The Grove - September 9th 2015

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
Sept 9, 2015
Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Members Present: Garry Regan (Chair), Blythe DiCicco, Ron DiNardo, Pat Andrzejczyk, and Dave Hoehnen

Also in Attendance: Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), and
Bill Thomas (Recreation Director)

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and advised the Committee that Rick Hall had sent an email asking to be excused from the Committee due to work and family commitments. Ms. Wolgamuth advised that she also spoke with Mr. Hall. He asked her to convey that he is a big fan of The Grove and the work being done by this Committee and hopes to return to the Committee when his schedule allows. His suggestion for next season is to schedule a smaller number of more prominent events.

Infrastructure Update:

Mr. McKnight provided the Committee with an updated infrastructure plan (attached) and reviewed the following proposed items:

  • Storage shed near the service drive (estimated at 10’ x 12’).
  • A first tier of stone seating (approximately 60 feet of 18” high stone) with steps in the center. The Committee discussed that the Service Dept. might be able to do the installation in the spring if the stone is secured this year.
  • Expanded 1,000 sq. ft. paver area to create additional flat space for wheelchairs and seating. This paved area would incorporate additional drainage.
  • A band shell approximately 25’ x 50’ in size. The current tent being utilized is 20’ x 40’.

Mr. Hoehnen commented that he believes the priority should be the band shall and he does not like the terraced seating idea. Mr. DiNardo stated that he was concerned that people will avoid putting their chairs on the new pavers, believing that this area is part of the stage. Mr. Regan agreed that we have other priorities, but stated that some people have issues going on the hill and that it would be good to have some additional flat area.

Mr. DiNardo stated that he thought the shed should be larger than 10’ x 12’ to store tables, chairs and canopies and asked if the golf cart would be stored there. Mr. Thomas replied that the golf cart is stored at the pool. Mr. Regan added that if the band shell is made from canvas, we may need to store the canvas there as well. Mrs. Andrejczyk asked if canvas is acoustical. Mr. McKnight responded that wood is better.

Mr. Regan stated that installing tiered seating makes the infrastructure at The Grove more permanent. Mrs. Andrejczyk stated that she doesn’t see any advantage to it. Mr. Hoehnen commented that he believed it would be dangerous for sledding. Mr. McKnight suggested that snow fencing could be placed above the wall to keep people from sledding down the center of the hill and pointed out that sledding was already being directed toward the sides of the slope.

Mr. Jerome suggested that additional concrete is needed north of the stage toward the new paths installed by Service. Mr. DiNardo suggested that permanent signage also needs to be a priority. Ms. Wolgamuth described the plans for the Civic Center signage and advised that we are currently awaiting a quote from Rustbelt Welding, the company that made the bike rack at the Grove. Ms. Wolgamuth suggested that The Grove may want to utilize the same design which is essentially a masonry wall with a backlit cut metal sign.

The Committee discussed the likely cost of the infrastructure improvements and agreed to try to obtain more definite cost estimates prior to the next meeting. Mr. Regan suggested that the tent be sold if a band shell is built.

2015 Programming

Mrs. Andrzejczyk stated that she thought the 2015 programming was good, family friendly and varied. Mr. Thomas added that he believed the only blemish had been the comedy night. Mr. Regan stated that he believed at least 25 people had become regulars and had come to almost every event. Mr. Regan commented that he would like to see The Grove stage some theatrical performances in addition to the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival.

2016 Programming

The Committee agreed that there were several programs they would like to repeat next year, including:

  • Movie Night
  • Chardon Polka Band
  • Comedy
  • Chagrin Valley Orchestra
  • Cleveland Institute of Music

Mr. Regan stated that he has already spoken to Monica Robbins about her rock band, The Whiskey Kings, about a date in early July to open the season.

The Committee discussed the possibility of moving Gazebo concerts to the Grove in 2016 since the Community Room will be under construction.

Food Vendors/Concessions

The Committee discussed the concession trailer that will no longer be needed at the gazebo since the new Community Room will include a concession window. The Committee agreed that, if available, utilizing the trailer at the Grove would be preferable to seeking food trucks. Details regarding placement and necessary power will have to be worked out along with determining the type of food to be served, Board of Health issues, and staffing.

Marketing and Promotion

The Committee discussed the promotional work done by Rosenberg & Associates. Overall, everyone was pleased with their work and the results. Mr. Regan reported that he, Mr. Thomas and Ms. Wolgamuth met with Jared and Austin from Rosenberg and they expressed that The Grove account is important to them. They are interested in continuing to work with the Village next year.  Mr. Regan added that Jared suggested that we purchase a table banner for use at Village events to solicit and expand the number of names on the Grove email list. Mr. Regan stated that he would also be willing to man a table at local retailers, like Heinen’s, to try to secure additional names.


Mr. Regan stated that the Committee members had all given three years of volunteer time to this project and asked if they wanted to continue. All members stated that they wanted to continue to be on The Grove Committee and agreed that additional members should be sought.

Mr. Regan reported that he drafted a “thank you” that had been placed on the Grove’s page on the website.

The Committee asked about cash donations made by patrons this season and Ms. Wolgamuth reported that $1,123.80 was collected. Mr. DiNardo suggested it be used for signage.

The Committee agreed that that Logan Snell, the summer intern, had done a wonderful job and, if she is available, suggested that she be asked to return.

The Committee agreed that all future marketing materials should include the words “Smoke Free Environment”.

Mr. Thomas mentioned that he must remember to avoid music at the pool on comedy night.

Ms. Wolgamuth suggested that the Committee consider programming on Friday and Saturday nights only and perhaps extend the season from 8 to 10 weeks. This year, much of the best weather occurred after the season was over. The Committee agreed that this would need further discussion and consideration.

Mr. Hoehnen suggested that all performers be told that they cannot perform under the tent. He feels they cannot be seen and should perform in front of the tent.

The Committee reviewed the preliminary PPT presentation to Council. They reviewed the budget and estimated attendance as well as a list of potential new performers and events for next year. Ms. Wolgamuth stated that she would send the PPT to the Committee so they could review the listed performers on their own time and make additional suggestions.

Mr. Regan will wait to report to Council until after the Committee has an opportunity to meet again to discuss and make recommendations regarding infrastructure and programming.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration