The Grove - December 14th 2015

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
Dec 14, 2015
Meeting Minutes

 The Grove Committee met on Monday, Dec 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Members Present: Garry Regan (Chair), Pat Andrzejczyk, Blythe DiCicco, and Dave Hoehnen

Also in Attendance: Brenda Bodnar (Mayor-Elect), Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Patsy Mills (Council Representative), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), and Bill Thomas (Recreation Director)

Band Shell Considerations.

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and welcomed Mayor-Elect Bodnar and Bob Henninge from Theatre Technology Group. Mr. Henninge prepared a PPT presentation for the meeting (a copy is attached) to try to give the Committee some information and ideas about how the site could be developed architecturally. Mr. Henninge stated that his background is in entertainment, however, for the last few years, he has focused more on the construction end of it. He works primarily with schools. He has played at many venues, so he has a lot of background with staging, lighting and sound.

Mr. Henninge reviewed his presentation with the Committee. He described a band shell that uses a truss system with an aluminum frame that is a portable structure that can be put up and taken down as needed. He clarified that this process requires 20-30 people to complete. The truss system usually has an arched roof with sound wings and a blow-through back curtain. Mr. Henninge also showed the Committee samples of tensile strength structures with soft membrane covers similar to Nautica. He said that with good lighting, these structures look great at night. They are permanent structures and, once in place, will last for many years. Mr. Henninge completed his presentation with a review of more traditional styles of band shell that utilize wood and metal.

Mr. Regan asked how this Committee would work with Mr. Henninge and TTG. Mr. Henninge responded that there are many companies that can do a design-build for this type of structure. He would work with the architect of record on behalf of the Village.

Mr. Henninge showed sample photos of tents that are built to size, are quick and easy to install and could be a short-term bridge until a more permanent shell is decided upon. He reviewed structures made by a company called Span Systems. Mrs. Andrzejczyk asked how long the cloth membranes were expected to last. Mr. Henninge said that he could check, but he believes over 20 years.

At the end of Mr. Henninge’s presentation, Mr. Regan asked if it would be possible to send the dimensions of the Grove stage and photos of the venue to some of these companies and ask them for suggestions. Mr. Henninge said that these companies could take the project from this point forward. They would design it and bring it to reality and Mr. Henninge would help fill in the gaps.

Mrs. Mills asked if a tent or wooden structure is better for acoustics. Mr. Henninge stated that it depends very much on the source of the sound. With today’s technology, sound comes from the speakers and the structure matters less. Mrs. Mills asked if the sound would bounce back from the hill and Mr. Henninge explained that it would not due to the angle of the hill and the fact that it is not a hard surface.

Mr. Regan asked how storage and changing rooms could be incorporated into a shell. Mr. Henning inquired about the type of storage and Mr. Regan advised that it would primarily be tables and chairs. Ms. Wolgamuth suggested that storage needs should not determine the style of the shell, however, the need for back stage areas should be considered.

The Committee discussed an appropriate size for the shell. The tent currently being used is 20’ x 40’. Mr. Regan asked if the shell should project out further to cover more of the stage area. He stated, “We want it to be functional. Storage isn’t critical; changing rooms would be helpful. We want it to be a centerpiece.” Mr. Jerome stated that if a membrane-style shell is utilized, storage and changing rooms would have to be separate. He added that he is not concerned about sound. He would like an iconic look that is not crazy expensive. Mr. Hoehnen stated that the roof must be higher so the musicians can be seen. Mrs. Mills stated that she thought a tent-style shell would provide more flexibility. Mr. Regan reminded her that the membrane structures are permanent.

The Committee reviewed the slide showing Legacy Park in Norman, OK. Ms. Wolgamuth commented that this style would provide additional protection from the sun. Mr. Regan asked Mr. Henninge to obtain samples from some of the companies.

Infrastructure Update

Mrs. Wolgamuth reported that the uplights have been installed and are on the same timer as the bollards. Mr. Regan added that they look great. Mrs. Wolgamuth reported that the stone seating wall would be installed sometime in the next several weeks. She also found out that the theatre lights from Reserve Hall could be used at The Grove as long as they were kept under cover. In order to function, a dimmer would have to be installed at a cost of $6,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of lights the system would be expected to run. Ms. Wolgamuth stated that this is just information for the Committee to consider when determining whether it makes more sense to rent lights as needed.

Programming Update

Mr. Regan distributed calendars for July and August 2016 with most weekend dates filled in with proposed programming (copies attached). The Committee reviewed the schedule and discussed in detail the potential Jazz Festival and additional groups that were available to play.

The Committee discussed the Village’s proposed plan to move Cruise Night and July 4th fireworks to the soccer fields due to construction of the Community Room. Ms. Wolgamuth stated that all logistics are yet to be determined. She added that Cruise Night is an Activities Committee event and they would help to determine if any entertainment would be planned at The Grove that evening. Mr. Regan suggested that these dates be incorporated into the Grove postcard. He stated his belief that this is a unique opportunity to promote a big July 4th weekend in the Village with patriotic entertainment the night before by the Chagrin Falls Studio Orchestra and a show by Monica Robbins and the Whiskey Kings the night of fireworks.

Email List Signups

Mr. Regan reported that he has been soliciting email addresses at Heinen’s on Saturday mornings. Ms. Wolgamuth stated that the list currently has 183 names.

Re-Use of Concession Trailer

Mrs. Bodnar asked about utilizing food trucks rather than the trailer and mentioned that the availability of food was inconsistent last year. Mr. Regan responded that we have had difficulty getting food trucks to participate. We expect to continue to have difficulty until we can generate enough people at each event. Mrs. Bodnar suggested talking to Heinen’s about pre-Grove picnic baskets. Mr. Hoehnen said he would like to encourage picnic baskets and pot lucks.

Mr. Regan stated that the trailer has a freezer for ice cream and a popcorn maker. The Committee discussed the possibility of selling additional items like hot dogs and pizza.

Potential Summer Staffing

Mr. Regan asked if last summer’s intern, Logan Snell, would be returning. Mr. Thomas stated that it might make more sense to find a local intern that would be available to work the entire season. Logan will likely need to return to school in early August again.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration