The Grove - February 27 2013

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
February 27, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on February 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the Civic Center.

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Garry Regan
Pat Andrzejczyk
Ron Dinardo
Steve Jerome
Blythe Woodie
Dave Hoehnen


Rick Hall

Also Present:

Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration
Bill Thomas, Recreation Director
James McKnight, McKnight Associates, Ltd. (Landscape Architect)

Approval of Minutes

The Committee members approved the Minutes of January 23, 2013, as written.

Physical Site Development

Mr. McKnight provided an update on estimated costs for Phase I infrastructure.  The drainage work needed will cost approximately $12,750.  A 52 ft. diameter stage area, constructed with pavers and a concrete band around the pavers will cost an estimated $18,900.  A 10 ft. wide asphalt walk from the parking lot to the stage and continuation of the concrete walk near the pool, making access ADA compliant, will cost an additional $18,300.  As discussed previously, the cost to bring electrical power to the site is approximately $51,000.  Mr. McKnight summarized that the Phase I costs, as defined by this Committee, are approximately $100,000.  If Council approves the $50,000 budget proposed for 2013, the drainage work, pavers and walkways could be completed this year.  Mr. McKnight advised that bringing power to the site later will not disturb the pavers.  Mr. Jerome asked why power could not be run from the pool and Mr. Dinardo advised that the pool is too far away to run conduit.

The Committee discussed how temporary lighting could be utilized for sledding next winter.  Mr. Hoehnen stated that he really liked the idea of an outdoor public ice rink at the site as there are not many outdoor rinks in the area.  The Committee agreed and discussed additional items that would be necessary to make an outdoor rink successful.

Development of Marketing Materials

Mr. Regan stated that Mr. Hall was unable to come to the meeting but that he and Ms. Wolgamuth had updated the draft of the brochure.  The Committee reviewed the draft and made additional suggestions.  The Committee agreed that, rather than use a panel of the brochure to provide information on the benefits of parks, that information on the “Sponsor a Tree Program” be included.  Mr. Regan stated that he envisioned that the private sector might be willing to contribute to future programming.  The Committee discussed various ways to generate funds for programming and capital improvements.  The Committee agreed that determining the public’s interest in programming will help determine the extent of the infrastructure needed.

Mr. Regan suggested that scheduling several introductory events toward the end of Summer 2013 would help promote the park/amphitheater.  The Committee discussed the Open House that has tentatively been scheduled for June 22 and the various ways it could be promoted. The Committee also discussed and narrowed down several other non-performance events that could be scheduled later this year without the need for substantial infrastructure.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to research the cost to rent various items necessary to go forward with these events and report back to the Committee.


 Ms. Wolgamuth reported that she followed up with Library Manager, Bill Rubin.  Mr. Rubin stated that the Library would be very interested in scheduling outdoor programming at The Grove and suggested he attend a Grove Committee meeting to discuss this further.  Mr. Rubin stated that, in the past, the Library sponsored many performance groups but currently only sponsors one summer concert at the Gazebo.  

Ms. Wolgamuth stated that she also spoke with representatives from the Metroparks who were less certain about programming opportunities at The Grove.  They asked that materials be forwarded for their consideration.  Ms. Wolgamuth will forward the site plan, some photos, and the brochure, once it is in final form.

Mr. Regan stated that he would like an opportunity to address Council to provide an update on the work this Committee is doing. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration