  We have come to that point and we will make those recommendations by legislation on the next agenda.

Council President Saponaro stated, okay.  Very good.

Mr. Jerome asked, is there a timing?  Do you have to do it within a certain period of time?

Mr. Diemert replied, no.

Mr. Jerome asked, so the Charter changed and we never did anything?

Mr. Diemert replied, if somebody comes in for an application now, we have an emergency application in process created for the Building Department to handle it.

Council President Saponaro stated, the other part is that since it did go before the voters, and the voters have approved this, this should still be on three reads?  How does that work?

Mr. Diemert replied, it can, but it’s not major changes.  It’s merely taking out the conflicts where in our Code it says use variances cannot be granted at any time, amending that to say, except in non-residential areas. You can take a look at it.  I don’t mind readings because we have an emergency application process ready to go if someone were to come in.

Council President Saponaro stated, very good.  Anyone have any questions of Joe?

There were none.


  • Wildcat Sports and Fitness Rental for September 2015-August 2016 (Mayfield City Schools- pass through)

Mr. Thomas stated, this is our annual rental fee for Wildcat Sport and Fitness.  It’s a pass-through.  That money goes back to Wildcat for us to buy when we need something.

Council President Saponaro asked, we don’t know what that number is definitively?

Mr. Thomas stated, I am still scrutinizing it.

Council President Saponaro asked, do you think it is going to be ready for December?

Mr. Thomas replied, yes.  We are going to vote on it in December.


  • 911 Cellular Services, LLC

Chief Edelman stated, this is a software package developed by a Village resident, Chad Salashour.  He owns a company called 911 Cellular.  What they do is develop software for safety and services, police and fire.  I have known him for a number of years.  He has come to me a few times.  This is a very unique package.  Two components, the first one is hosted by the Mayfield Village dispatchers.  The second one is an app downloaded on your cellphone.  What you do is there is an icon on your cellphone.  If you need help, police, fire, EMS, whatever, there’s a button that appears on the screen of your smartphone that says, get help. You tap the button.  The call comes to the Mayfield Village dispatcher.  It does not go to CECOMS like a 911 call.  Chief Carcioppolo, how long does it take when you call CECOMS from a cellphone?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, approximately a minute and a half to two minutes.

Chief Edelman continued, when you call a Mayfield Village dispatcher, you get help right away. That’s the key difference between this and 911.  This does not replace 911.  If you call 911 from a landline, it goes directly to a Mayfield Village dispatcher.  This is a little different.  When you tap the get help icon, it doesn’t call 911, it calls the Mayfield Village Police Department.  So, in a way it kind of bypasses 911.  This is something that for Mayfield Village, we think it’s a solution that may be quicker and better for the residents, the businesses and the employees within Mayfield Village to use.

One of the things that makes this a unique product is that it can track a person.  Once it captures the phone call, it can track a person through longitude, latitude and height.  The dispatcher will see the caller’s identifying information but they will also see a map which will tell them where the person is and if they are at a building like Progressive Insurance, they will not only see what building they are in, they will see what floor, what office building they will be in.  So if they are on the third floor in the southeast corner of the building, the dispatcher will know that.  They won’t have to tell the fire department or police officers, go meet security and find that person.  They will already know where that person is that needs help.  Similarly, if they are in the Metroparks, they won’t have to look around for that person and tell the rangers to go look for that person and tell our officers where they are.

Another unique feature on this is if somebody’s in trouble and they are moving while they are using this app, once it captures the call, it will refresh their location.

Council President Saponaro asked, in Mayfield Village?

Chief Edelman stated, in Mayfield Village it will refresh their location every three seconds and it will send that signal back to my dispatchers. So if somebody’s in trouble, say on the freeway and they are moving, once it captures their call, even if they leave Mayfield Village, it will still tell the dispatcher their location so if they are in trouble and they are still moving, say on the freeway heading northbound, my dispatcher will call Willoughby Hills or Mentor or wherever that person is and they would say, I have a person in trouble, this is where their location is now.  They need help right away.

I was hoping Mr. Salashour would be here tonight to give you some more technical information about this.  If you would like, I can ask him to be at the Council meeting to give you some more information.

Council President Saponaro stated, I think that would be helpful and also if there are communities using it; I looked and tried to download it, I don’t know if it’s the right one, it says Your 911 on it and it has Reminderville and Richfield.  Would that be the same one?

Chief Edelman replied, I think that’s the same one.

Council President Saponaro stated, if he could, that would be great.  Give us a little 5 minute presentation on it.

Chief Edelman replied, sure. The contract is an annual fee for Mayfield Village to host the software at $6,000 a year plus $1,000 support fee. That is renewable annually.

Mr. Marquardt asked, what if you are outside the Mayfield area?  Like if in Chicago I push this, would it connect to 911?

Chief Edelman replied, it will send your call to the nearest PSAP, to the nearest 911 center.

Mr. Jerome asked, what if they don’t have that device?

Chief Edelman replied, it will send your call to the nearest 911 center if you are outside of Mayfield Village.

Mr. Jerome asked, what about the mapping portion of it?

Chief Edelman replied, if they don’t have that, it will send it to the nearest 911 center.

Mr. Jerome stated, I think you said this when we talked about this before, we could from a cellphone call directly to the Police Department?

Chief Edelman replied, sure. You can always do that.

Mr. Jerome stated, to avoid the cellphone issue.  But the locating part with this is pretty awesome.

Chief Edelman replied, it will have a location device built in to it.

Council President Saponaro stated, that’s every exciting.

Chief Edelman stated, it is exciting.  It was unique when we demo’d it.  It was very surprised.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anybody else have any comments or questions on this?


  • Tree lawn trimming along Aintree Park, Hunt Circle and Wildwood Trail

Mr. Metzung stated, this is an annual project that we do.  We have gone out to seek three bids for that.  We only received two back.  We are looking to do that.  We will finally be moving out of the Aintree Park neighborhood.  We have a little bit of the Wildwood area to finish up and then we will be in Hanover next year.

  • PIPE program under MS4 Storm Water Permit (provided by Cuyahoga Soil and Water)

Mr. Metzung reported, this PIPE program is a different MOU from the program that we had been discussing leading up to this point for the Euclid Creek.  It’s in essence the same program.  Cuyahoga County Soil and Water will provide us with our PIPE stuff which is Public Information/Public Education.  It’s part of our stormwater requirements that we have.  In the past, Euclid Creek has been providing that service for us.  Euclid Creek actually is part of the Soil and Water so it’s kind of an offshoot for that.  With this MOU, we will be able to apply to have the Regional Sewer District reimburse us for the cost of that.  I finally get to say it’s a “pass-through”.

The other item is, since Euclid Creek has been on three readings, I ask that that gets tabled.  They are going to go back now and look at their own MOU that they have been sending out to the cities going now we are providing this PIPE service through this program, what are we going to do for our program and how do those costs then get related?  They asked us to hold on to those.  After we discussed it earlier, maybe just tabling it for the time being?

Council President Saponaro stated, I was also going to ask Joe, because Joe, if the impact of the cost of this program changes, does that change the legislation?  That changes the number.  Is that substantial where we have to start over again?

Mr. Diemert replied, probably not, but maybe we could amend it on the floor to just say in the amount approximate to.

Mr. Cappello stated, I think you are going to have to do brand new legislation because it talks about the PIPE.  Originally what we were going to pass was what we have done in the past. Euclid Creek Watershed in conjunction with Soil and Water did our public information/public education.  It used to be $2,500 for just Euclid Creek then they upped it to $5,500 when they started providing us with that PIPE service.  I think any MOU if we decide to go back with Euclid Creek will be totally restructured.  Different verbiage than that MOU.

Mr. Diemert asked, so do you want them to defeat this now or just leave it tabled?

Mr. Metzung stated, not knowing what the new legislation is, I don’t have an answer.

Mr. Diemert stated, we probably should table it then.

Mr. Metzung stated, we can always bring it up, defeat it and go to the new one.

Council President Saponaro asked, is everyone on board with what we are doing?

There were no further comments.

  • Cloud Based Tracking Software for service requests, building/fleet maintenance and GIS mapping.

Mr. Metzung reported, the first item in the service request, we do use a Filemaker program now.  It’s not very user-friendly for us to generate reports or anything of that nature.  This is much higher tech in that regard.  The GIS mapping is the other area that’s really a big item for us in keeping records of our road projects and where sewer lines are at and where water pipes are at and all that kind of stuff.  Click of a map, this information comes right up to you.  The County is going to it.  They are way far ahead of us.  All our utility players are getting into this type of mapping to keep track of their infrastructure.


Council President Saponaro asked, is there any other matter before Council?

Mr. Thomas stated, I was going to report on the Tree Lighting Ceremony.  We had a wonderful turnout last night for our annual Tree Lighting.  Mayor Bodnar welcomed everyone and wished everyone a Happy Holiday.  We had Becky Hall and the Center Choir.  We had between 250 and 300 participants enjoying our donuts and hot chocolate that were distributed through our reception windows.  The weather held up for all of us.  We had the gas fireplace generating heat and Councilman Jerome had the cushion seats out so everyone could sit outside.  Thank you.  A big thank you to Danielle, my staff, and the Activities Committee.  I think there were at least 10 members that were there as well as Councilwoman Patsy Mills.  Also, Doug’s staff as usual helped with the success of the program.  Thank you Doug.

Council President Saponaro stated, I did have a question on the monument sign.  In terms of timing, obviously the structure is built.

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, the last I heard is this Wednesday.

Council President Saponaro asked Tom Cappello about the status of the audible traffic signal.  What are we looking at, Spring-Summer?

Mr. Cappello replied, spring to summer, yes.

Council President Saponaro asked, okay.  And the overpass?  I know that they are starting to close down on the express lanes and part of the crossovers.

Mr. Cappello replied, they should not be closing anything.  They might be constructing the crossovers.  They are not allowed to close anything from October 15th through April 15th.

Council President Saponaro stated, okay.  So they are going to construct it and then?

Mr. Cappello replied, come April 15th, I am still waiting to get a schedule.  They promised me a more detailed schedule in early December.

Council President Saponaro stated, this is only for on top?  This has nothing to do with Wilson Mills and the underpass at this point?

Mr. Cappello replied, at this point, correct.  After April 15th is when I will get you an idea of when they plan on closing the one lane at Wilson Mills.

Council President Saponaro stated, okay.  Does anyone else have any questions?

Mrs. Mills stated, I would like to thank the Service Department.  Without them, I don’t know how the Mistletoe Mart would happen.  Between them helping us decorate the Village and picking up leaves and putting the snow plows on, they get it all done somehow.  It really is a help.  People don’t realize what a good group of guys we have working down there.  They never refuse me.

Council President Saponaro asked, who could?

Mrs. Mills stated, it makes my job very very easy.  Thank you Doug.

Mrs. Mills asked, do you think we could put a spotlight on the wreath?  Think about it.

Council President Saponaro asked, does anyone else have anything to add?

There were no further matters.

There being no further matters, the meeting concluded at 8:38 p.m.