Safety & Service: March 6th 2017

Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, March 6, 2017 - 7:15 p.m.

The Safety and Service Committee met on Monday, March 6, 2017 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Chairman Marrie presided and called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

ROLL CALL:          

Present: Mr. Marrie, Mr. Jerome, and Mrs. Mills                                                

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Williams, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Metzung, Chief Carcioppolo, Chief Edelman, Mr. Cappello, Mr. McAvinew, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Dr. Parker


  • Prohibiting cigarette/tobacco sales to persons younger than 21

Mr. Jerome stated, this is a growing trend.  I would like to see it move forward, raising the legal age of tobacco sales to persons over age 21.  The City of Cleveland did this last year.  A number of communities in Columbus and suburbs have done this recently too.  The Law Department looked into it and has determined as the other cities have done in Ohio and throughout the country that Mayfield Village as a chartered municipality is able to do this.

My thoughts were to bring it to Safety and Service to get Council’s opinion on it and then from there I wanted to possibly bring in someone from a group called Tobacco 21 out of the Columbus area that works around the country.  There are about 220 cities nationwide that have enacted these type of ordinances.  Again, someone from Tobacco 21 would be willing to come and speak at either a Council meeting or maybe at Citizen’s Advisory as a start.

My other idea that I think would make this a stronger move would be if other municipalities that border Mayfield Village get in on it too.  I have reached out to some Councilpeople from other communities.  I have had some mixed reviews.  I mentioned that we would look into it a little bit and will get back to them with some more information soon.  I don’t know if any Council have any questions.

Chairman Marrie asked, do you want to bring this gentleman in before any consideration for an ordinance?

Mr. Jerome replied, that is what I was thinking.  I thought maybe Citizen’s Advisory Committee might be a good place to start.

Chairman Marrie stated, that is a good idea.

Mr. Jerome stated, this Tobacco 21 organization has endorsements from the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Medical Association, just to name a few.  There are probably about 30 national organizations that have jumped on it.  The bigger picture, current smoking trends have dropped but they found that tobacco use among 18-21 year olds have actually risen in the past couple years.  They also say that 2% of tobacco sales help produce 90% of smokers. I guess there’s a big uptake in high school aged kids.  They are starting to use tobacco. The big push behind this idea is it seems that kids that are under 18 get their tobacco supply from adults between the age of 18 and 21.  Besides just the general benefits of limiting to those under 21, they feel this could really help keep tobacco out of people’s hands under 18.  I don’t know what will come from the policing of it.  Obviously we have three retail businesses that sell tobacco.  CVS was one of them.  They don’t sell it anymore.  The Law Department felt that it is something we could enact if we wanted to.

Mrs. Mills asked, what about the e-cigarettes, would that be included in that Ordinance?

Mr. Jerome replied, I know those are a big issue too.

Mrs. Mills stated, because that’s what kids are using.

Mr. Jerome replied, I don’t have the current information on that.

Mrs. Mills stated, I think we need that information too.

Mr. Jerome stated, I can look at that a little bit along with getting the woman from this organization in.

Mayor Bodnar asked, did you say Cleveland enacted an ordinance already?

Mr. Jerome replied, yes.  I think last year.

Chairman Marrie asked, the one thing I see is a problem is, how would you police this?  If kids are 16 and they walk into a Shell station for cigarettes, they are supposed to challenge them.  How would you control that?  You can’t have the police standing at the door.

Mr. Jerome stated, right.  But there are a lot of ordinances we have enacted that we can’t police, but if it becomes an issue, we try to deal with it.  It’s something we put out there.  We hope it tries to help.  If we want to try policing it, it’s something we can deal with at that time.

Chairman Marrie asked, why don’t you start with what you had said, to take it to Citizen’s Advisory?

Mr. Jerome stated, let me follow through with that and see what we get from that.  We can get an expert on this.  I just spoke again to Dr. Crane who is spearheading this campaign.  He lives down in Dublin.  I talked with him for a few minutes earlier today.  He had a couple thoughts.  He can get somebody up here.

Chairman Marrie stated, fine.  We can start with that before we make any decisions.  Does anyone have any questions?

Mrs. Mills asked, what does the officer at the High School think?

Chief Edelman stated, this is the first I am hearing about it.

Mrs. Mills stated, I think we have to start there too. See what his thoughts are.  He is with those kids all the time.

Mr. Jerome stated, tobacco is banned from school property.

Mrs. Mills stated, most kids if they intend to get cigarettes and we have a ban here, they will go somewhere else.

Mr. Jerome stated, right.  And that was one of the thoughts of trying to get some of the other municipalities in the area in it.  Obviously if one municipality does it, they can go somewhere else, but I think that it is nice since the High School is in Mayfield Village, it would be at least nice.  The School District does have a policy and would be in favor of this.  I can’t speak for them.

Chairman Marrie stated, let’s start with that.

Mr. Jerome stated, I will look into it a little bit more.

Mrs. Mills stated, the schedule for Citizen’s Advisory is already made up.  I think we need to get some more ground work on this, like talk to the High School, talk to our officers and see what they think about it.

Mr. Jerome stated, I will reach out to the Superintendent himself and see what his thoughts are.

Mrs. Mills stated, I am sure he would be in favor of it.  It’s just policing that would be difficult.

Mr. Jerome stated, right.  So I will do more ground work on it and see what the availability for Citizen’s Advisory is to schedule it and see what we can do.

Chairman Marrie stated, okay.  Thank you.


  • Automatic Door Operators for Community Room

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, I provided everyone with a memo and a quote from Cleveland Vicon to put automatic door openers in at the Community Room. We do not have any in currently. There’s only been one request, but Donna, who is at that building all the time seems to think that having an opener on both sides of the building would be helpful for people coming in and carrying supplies and doing those things.  So, the question is, do we want to add an automatic door opener?  Do we want to do one or both doors?

Chairman Marrie asked, was this only brought up by one person?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, so far, yes, with a wheelchair.

Mrs. Mills stated, Dr. Lew was very much interested in that because of his wheelchair.  It isn’t so much people carrying their stuff, it’s people coming in with walkers and canes.  It’s kind of hard for them to manipulate.  It should have been put in the plan to begin with.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, we were not looking to do any extras.  We told them to go ADA compliant.  That’s not required as part of the compliance.  We didn’t do the extra.  So, do you think it should be on both doors?

Chairman Marrie replied, I do.  If you are going to do it, do both doors.

Mr. Jerome stated, my question would be, are there any other option?  I think doing an electrical line at this point is out of the question because of how the building is built.

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, actually it’s not.  It’s something we looked at but the wireless was what they recommended.  They said they thought this was the best way to go.  Because we open and close the doors, it generates the battery.  They said you have no issues with that.  If everyone’s comfortable with that we can move forward.

Chairman Marrie stated, go ahead.  We will move it on to Finance then.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, and then if you saw in the third paragraph we talk about you can buy a battery charger if you want to have one in case one of the doors would completely lose its charge then you can charge it with that.

Mrs. Mills stated, that’s only reasonable to do that.

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, so it would be the $9,344.00 plus $200.  We can talk about that at Finance.

Chairman Marrie stated, okay, we will send it to Finance.

  • Renewal of Community Partnership on Aging Senior Services

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, I provided the information.  The fees are the same as they were last year.  I also provided a couple of updates with things that have been happening, including the fact that Stacy O’Brien is leaving the organization and the Mayors are currently interviewing to find a new Director.  Stacy did just send me the participation numbers for 2016.  I will get those in packets this Friday, but I will tell you the numbers have not changed a lot.  Some categories are up a little bit, some are down a little bit, but we are pretty much at the same place we were last year.

Mr. Jerome asked, is there any information as to why she is leaving?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, she accepted a position at Ursuline.  She is going to be faculty there.

Mrs. Mills stated, she is going for her Master’s.

