The Grove - April 22nd 2013

Mayfield Village
“The Grove” Committee
April 22, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Grove Committee met on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Conference Room of the Civic Center.

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Garry Regan, Pat Andrzejczyk, Steve Jerome, Dave Hoehnen, Blythe DiCicco, and Ron DiNardo


Rick Hall

Also Present:

Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Bill Thomas (Recreation Director), James McKnight (McKnight Associates, Ltd./Landscape Architect), Patsy Mills (Council Member), and Dan Zeiser (Cleveland Civil War Roundtable)

Approval of Minutes

The Committee members approved the Minutes of March 27, 2013, as written.

Council Presentation/Brochure

Mr. Regan reported that he thought the few minutes he had with Council went well.  He believes the presentation was well-received and people saw that the project is fun.  He complimented Mr. McKnight on his participation and thanked Ms. Wolgamuth for preparing the presentation.  Mr. Regan stated that the following week there was a nice article in the Sun News.  Ms. Wolgamuth distributed the printed brochure and reported that it would be going in the mail to all Village residents and businesses this week.  Mr. Regan stated that with the brochure coming out, we might get some calls or emails about programming and/or sponsorships. 

Infrastructure Update

Mr. McKnight reported that he is putting together a package for the drainage and grading, paving of the pathway and installation of pavers for the stage.  Quotes will be obtained to do the work and Council will be asked for authorization to proceed in May.  Mr. McKnight stated that the work should be able to begin immediately thereafter and it would be nice to have the grass replanted in time for the Open House on June 22.  The Committee discussed Council’s meeting schedule and whether it might be possible to get Council approval for the improvements at the Caucus meeting on May 6. 

Open House

The Committee discussed the plans for the Open House at The Grove and assigned tasks to members.  The Committee agreed that it would have a better idea by the next meeting of how far along the infrastructure work is, and final plans could be made at that time.

Tree/Paver Sponsorship Program

The Committee discussed how best to proceed with seeking sponsors of trees and pavers and agreed to have materials available at the Open House.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to check with the Law and Finance Depts. to make sure such contributions are tax deductible.  Mr. Hoehnen suggested that any funds received be kept in a separate account for use at The Grove.

2013 Programming


Dan Zeiser from the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable described the organization and some thoughts for a program at The Grove.  Mrs. Mills offered participation by a woman she knows that has many Civil War artifacts as well as the Mayfield Historical Society.  The Committee agreed to tentatively schedule the event for Sunday, September 22 (near the anniversary of the Battle of Antietam) and concluded that the following would provide an interesting educational event at The Grove:

  • Displays of artifacts and book sale by the CCCWR
  • Display of artifacts by the Historical Society and private collectors
  • Display of books, etc. by the Library
  • Lincoln Presentation
  • Civil War era musical performance
  • Lincoln portrayal



    The Committee agreed to schedule this event on the evening of Saturday, August 24.  The Committee feels strongly that the band selected should have a big band sound and should play upbeat music.  Mr. Thomas will look at the bands that he uses for other events and suggest some possibilities.  The Committee discussed promotion through local dance studios and other items needed to move forward with this event.


    The Committee agreed to schedule this Saturday morning event for September 7 and to talk to the Metroparks about adding a nature walk before or after the program.  The Committee agreed to seek donations of healthy food and drink from local businesses.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.  The next meeting of the Grove Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29 at 7:00 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration