Caucus - February 2nd 2015

Village Civic Hall
Monday, February 2, 2015 - 8:00 p.m.

The Council of Mayfield Village met in Caucus Session on Monday, February 2, 2015 at Mayfield Village Civic Hall.  Council President Buckholtz called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Buckholtz, Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marrie, Mr. Marquardt, Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, and Mr. Saponaro

Also Present: Mr. Wynne, Ms. Calta, Chief Edelman, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Metzung, Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Marrelli, Mr. Cappello, Mr. Esborn, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Mayor Rinker and Mr. Thomas


IT Committee Update

Council President Buckholtz stated, it was brought up that people who want to be on the Committee are not on it.  I have not had a chance to call anyone, but am interested in who would like to be on the Committee, so let me know.  I will also call around.  A meeting will be scheduled.

Drainage & Infrastructure Committee Update

Council President Buckholtz asked Ms. Calta, this is a Committee set up by Ordinance so if we want to change it at all, we will have to amend the Ordinance, correct?

Ms. Calta asked, when you say change, you are going to change some of the format or membership?

Council President Buckholtz replied, basically add more functions.

Mr. Jerome added, the big thing is if we wanted to enlarge what we did, it would need to be changed.  Maybe the way it is at, we can leave it as is and change some of the inner functions of the group. 

Mr. Saponaro stated, we are not changing the money. We are talking about how we could be more beneficial to Doug and Tom and John regarding what needs to be done by providing the oversight but talking not just about my house that has an issue with it, but talking from a Village-wide perspective.  More along those lines.  It’s not about the budget at all.  As a matter of fact, it’s harder to have a $25,000 budget than to have no budget and have everything just go through the main budget.

Mr. Jerome stated, we want to meet more regularly. When the applications come in, we want them to be resolved. 

Mr. Saponaro agreed. We have applications sitting there for two years.  We don’t want to have that.

Council President Buckholtz stated, if people don’t fall under the rules of what is in the Ordinance now and they clearly tie in to bigger problems as was stated here on several occasions, I think the Committee should have a role in working together with the administration to see that that is done and update administration as to other people they are getting calls from and be able to report back to Council on how it is being handled.

Mr. Saponaro stated, Diane, maybe it’s a matter of we are not doing anything financially but the first step they have to follow is, if they have a problem with a sewer line or something, they can be asked if they contacted the County, did the County do a cleaning out of it, has there been an assessment, whatever the case may be and go from there.  To provide them with resources and information they may not already have but it’s not necessarily, we are either going to pay for it or we are not going to pay for it.  We are either going to participate or not.  It’s more to provide more of a resource for them or a place for them to start. That’s where a lot of them have problems. They do not know where to start.

Ms. Calta stated, I will take a look.

Mr. Jerome stated, let’s say we didn’t even have this Committee at all and they went on their own. They may not have any idea what a reasonable quote may be. That’s another aspect. These guys can review it and they may not necessarily need to tell them who to go with but they can say these all make sense, they are going to do this, this and this. A resource to bounce things off of.

Council President Buckholtz stated, it’s not really changing anything. It’s adding to it in terms of an informational resource.

Mr. Marrie added, to become more efficient.

Council President Buckholtz stated, and helping people even if it is not through what the procedure was before.

Mr. Marrie stated, giving them insight to where they can go.

Council President Buckholtz stated, we will interface with you on that.

Sewer Liaison Committee Update

I put that on here because we forget to take off some Committees.  Someone asked if we need this on, and I said, yes, we have two more sewer projects coming, so leave it on there.   Even though they have not needed to meet, sometimes it becomes a very good interactive Committee.

Proposed Community Room Committee

Council President Buckholtz asked Mr. Saponaro to discuss this item.

Mr. Saponaro stated, we talked about this the last time.  It would be an opportunity for Council, members of the community, department heads and organizations to come together and sit on the Committee to go through the process of looking at and making recommendations so we all understand and area in agreement with the outcome of the community room. There are concerns that were brought up at the meeting where everyone agreed we should build a new community room, about the layout.  Big concerns about where things are.   We need to get those addressed.  The last thing we want is a building we create and spend money on and then people are not happy with the layout.  It doesn’t serve a good function.

Mrs. Mills stated, there are about 4 or 5 groups that use the room a lot, such as the Women’s Club, Historical Society, Garden Club.. They would know exactly what they would like to see there within reason.  They all came to the meeting. They were interested in what was going to happen. I am there a lot with the groups. We appreciate what we have there but we also want it to be functional.  What I would like to see is a representative from each one of those groups, and even Donna to be there. She’s in there.  That’s her life. She lives there.  If you wanted to bring some other people in from the community, that would be fine, but it has to be someone that really knows what the operation is, like recreation.

Council President Buckholtz asked, who takes the reservations?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, Debbie Thomas does the scheduling.

Council President Buckholtz stated, she would be valuable, in terms of someone who received calls to rent it and it didn’t provide what people needed.  You accumulated all of the data from the survey. There’s building it which involves input from Ron DiNardo and there’s function usage.  I remember everything we build has a fee structure. It’s not about building something and we are going to get $5 more.  It needs to be addressed.

Mrs. Mills stated, people are disappointed because they voted to keep the old facility and now Council is going to build a new one because you want one.  I told them, if you look at that survey, there was 10% of Villagers who sent them back.

Mr. Jerome stated, and there wasn’t much above 50% that said to rebuild, but that was before we knew the costs involved to repair or remodel.

Mrs. Mills stated, I told them that. We need to form this Committee as soon as possible.

Mr. Jerome asked, a special Council committee?

Council President Buckholtz replied, yes.  When we did SOM Widening, did we do an ordinance for that? It’s a temporary committee. 

Ms. Calta replied, I don’t think we did an ordinance. Under your Code for Council, you can appoint Council Committees. The only thing I would throw out is I think there is somewhat of a Committee out there?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, that was the Architect Selection Committee. That group has gone on.

Council President Buckholtz asked, gone on or finished?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, no, not finished. The last thing that happened was the large meeting we had where the architects presented. We took the minutes from that meeting and all of the suggestions made and shared those with the architect. They are redoing drawings. We talked about the site and having to work with the schools if we want to change the footprint and want the traffic flow to work between Center School and the Community Room. We met with the schools. They were fine with changing the flow on the site but everyone at that point agreed that probably a traffic study was necessary because we don’t want to have any impact on SOM and Wilson Mills that we are not thinking about.  That was the next step, to talk to Mike Schweickert about doing a traffic study.  I just got his proposal to do that today.

Mr. Saponaro asked, who is on the Architectural Review Committee?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, this was a special committee assembled to select the architect. It was Mayor Rinker, Ron DiNardo as the Chair of ARB, Jim Farmer as the Chair of Planning and Zoning, John Marrelli and me.

Council President Buckholtz asked Joe, can you write up what you have in mind for this Committee?  You are moving forward with more issues.  I would like to see a broader base of people involved with that, people not so much from our department heads as much as the community and Council.

Mr. Saponaro stated, the Architectural Selection Committee was not one we did, that was something you did internally, so it’s not a Council Committee.

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, it’s not a Council Committee but we do have a policy we follow that is our professional selection policy that was done by ordnance.

Ms. Calta added, right, professional design services.

Mr. Marrie stated, that was for design.

Ms. Calta stated, to choose the architect.  Certain services do not have to be competitively bid, so professional design services follow their own sort of protocol for selection. That’s how that evolved.

Mr. Saponaro stated, I will make a recommendation and write something out.

Council President Buckholtz stated, what I am hearing now is that you followed an actual code, a way that the Village has for selecting an architect and that would be an administrative function. What we are talking about now is and you are saying is you would be going ahead with all these things. What Council is saying is, we would like to go ahead with that. In other words, we would like to either work with the administration or work without the administration to work directly with the public and find out, and of course you are a big proponent of making things happen like at The Grove and Bill Thomas and Patsy is involved, but finding out directly what people visualize and want to see and hopefully work together. 

Ms. Wolgamuth asked, would you agree that we should go ahead with the traffic study?

Council President Buckholtz replied, sure. 

Mr. Saponaro replied, you need to do that.

Council President Buckholtz stated, it’s not an exclusionary thing. We are not looking to exclude anyone from the process or hamper any of the processes.

Mr. Saponaro stated, I see that group melding into this one.

Mr. Marrie stated, Patsy has a real strong point that I don’t think we should forget either. I would not want a whole crowd but I think one person from each one of those clubs familiar with how it is used and what would be the best way to use it should be involved.

Mr. Saponaro stated, I will write something up and present it.

Council President Buckholtz stated, I am wondering if there’s anyone out there that hasn’t been using it because it is not conducive to what they need. That would be something to flush out of the community in addition to that.

Mrs. Mills asked, have we established what the use is going to be?  Is it just going to be the way it is now, a functional meeting place, not a party center?

Mr. Saponaro stated, as far as I am concerned, we were not looking to create a party center.  That’s not what it was for. It’s a community room.

Mrs. Mills stated, like the kitchen, they want to do a bigger and better kitchen.  Now you are going to go into a lot more money.

Mr. Marrie stated, I don’t think anyone wants a party center.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, the current plans you saw that were attached to the contract, pretty much duplicate what is there now.  It changes the format a little bit, like where things are, but there’s no significant change. I think that’s what we gathered from the survey results and the meeting.  We didn’t really want significant change. We just wanted an upgraded building. That’s what’s been drawn so far. They have not made any revisions since then because they want to wait to see the traffic study because how the flow is going to work on the site may alter like where the entry doors should be and then where the entry doors should be may change the whole interior of the building.

Mr. Saponaro stated, this Committee is going to want to have input. The traffic study is appropriate. It’s appropriate for this Committee to be formed now so that we do not cause the architect to have to start again.

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, that would be preferable.

Dr. Parker stated, I think just like where we have experts that tell us where the traffic is going to flow and where the doors are going to go, we need to also seriously consider the fact it’s a brand new building, all that can be done. We have architects who make these buildings all the time. We shouldn’t just say this is no more than what it used to be.  It has the potential to be something better. Whether it’s both a party center or a meeting facility, I think there are people out there who can give us good advice beyond our residents and beyond ourselves that have done these kind of projects. We may not want to do it that way, but I think we need to look around at what’s been done at other communities as well as get some professional advice in terms of what can go in this building. If the architects can do it, that’s great, but you just can’t imagine what people can imagine until you hear them.

Council President Buckholtz stated, that’s why I asked at the last meeting if everything was decided or not.

Mr. Saponaro stated, you are right.  It’s not.

Council President Buckholtz stated, if it hasn’t been decided, we have room for more people who want to be involved.

Mr. Jerome stated, I agree with Tom and Patsy. We don’t want it to be a party center. We want it for organizations. But there are residents who do want to have parties there.  One of the biggest complaints is it is always booked.  I think that’s one of the things we are trying to look at. How can we not make it this huge party center, but how to divide it up where two people might be able to have small parties at the same time?

Mrs. Mills stated, I don’t think that will work.

Dr. Parker asked, what do you mean by we don’t want it to be a party center?

Mr. Jerome replied, I don’t want it to be a party center where people who don’t live in the community are having parties, but there are residents, if they want to have parties there, they should be able to have parties there, correct?

Mrs. Mills stated, the only way you could possibly control that would be to make sure that those people that are booking that room are truly residents, they are not a friend of a resident.

Dr. Parker stated, that’s what other communities do anyway.  You can’t always control it to the nth degree, but I think the fact that our residents could have nice parties in there is a definite plus and would actually be good for our residents.

Council President Buckholtz stated, I don’t think we need to talk it to death here, but that’s why we would form a Committee.

Chief Carcioppolo asked to comment on the kitchen area of the new proposed building.  The commercial grade kitchen is something I feel is important as a safety feature. Seeing how the building has been used in the past, I would like to see a hood system with suppression involved. I believe based on the size they are talking about, it’s going to be required to have sprinklers which is good because there are some overnight events where there are large quantities of children sleeping over.  I just want to be involved with those discussions.  Those are important issues for me.


Windows – new and repairs – 6827 Thornapple (Advantage Contracting – not to exceed $7,000)

Mr. Marrelli reported, our Thornapple rental house will be vacated by the tenant some time in June.  The future of that home is to be put on the market for sale. We have to take care of these leaking windows and some wall repairs so that the house can be put on the market.


Council President Buckholtz stated, I am sure everyone knows about the passing of the Mayor’s mom.  Our hearts are all with the family.


2015 Budget

Mr. Wynne reported, Council received a copy of the budget in their packets this past weekend. I am meeting with Department Heads this week to go over that in detail.  If there are any changes, I will let you know. That will need to go on three reads, the first one being the February Council meeting, a Special Meeting during March Caucus, the third reading at the March Council meeting. We will be discussing the budget in more detail during the Finance Committee meeting in a couple weeks.

Mr. Saponaro stated, that will be starting at 6:30 on February 17th which is a Tuesday.

Council President Buckholtz asked, hard copies are coming out?

Mr. Wynne replied, a detailed listing of everything we spent in 2014.

Renewal of dental insurance

Mr. Wynne reported, the dental insurance plan is up for renewal on April 1st.  The proposal we got initially was for an increase of 6.1% for a one-year contract. We have not had any increases for the past three years.  I asked the insurance consultant to go back and try to get a two-year quote from them. They came back with 6.1% for the first year and then they agreed to not increase the second year by more than 7.5%     .  We asked them to get a two year lock on the rate. They came back with an increase of 7.9% now and they would hold that pricing for the next two years which amounts to about a $4,000 per year increase. We are still going to have them go back to Delta Dental and try to negotiate a better deal. That’s where that stands at the moment.

Renewal of life insurance

Mr. Wynne reported, this is also up for renewal April 1st. Their initial proposal was a 10.5% increase. The consultant went back and got them down to 3.5%. That’s an increase of $139 a year.

Council President Buckholtz asked, they went down from 10.5% to 3.5%?

Mr. Wynne replied, yes.

Yearly assessment – Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Mr. Wynne reported, we are still working on this calculation. We will have that for you for the Council meeting.  I would expect it to be $20,000 less than last year because we had some claims that were going through the Bureau that have cycled out of our experience.

Update on Lyndhurst Municipal Court

Mr. Wynne reported, I had the annual meeting with the Finance Directors and the Court.  The report was provided to you over the weekend.  Judge Bozza tends to run a pretty efficient shop. She makes sure she only spends what she is entitled to spend. She does not overspend. The Court made a little bit of money, so there’s no contribution being requested from any of the participating communities.


New car changeovers and equipment (Northcoast Two-Way Radio, Inc. – not to exceed $23,000)

Chief Edelman reported, this is for the equipment on the new police cars.


Council President Buckholtz asked, are there any other matters?

Mr. Esborn wanted to put in a quick plug for the Green Cleaning Workshop that will be here on Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30.  It is being put on by Claire Posius, our Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator.  Most of the Village is in the Chagrin River Watershed but a tiny piece of it is in Euclid Creek Watershed and we of course work with both watershed organizations. They are complimentary. Chagrin helps us with technical things like the SWIF grant for the parking lot and Euclid Creek does a lot of our public education which is what this is.  Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30 right here.  It is going to be Green Cleaning, making your own green cleaning products to replace more harmful products.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Betsa, CMC
Clerk of Council