Mayor Bodnar stated, PhD, so she can teach and get her PhD while she is there.  It’s a great opportunity for her.

Mr. Jerome stated, she’s not leaving because it’s the worst organization ever.  It’s a great organization.  I am really glad we are part of it.


  • Replacement coverings/cables for six player benches at Parkview Softball Fields

Mr. McAvinew stated, we are replacing the cover for the six player benches at the Parkview Softball fields which is about $11,352.  We budgeted about $15,000.  They are 10 years old.  They are in need of replacement.  It’s a pretty good number for that.  I just got off the phone earlier today with Barberton about their benches at their dugouts.  They had to replace all of theirs at a cost of $44,000.  So, going with a cover like this and replacement over so many years is very very cost-effective in the long run.

  • Poured in place repair at pool and playground

Mr. McAvinew reported, this is ongoing.  After so many years, you need to repair it because of deterioration and life-expectancy.

Mrs. Mills asked, what about the playground at Wiley Field, is that okay?

Mr. McAvinew replied, that does not have a poured in place surface.  It has wood chips.

  • Marketing and promotion for 2017 Grove season

Mr. McAvinew stated, with the short window of time we have, we recommend going with Rosenberg for one more year to help promote The Grove and the concert series for 2017.

  • Sodium Hypo Chlorite and Muriatic Acid for Parkview Pool

Mr. McAvinew stated, if you look at the quote on there, it came in extraordinarily low which is good.  Our alternative was O.P. Aquatics.  I recommend we go with Sal Chemical.  It was a $2,000-3,000 difference between the second person and the first person.  Sal’s came in significantly lower.  It’s a cost savings to go with Sal Chemical.

Chairman Marrie asked, who did it last year?

Mr. McAvinew replied, Sal Chemical.

Chairman Marrie asked, any other questions?

Mr. Jerome stated, with the dugouts, this is a mesh material?

Mr. McAvinew replied, yes.

Mr. Jerome asked, it’s the same stuff?

Mr. McAvinew replied, same stuff.

Mr. Jerome asked, but what you are saying is, anything different is more costly?

Mr. McAvinew replied, what they built at Barberton was traditional dugouts with concrete walls and after 15 years they are separating and falling apart.  By going with a lesser structure in the long run is a significant savings.

Mr. Jerome asked, so basically this cover just blocks the sun?  Is that all that it does?  I sat in them before. I have seen balls bounce off of it.  It doesn’t protect you from any incoming balls.  There’s no rain protection.

Mr. Metzung stated, Dr. Parker initially requested the covers over the dugouts to block the sun.  That’s how we got here.  It was for sun protection.

Mr. Jerome asked, wasn’t there something else we talked about, doing some sort of a sun shade that went up 30-40 feet?

Mr. Metzung replied, they were looking to put a sun shade up because of the sun in the pitcher’s eyes and the fielder’s eyes.  The cost became pretty prohibitive.

Mr. McAvinew added, you also block the view of spectators watching.  We tried it before in my past career.  People in the stands ended up taking them down.

Mr. Jerome stated, we are not going to go forward with that.  Okay, and then the pool chemical.  Obviously, it’s something we have to buy yearly.

Mr. McAvinew replied, it’s ongoing.  Operational for the pool.  In collaboration with other municipalities.  We try to get a bulk price.

Mr. Jerome stated, so we are going on our own?

Mr. McAvinew replied, yes, but the price is in collaboration with Mayfield Village, Mayfield Heights, and a handful of 20 different municipalities who combined and said, give us all the best price possible because we are going to go with one.  It shows quite a bit of difference.  If you are going with O.P. Aquatics, it’s 24 cents per gallon more, so your increase would be about $2,400 ballpark.  Sal does a lot.  For many years, they have done wastewater treatment plants.  In recent years, they have done more of the pools.

Mr. Jerome stated, I know you just got here and have not even opened the pool yet, I would like to get a good number of what the pool costs us.  I know there’s numbers to be put in, but is that everything?  I don’t know if the hours of the Service Department are figured in with the cost.

Mr. McAvinew replied, the manhours dedicated just to the pool would be hard to calculate.  You can estimate them.

Mr. Jerome stated, during the pool season.

Mr. McAvinew stated, it varies.

Mr. Metzung stated, our goal is to get the pool up and functioning and then walk away.

Mr. McAvinew stated, I have been a certified pool operator for over 15 years.  So I could walk in and adjust the pools. Also, Sean Supler is taking the certified pool operator course too.  I am going to work with him.  And Doug knows there’s a lot more that you learn after the classes.  A one/two day class won’t replace 15-16 years of working.

Mr. Jerome stated, it would be nice to get. It would be nice to get a breakdown of the costs and what we bring in with the pool passes.

Mr. McAvinew stated, I looked to see what number we are at so I have an idea.  It’s a service.  Sometimes we are going to lose money.

Mr. Jerome stated, the Rec Board talks about it every year, should we raise rates, where are we at, what is the cost?  You are never going to be able to charge enough to cover it, but it would be nice to have some kind of comparable.

Mr. McAvinew, this is my first year of observation.

Mr. Metzung stated, we did find another leak though. We hope this year to have finally settled the infamous Parkview Pool water leak.

Mr. Jerome asked, is that part of the under bridge path water?

Mr. Metzung replied, no.

Mr. Jerome asked, how can we fix that?

Mr. Metzung replied, that, I think is the water table.

Mr. Jerome asked, you can’t put some sort of a, it seems like it comes across the one side and sits on the bottom.

Mr. Metzung stated, the north path where the drainage is set to level –

Mr. Cappello asked, are you talking about the underpass?

Mr. Metzung replied, the underpass, yes.  There is no grade there.  The sewer we had to run to about a thousand miles away to the waterfall to get any drop in it to get the water to go at all.

Mr. Jerome asked, so there’s really no way to fix that?

Mr. Cappello replied, I can take a look at it.  Is there an issue with the pipe?

Mr. Metzung replied, it drains.  It’s always water. Forever.

Chairman Marrie stated, and it’s going to be forever.

Mr. Metzung stated, since the day we built it.  We originally talked about a pump, but we did not want a new pump.

Chairman Marrie stated, I think we are going to move on because we have the other items.


  • MARCS mobile radios

Chief Edelman reported, this is for my unmarked cars and my motorcycles.  I already have MARCS radios in my marked patrol cars.  I got those a number of years ago from grants which are no longer available.  I need to put them in my unmarked cars and motorcycles.

Chairman Marrie asked, total cost?

Chief Edelman replied, $21,451.84.

Mr. Jerome asked, so when we did the marked cars, why didn’t we do these also?

Chief Edelman replied, because I did not have enough at that time.

  • AED’s for police cars and the station

Chief Edelman reported, we are behind the curve on this.  We should have had these when we got our Naloxone last year.  We don’t have any AED’s in the police cars.  We really need it.

Chairman Marrie stated, absolutely. Any questions?

There were none.

Chairman Marrie stated, let’s move both of these items on to Finance.


  • Reclassification of employees

Mr. Metzung reported, I prepared a memo about this.  This is from the beginning of my time here.  We would like to move the permanent part-time to full-time and that way any additional staff or any staff changes in the future this item will not exist anymore.  This has only been on the books while these particular employees have been here.  We hope to get this cleared up and then any staffing in the future we can do with a clean slate.  My department with those three employees really does represent minimum staffing for my department.

Mrs. Mills asked, does it have to go to Civil Service?

Mr. Metzung stated, this has to go to Civil Service, correct.

Mrs. Mills asked, you have not had a Civil Service exam in a long time?

Mr. Metzung replied, no.

Mrs. Mills stated, the last time I can remember was when Gus was here.

Chairman Marrie asked, they are pretty well working full-time hours anyways aren’t they?

Mr. Metzung replied, yes.

Chairman Marrie stated, that’s what I thought.  Any other questions?


Chairman Marrie asked, any other matters?

There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.