The Grove - February 6th 2014

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
Feb 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

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Present: Garry Regan, Blythe DiCicco, Dave Hoehnen, Steve Jerome (Council Rep), Ron DiNardo, Rick Hall, and Pat Andrzejczyk

Also in Attendance: Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Bill Thomas (Recreation Director), Patsy Mills (Mayfield Village Council), Residents Dave Perout, Laura Henighan, and Paul Fikaris, and Susan GrayBe (Instructor at Cleveland Museum of Art)

Mr. Regan opened the meeting and welcomed Susan GrayBe and the new residents in attendance.  He provided a brief history of The Grove, including the work and programming completed in 2013.  Mr. Regan stated that, this year, we hope to install electricity and safety lighting and would like to expand the offerings with an “Under the Stars” series in July and August.

Potential Art Festival

Mrs. GrayBe introduced herself and described her background as an art instructor and her relationship with Mayfield Village as the former Art Director at the Fairmount Center.  Mrs. GrayBe is no longer affiliated with Fairmount but has continued to work with the Village to provide art shows.  Mrs. GrayBe discussed with the Committee her vision for a potential art festival and the necessary logistics.  Mr. Regan suggested that The Grove could accommodate 30-40 artists and combining the art show with compatible music could make for a very nice event.  Mrs. GrayBe asked if the artists can sell their wares.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to find out if any permits were required to do so.  Mr. Regan suggested that, in the future, we may want to charge the exhibitors, but the Committee agreed that, for this season, there would be no charge to the artists. 

Mr. Jerome asked if some of the artists could actually be painting during the festival.  Mrs. GrayBe agreed that at least one or two artists could do so.  Mr. Hall asked what happens in the case bad weather.  Ms. Wolgamuth suggested that the Civic Hall be reserved for the same day so that the art festival could be moved indoors, if necessary.  The Committee discussed an appropriate amount of time for the festival and agreed that 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. would be acceptable, with music afterward.

Mr. Fikaris stated that part of the mission statement of The Grove Committee includes getting people in the community to come to the venue.  He suggested that the Committee tap into the resources available through the High School and hold an art or talent contest.  Mr. Regan agreed that there would be opportunities for such events in the future and that there is a wealth of talent within the Village.  Mr. Regan noted that a small number of residents came to the events last year and he feels that we must demonstrate that The Grove can be used for a variety of events.  “We need to start promoting the season as we only have 8 weeks in July and August.  Mr. Regan stated that, unfortunately, school will be on vacation and it will be hard to get talented young people together.  Mr. Fikaris stated that he believes that booking local talent will help draw local people to the venue.

Mr. Regan reported that The Grove Committee is now an official Village Committee and that Steve Jerome is our Council Representative.

Review of Preliminary Recommendations

The Committee reviewed the most recent version of the Recommendations and discussed the infrastructure needs and the proposed programming.  Mr. Hall suggested that the Summary section include language that if the $75,000 needed for electricity and lights was not approved, additional money would be needed for programming to cover rental costs.  Mr. Regan added that this was also true if the band shell were not approved.  A tent would have to be rented.  Mr. Hall suggested that money for signage was also important.  The Committee discussed the difficulty with putting a cost figure on signage until the type of sign and location was determined.

Mr. Fikaris asked if police security would be needed at events.  Mr. Hall asked if there was a policy regarding alcohol at public parks.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to check with the Law Director and Police Chief to determine if a policy exists and what it should include.  Mr. Regan pointed out that, last summer, we encouraged people to bring their picnic baskets.  We did not police what they brought, nor do we want to.  The Committee agreed that, except for larger events or for programming that was likely to draw a teen audience, police security would not likely be needed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Wolgamuth,
Director of Administration