Safety & Service: February 6th 2017

Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, February 6, 2017- 7:15 p.m.

The Safety and Service Committee met on Monday, February 6, 2017 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mr. Marrie presided and called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

ROLL CALL:          

Present: Mr. Marrie, Mr. Jerome, and Mrs. Mills

Also Present: Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Williams, Mr. Marquardt, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Diemert, Mr. Metzung, Chief Carcioppolo, Chief Edelman, Mr. Cappello, Mr. Thomas, Mr. McAvinew, and Mrs. Betsa

Absent: Dr. Parker


Election of Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017

Mrs. Mills, seconded by Mr. Jerome, nominated Thomas J. Marrie as Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017.

Mr. Marrie asked, any other nominations?

There were none.


Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Thomas J. Marrie elected as Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017.

Election of Vice-Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017

Mr. Marrie, seconded by Mr. Jerome, moved to elect Patsy Mills as Vice-Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017.

Mr. Marrie asked, any other nominations?


Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Patsy Mills elected as Vice-Chair of the Safety and Service Committee for 2017.


  • Solid Waste and Recycling

Mr. Metzung stated, as discussed earlier, we are going to go out to bid.  I am coming to Council requesting authorization to go out to bid.  I have met with the Solid Waste District who has helped put together a template bid packet for the bid.

A couple of items that were discussed at our meeting were whether or not we separate our bids so we have a cost for picking it up and a cost for disposal.  Right now it’s just a lump unit sum, $15 a house to get picked up.  This would be $8 plus $7 a ton, whatever is picked up.  Just a different way of looking at it. The numbers were very consistent.

The other item I have would be the one change that I might look to and I really don’t have a good sense of how I feel about it.  Right now we don’t have a separate bulk pick-up.  What we have in our rubbish collection today is unlimited pick up.  So you put it out there on rubbish day, it gets picked up.  The question was a lot of other communities have a separate day.  Once a month they will have bulk pick up and whether or not, not that I am looking to do less of a service than we have today, but would it help to clarify for some people.  We really have a lot of calls from people who go, I need a special pick-up.  I tell them we don’t do special pickups. There will be a lot of times where they will put something out, the rubbish men won’t take it for whatever reason, and we end up going to pick it up.  I am wondering if that might help us.  I will talk to the haulers in that regard saying, if we were to do a separate once a month bulk pick up does it work better so people understand we have a bulk pick up on a certain day and does it work better in that they will be more efficient because they will send out a crew that is better situated for picking up bulk items?  In other words, now that they go around, they have one guy in a truck and he has to throw it in.  I am going to talk to the haulers about that and how that goes.  This an item that Solid Waste thought that would help to get more bidders for our program.

The one thing about Kimble in the way they pick up with their front loaded dumpsters like they have is they are geared to get out and throw extra stuff in that tub in the front where a lot of other haulers are more fully automated so they would only want to pick up what is in the tub and then they want to come back with a separate truck to pick up the bulk heavy items.  I don’t want to go to that.  I want to have unlimited pick up still so when you have a lot on Christmas or whatever you are not waiting for the bulk pick up day.  That’s just something I throw out there as a question I had.

Chairman Marrie asked, any idea on how much extra the special day pickup would run us?

Mr. Metzung replied, I don’t know.  I wouldn’t do it an additional cost.  I might do it as, does this make it better for you guys kind of a cost.

Chairman Marrie stated, personally I like the idea you can put anything out every week but I have never thrown out couches or stoves or whatever so I don’t know about that.  It’s just my personal opinion instead of holding on to something for a month, but everyone has their own opinion.  Any other thoughts?

Mrs. Mills asked, what would your classification be about the extra pick-up?

Mr. Metzung replied, I would not want it to be an extra cost.

Mrs. Mills asked, no, I am saying what would you classify?

Mr. Metzung stated, anything they couldn’t handle by one guy, they would pick up with this bulk pickup.

Mr. Jerome stated, right now you guys are doing it.

Mr. Metzung stated, we do more than we should because too often it gets left behind and we don’t want to wait.  We go out and get it.

Mr. Jerome stated, Kimble doesn’t tell you guys.  The resident does not tell you.  It’s kind of like a guessing game right now.

Mr. Metzung stated, we get a lot of calls from residents that are either (a) moving in/moving out, whatever.  Just redoing their home.  I need a special pick-up.  I need a bulk pick-up.  We don’t have that.  It goes out on your regular day.  If they are coming from somewhere else that does it, they are used to that.  I almost look at it as an additional item as opposed to less than an item.

Mayor Bodnar asked, are we paying Kimble to pick up everything?

Mr. Metzung replied, yes.

Mayor Bodnar asked, but we are picking up some things because one guy can’t pick up some of the stuff?

Mr. Metzung replied, right.  There’s some confusion over whether or not it’s demolition stuff and that kind of stuff.  And then people put it out at the wrong time.

Mayor Bodnar stated, I understand that.  But if it is put out at the right time, Kimble should be picking it up and getting rid of it.

Mr. Metzung replied, I know.  We get on them all the time about it.  This driver now is a lot better than we have had in the past.  Some things they can’t pick up.  This document they put together is a little more clearer on that.  I don’t want to reduce anything, I just want to maybe add.

Chairman Marrie stated, look into it and get the details.  Then we will talk about it. We have great service in every area and I would hate to give up anything for any one of those areas.

Mr. Metzung stated, at no point do I want to reduce.

Chairman Marrie stated, I am sure you didn’t.  I am sure everyone else is the same way.  There might be a few that abuse it, but I think most people are used to getting really great service. Any other questions or comments?

Mr. Diemert stated, some of our other towns do have that once a month bulk pick-up.  I can get you copies of what their contract might be.  It’s Waste Management.

Chairman Marrie stated, that might help.

Mr. Metzung stated, I will get it through the Solid Waste District.

Mr. Jerome asked, did you say that something helps with sharing with other communities?

Mr. Metzung replied, we have Monday/Tuesday pick-up.  Obviously those guys are going somewhere else the other days.  I know Warrensville is Wednesday/Thursday.  I talked to their rep today and he said, no, it’s more likely that our guys go to Highland Hills.  Kimble’s going to be very aggressive with us because they want to continue.

Mr. Jerome asked, there’s no advantage of joining with any other community to get a better price?

Mr. Metzung replied, we have done it with Highland Heights.  Highland Heights split off and did their own thing.  There’s a possibility that should Highland Heights’ new numbers be to our liking, we could join their contract and be back on pace with them without going to bid.  I am not so sure that is advantageous.

Mr. Jerome stated, plus, theirs is limited.  It’s a little more restrictive than ours.  It’s like you can have the bin full and maybe one bag.  Or if you don’t use the bin, you are allowed one bag.  You either have to do bin or one bag.  Where like us, like you said, we can use the bin and more.

Mr. Metzung stated, I know that they had issues with Aberdeen.  The people in that neighborhood thought getting toters like there’s nobody’s business for whatever reason. They went ahead and said, this is what we are going to do.  It’s neater.  It’s cleaner.  They are happy with it. So, there might have been a rule such as that for the elderly person that does not want to deal with the cart, you can put out one bag.

Mrs. Mills asked, are the apartments included?

Mr. Metzung replied, no. But the condos are.

Mrs. Mills asked, what about that green bag recycling?

Mr. Metzung replied, that’s a separate program.

Mrs. Mills stated, that seems like it is dwindling down.

Mr. Jerome stated, we got $6 last month.

Mr. Metzung stated, I think their numbers are pretty consistent.  They had a really rocky start as far as picking up, but we have not had a call in a long time on them.  It does not affect us in any way.  They handle it.  They handle their own bags. They handle pick-up.  It’s good for them.

Mr. Jerome stated, I use it. Not weekly by any means, but I definitely divert things I would have thrown in the garbage to them.

Chairman Marrie asked, any other comments or questions?


Chairman Marrie asked, any other matters?

Mr. Thomas stated, I did not put this on the agenda. We need pedestals at the diving boards we have. That’s a safety issue. They are deteriorating.  I put in front of Finance tonight a request for expenditure from O.P. Aquatics for $9,889.  I would like to get this approved so we can replace the pedestals at the diving boards.  I wanted to give you a picture of the problem.  They are rusting.  It is a safety issue.

Mr. Jerome stated, these are bolted in, so you can easily get those out.

Mr. Thomas stated, not easily, but OP Aquatics will deal with it.

Mr. Metzung stated, the plan is to have installation be part of the bid.

Mr. Jerome asked, what about the board itself?

Mr. Thomas replied, we bought two new boards last year.  We improvised last year because it went beyond the capital improvement line.  So I made sure it was in for this year.

Mr. Jerome asked, all the rails too, those are all good?

Mr. Thomas replied, as far as I know.

Chairman Marrie asked, and it is on tonight’s Finance agenda?

Mr. Thomas replied, correct.

Chairman Marrie stated, thanks Bill.

Mr. Jerome asked, do they make them out of stainless steel?

Mr. Thomas asked, the pedestals?

Mr. Jerome replied, yes.

Mr. Thomas stated, these have lasted 17 years.

Chairman Marrie stated, stainless will cost you a fortune.

Mr. Jerome stated, our path on SOM where we had the underpass and there’s steel railing, it’s starting to deteriorate.

Mr. Metzung asked, by the waterfall?

Mr. Jerome stated, I keep walking by the other one.  The one side, the east side where our path is there’s the pre-cast metal railing up above it that is starting to come apart.

Mr. Metzung asked, come apart?

Mr. Jerome replied, starting to rot out. There are some spots.

Mr. Cappello stated, we can go look at it.  It might be the paint.

Mr. Jerome stated, probably because it’s so close to the road and there’s a lot of salt.  Even that cement is starting to pit.

Chairman Marrie asked, any other matters?

There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.