The Grove - October 7th 2015

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
Oct 7, 2015
Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Members Present: Garry Regan (Chair), Ron DiNardo, and Pat Andrzejczyk

Also in Attendance: Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Patsy Mills (Council Representative), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), and Bill Thomas, Recreation Director

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and asked Ms. Wolgamuth if he was scheduled to make a report to Council. Ms. Wolgamuth advised that the report was not yet on Council’s agenda and suggested that the Committee work through its 2016 recommendations before going before Council.

The Committee discussed that The Grove still had a substantial capital budget remaining for 2015 and agreed to complete as many of the smaller projects as possible this year. Mr. Regan suggested that the Committee go to Council with a proposal to construct the band shell in 2016. Mr. DiNardo suggested that a designer be hired to prepare drawings. He believes that the band shell is an important element for The Grove and time should be taken to do renderings. Mr. DiNardo suggested that some money from this year’s budget be allocated for drawings and design. The Committee agreed and discussed what type of consultant would be most helpful. Important considerations for the band shell include:

  • Issues with the setting sun;
  • Ability to light the stage;
  • Some backstage area for changing/potential storage; and
  • Permanent structure v. removable.

Mr. Regan suggested that the Committee seek an allocation of $5,000 to design the shell.

With respect to other infrastructure items, Ms. Wolgamuth described the quote received from Shannon Electric to install 11 uplights in the mature trees at a cost of $4,940.00. The Committee agreed that this item should be moved ahead. Mr. DiNardo recommended getting additional detail on the installation method and suggested a post and cap style. Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to discuss with John Marrelli and Shannon Electric. The Committee discussed that the new lighting should be on the same timer as the bollard lighting.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated that a quote from Rustbelt Welding (the company that fabricated the bike rack at The Grove) is expected soon for Civic Center signage. Once the quote and a rendering is available, she will share the information with the Committee as it may make sense to coordinate the same look at The Grove. Ms. Wolgamuth described that the Civic Center signage proposal includes a masonry wall with a metal die-cut sign and backlighting. The Committee agreed to review the proposal as soon as it is available.

Ms. Wolgamuth showed the Committee the design provided by Rosenberg for a custom Grove tablecloth. Mr. Regan explained that the tablecloth could be used at The Grove next summer for the volunteer/donation table and that it could also be utilized at Village events to seek additional names to add to the mailing list. Mr. Regan intends to talk to Heinen’s to see if the store’s management would allow him to set up on weekends to solicit names and addresses. He also hopes to set up a table at the upcoming Appreciation event.

The Committee discussed the utility of the expanded paver area. Mr. Regan stated that he really liked the idea of having additional flat area for seating for seniors and persons with disabilities. He also likes that the pavers provide more stage flexibility for future performances. Ms. Wolgamuth described the proposed stone seating wall. After reviewing the original site plan, the Committee agreed that stone seating was always intended for The Grove and discussed that outdoor amphitheaters typically have some type of permanent seating. Mr. Regan stated that while winter sledding presents an additional use for The Grove, it cannot dictate future infrastructure, and we will make sure that sledding will still be accommodated. The Committee agreed that installing this first seating wall would allow the Committee to evaluate its utility and effectiveness. Mr. Regan commented that if the stone seating doesn’t work out, it can be removed in the future.

Mr. DiNardo described the location he sited for the storage shed next to the power panel and the proposals he has been discussing with contractors. Mr. DiNardo suggested that the shed be 24’ x 24’ and he estimated that the cost would be $25,000 to $35,000. In order to fit the shed in the proposed location, several trees will need to be removed, but Mr. DiNardo stated that they are not large trees and are not in good shape.

The Committee discussed repurposing the concession trailer that would no longer be needed at the center of town as the new Community Room will have a concession stand incorporated into the building. Mr. DiNardo stated that he is seeking a quote to run power to the trailer. The Committee discussed various locations for the trailer and ultimately agreed that Ms. Wolgamuth should contact Jim McKnight and ask him to take another look at all the Phase III Grove Infrastructure and provide his comments. (See comments from Mr. McKnight dated Oct 29, 2015, attached).

Mr. Jerome suggested that cement be added to the service driveway up to the stage area so that equipment deliveries would not destroy the paths that have been installed. He also suggested that the stage be moved back when the band shell is constructed.

The Committee reviewed the programming that is being considered and agreed that the 2016 season would run for nine weekends, from July 1 through August 27.   The Committee discussed whether the Community Room construction would require moving July 4th fireworks and the possibility of moving fireworks closer to The Grove.

The Committee reviewed the PowerPoint presentation that is being prepared for Mr. Regan’s presentation to Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration