The Grove - March 10th 2014

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
March 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

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Present: Garry Regan, Blythe DiCicco, Dave Hoehnen, Steve Jerome (Council Rep), Ron DiNardo, and Pat Andrzejczyk

Also in Attendance:Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Bill Thomas (Recreation Director), Patsy Mills (Mayfield Village Council), Residents Dave Perout, Patricia Russo, Lorry Nadeau and Dave Nadeau

Update on Programming & Infrastructure Budget

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and asked Ms. Wolgamuth to advise the Committee of the current budget status.  Ms. Wolgamuth reported that although the 2014 Budget would not be voted on by Council until March 17th, all indications were that the infrastructure budget for The Grove would be approved at $75,000.  This should be enough to complete Phase I of the electrical work that includes bringing electrical power into the site from SOM Center Road, installing a transformer, running conduit around the stage to provide outlets, and continuing up the pathway with bollard lighting.  Mr. McKnight stated that each bollard would include an electrical outlet.

Mr. McKnight advised the Committee that an electrical engineer had been retained to complete the electrical drawings so that the necessary information could be submitted to First Energy.  The drawings are complete and Ms. Wolgamuth stated that she would forward them to First Energy in the morning so that a work order could be opened.  Typically, lead time with First Energy is 12 weeks.  Meanwhile, the plans can be sent to various electrical contractors to obtain quotes for the remainder of the work.

Mr. Regan stated that we will not be running water lines, so any food trucks or vendors will have to be self-contained.

Ms. Wolgamuth reported that the Finance Committee had indicated that the budget request of $25,000 for programming would be approved with an additional amount of approximately $5,000 for rental of a tent since installation of the band shell will be postponed for at least another year.  Ms. Wolgamuth stated that in 2013, a 20’ x 30’ tent was rented.  This year, she will attempt to rent a tent that spans the entire paved circle and have it installed for the entire two-month period.  Mr. Hoehnen suggested that the Law Dept. review the rental contract to make sure that the Village would not be responsible for any vandalism. 

2014 Programming & Promotion

Mr. Regan reviewed with the Committee the proposed programming schedule for July and August 2014.  He advised that no contracts had been signed, but all dates have been tentatively scheduled.  Ms. Wolgamuth reviewed the draft budget for the programs being considered and asked that Committee members volunteer to be the responsible member at programs they are able to attend.  Ms. Wolgamuth suggested that the Committee may be able to eliminate many of the overtime hours for the Service Department if Committee members are willing to be responsible for oversight of the programs.  This would entail having appropriate contact phone numbers if issues arose and making sure all Village property is put away and secured at the end of an event.

Mr. Regan advised the Committee that he has made presentations to the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Kenwood Homeowners Association.  He is scheduled to make two additional presentations next week.  He is trying to get the word out because Village residents need to support The Grove and its programming.  The Committee discussed a variety of groups to whom the season could be promoted, including the Community Partnership on Aging, the Historical Society, the Rotary Club, and the Library.  The Committee also discussed the use of social media, news releases and publishing the schedule in local newspapers.  Dave Perout suggested that other communities have publications similar to the Voice of the Village and, perhaps, they would be willing to publish our schedule as well.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated that she will try to put the schedule into a format that can be used for promotion and asked if the Committee’s intent was to send mailings only to Village residents or to extend the mailing to the School District.  Mr. Hoehnen suggested that the promotion be limited to Village residents because Council does not like to expend funds for non-residents.  Ms. Wolgamuth stated that Council has also made it clear that the future success of The Grove is dependent upon attendance. 

Mr. Nadeau asked if the Committee had a mission statement and asked what benefit The Grove brings to the Village.  Mrs. Russo stated that she believes it brings many benefits.  In addition to residents being able to enjoy the programming, Mrs. Russo pointed out that events at The Grove bring notoriety and diversity to the Village and also bring revenue even if tickets to the events are not being sold.  She stated that hosting these events makes people think of the Village as an open and welcoming community and maybe makes people want to buy a house here.  Mr. Regan agreed and stated that many people are attracted to Cleveland Hts. because of Cain Park.  Mr. Regan stated that if we limit promotion to the Village and only 30 people show up, there is no point to putting on a rock concert.  “We need the 170 people from elsewhere to support it.”  Mr. Regan added, if people stop in the Village for dinner or to fill their car with gas, that is a benefit to the Village.

After discussion, Mr. Jerome stated, and the Committee agreed, that mailings and promotion should be directed to the School District, if cost effective.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to obtain pricing for a postcard mailing as well as a magnet.

Mr. Regan stated that he believes that the Committee must make an effort to provide entertainment for teens and create a place for young adults that is free and safe.  “We have come up with an array of offerings that I believe will appeal to many.”  The Committee agreed that providing a variety of programs is important to the success of The Grove.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration