The Grove - May 17th 2016

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
May 17, 2016
Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Members Present: Garry Regan (Chair), Pat Andrzejczyk, Dave Hoehnen, Blythe DiCicco, and Phil Stella

Members Absent: Rick Hall and Ron DiNardo

Also in Attendance: Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Patsy Mills (Council Member), and Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration)

Infrastructure Update

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and reported that most of the infrastructure work at The Grove has been completed, as follows:

  • The parking spots on North Commons have been made deeper.  Striping is not yet completed.
  • The service drive has been paved with asphalt.
  • A spot has been prepared for the concession trailer.
  • A concrete pathway from the service drive to the stage has been poured.
  • The first row of stone seating is in.
  • The additional pavers have been added to extend the stage.

Promotion Update

Mr. Regan advised that the Voice of the Village is out and The Grove received a lot of coverage.  The posters are ready and members were invited to take some for distribution.  Mrs. Mills stated that she plans to take copies of the schedule to the upcoming Hillcrest Council of Councils meeting.  Mr. Regan added that the postcard to the School District has been approved and will be mailed on June 1. 

Mr. Regan reported that a Grove table was manned at Pancake Breakfast and a table will be set up at Cruise Night as well.  He invited members to volunteer to staff the table to sign people up for the mailing list.  Mr. Stella asked if the contribution jar would be at the table and Mr. Regan stated that it would not be as these events were to provide information.  He suggested the Contribution/”thank you” jar be reserved for Grove events.

With respect to funding, Mr. Regan advised that a meeting had already been held with the Cleveland Foundation.  While they are unable to provide any direct funding (other than participating entities with funds earmarked for cultural arts or related funding), they provided names of other organizations that might be helpful.  A meeting with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture is schedule for next week.  Mr. Hoehnen stated that he believed that Cuyahoga Arts & Culture typically looks for 501(c)(3) organizations.  Mr. Jerome added that they will sponsor individual artists and Mr. Stella added that community projects jibe with their mission.

Mr. Regan reported that he is also going to be meeting with the Metroparks to discuss potential collaboration.  Mr. Stella suggested that they might be able to help with promotion and that we could offer them a free sponsorship or the ability to use the Grove for an animal show.

Concession Trailer Update

Ms. Wolgamuth provided an update from Bill Thomas.  Mr. Thomas reports that the concession trailer is being prepared for the season.  It will be placed a few feet away from the electrical panel on a prepared pad to accommodate its need for 50 amps of power.  Concessions will be staffed by the pool concession staff and the following items will be sold:

  • Hot Dogs ($2.00)
  • Pizza from Pizza Roma ($2.00 or $3.00 per slice)
  • Ice cream ($2.00)
  • Pop, Water, Candy, Chips ($1.00)
  • Popcorn ($1.00 or $2.00)

Mr. Stella asked if additional volunteers would be needed to work concessions.  Mr. Regan responded that Toni, the concession manager at Parkview Pool, will be in charge and the Committee agreed that the concession staff should handle it.  Mr. Regan added that we are still waiting to hear about the addition of Kettle Corn, Italian Ice and Hershey’s Ice Cream.  [Since the meeting, the Kettle Corn vendor and Alecci’s Ice Delight have confirmed their participation.  Hershey’s Ice Cream is unable to attend this year.]

The Committee reviewed the volunteer assignments and agreed to provide additional dates to Ms. Wolgamuth.  Mr. Regan and Mr. Jerome stated that they plan to be at all events.  (An updated copy of the budget and volunteer list is attached).


Mr. Regan reported that two college students have been offered and have accepted the Grove Coordinator position.  Emily Scheiderich will be the primary individual in charge, working 30+ hours per week.  She will be backed up by Michael Galloway, a young man also working for the Village’s summer camp, who will work approximately 10 hours per week.  Mr. Regan described that Emily is a music student at Tri-C in the Berklee program.  She is a musician, but has an interest in managing events.  Michael spent a summer working at Disney.  He is majoring in marketing and promotion.  Both will have the same job description and will start in mid to late June.  Mr. Regan stated that both these young people are very personable and are expected to do a great job.   The Committee discussed that, in the future, it would be helpful to have someone on staff in the fall to help with planning the season program.

Band Shell

Mr. Regan stated that at the last meeting there were questions about whether the curved roof band shell design could be constructed.  Since that meeting, the architect has provided additional information showing several options for construction.  The remaining question for the Committee is whether a big board showing the design should be at The Grove this summer.  After discussion, the Committee agreed that only the curved roof design should be displayed, that it should be clear from the board that the design is conceptual only, and that the board should include The Grove email address so that patrons could send in comments.  Mr. Hoehnen suggested that Rosenberg Advertising be consulted on how best to present the design. 

Mr. Stella suggested additional signage for The Grove and Ms. Wolgamuth described the LED signage that is being considered at the Civic Center and to replace the marquee.  She suggested that if everyone liked that signage, the Committee could look into doing something similar at The Grove. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.