Safety & Service - March 7th 2016

Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, March 7, 2016 - 7:00 p.m.

The Safety and Service Committee met on Monday, March 7, 2016 in the Main Conference Room of the Mayfield Village Civic Center. Chairman Marrie called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Present: Mr. Jerome, Mr. Marrie and Dr. Parker

Also Present: Mrs. Mills, Mr. Williams, Mr. Saponaro, Mr. Marquardt (7:20), Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Metzung, Chief Carcioppolo, Chief Edelman, Mr. Cappello (7:21), Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa


  • Wilson Mills Sidewalk Extension

Mr. Jerome stated, we talked about this last year. I was just following up on it. Mr. Klatte contacted me by e-mail last week and was wondering where we were at in the process of investigating the sidewalk on Wilson Mills.

Mr. Metzung stated, I would like Council’s thoughts on this before we invest a bunch of money laying out the plans. When Tommy comes in, he can give you some ballpark estimates as to what we are looking at as far as dollars go and the trials and tribulations you are going to run into as we try to construct this sidewalk because of the landscaping people have done in the right of way as an effort to protect them from the noise from Wilson Mills. Lastly, we have the section between what is Beech Hill to Hanover Woods that was built in a four foot wide manner which makes it very difficult for us to maintain in the winter. So if we are going to continue this path down the hill then I am going to look for Council to improve that section so that we can maintain it with our sidewalk equipment. So, I go back to Council and say, what are your thoughts on that?

Mr. Saponaro stated, it’s going to either come to us one of two ways. The citizens will come with some sort of, hey we want this or Administration wants to advance it because it’s a budgetary item or capital project. We wouldn’t just on our own say, we should do this. Obviously the Mayor and Department Heads have to make sure this is within what your plan is for the Village.

Chairman Marrie stated, I agree. It would have to come to us as a petition or something other than just the word of one or two.

Mr. Jerome stated, we did that already.

Mr. Saponaro stated, it was a handwritten petition that went out.

Chairman Marrie stated, I know there’s no way of pinning it down totally, but how many people would really use this?

Mr. Jerome replied, all of the neighborhoods that go up Wilson Mills.

Chairman Marrie stated, I understand that, but how many would use it? It’s an unknown.

Mr. Metzung stated, I know it was discussed. I don’t know if we ever got a sense of where everyone stood with it.

Mr. Jerome stated, he talked to people in Village Trails and Village Circle. Most people were in favor of it. You and Tom were going to look into talking to people on Wilson Mills because they are the ones who are ultimately going to be affected by this. That’s how I thought we had left it last year.

Mr. Metzung stated, Tommy was going to scope out an estimate and lay it out.

Dr. Parker stated, when we did the original extension, there were a lot of unknowns with that. We did know one thing, the portion that did have a sidewalk was travelled. There were times when people were walking in the road to get to that location. The response after it was put in was tremendous in terms of people that did use it. We are trying to create more accessibility by foot throughout our community. This is just one more way. That road is bad in the morning and at dinnertime with cars speeding through. There are some new families moving into the neighborhoods. The original extension was probably done about 15 years ago. There’s some young children living on Wilson Mills now. It may not get as much use as some sidewalks, but I think it probably would be nice.

Chairman Marrie asked, Patsy, do you have any comments?

Mrs. Mills stated, I will say this one more time. Back in the late ‘70’s, the Mayor and Council appointed a Sidewalk Committee. They studied from Wilson Mills down to approximately Hanover Woods at that time. Hanover, Village Circle and Village Trails were non-existent. That was all privately owned. That Committee decided against widening the sidewalks in the area I just described because of the fact that it would go into their landscaping. When they realized what would happen, they did not want any of their landscaping disturbed. The Committee decided and the whole supposition was that a sidewalk would not be put in.

Chairman Marrie stated, we should wait for Tom to come in to discuss this. After that, we can possibly form a committee to see what that would or wouldn’t do. Taking the positive with young families walking, that’s wonderful. Taking the negative, the people on Wilson Mills. They should literally be talked to one on one. We should ask them their thoughts.

Mr. Jerome stated, Paul Klatte said he would take that next step, but I remember Tom saying he would do that.

Chairman Marrie suggested waiting until Tom comes in to the meeting.

Mr. Jerome asked Mrs. Betsa to locate the Minutes from the Safety and Service meeting where Mr. Klatte spoke.


  • SOM Center Road and Sandalwood Drive Pedestrian Crosswalk Traffic Signal Conversion Plans

Chief Edelman stated, we met with Mike Schweickart from TMS Engineering. We discussed the traffic signal conversion at SOM and Sandalwood. We had a lively discussion with pointed questions. To my point of view, he answered all my questions satisfactorily. I am convinced there are no negatives involved with converting the traffic signal. I am good with it.

Chairman Marrie stated, that’s great. It was very important that you were satisfied. If Tom wants to cover more, that’s fine. But this answers the questions.


Chairman Marrie asked, are there any other matters?

Mr. Jerome stated, I talked to Tom Cappello about the feasibility of piping or culverting the roadside ditches of Bonnieview, Glenview and Beech Hill. We never talked about it at the Council meeting. I don’t know if anyone had any thoughts about it. My street is set up somewhat like this. It seems to work really well.

Chairman Marrie asked, how would this affect the paving?

Mr. Jerome replied, we didn’t talk about it.  It came back up and I wanted to put it back out there, referencing a memo of February 12th.

Chairman Marrie stated, I don’t think a decision should be made on that until something’s done, if the paving is going to be either done or not done because it’s going to be one stepping on the other.

Mr. Metzung replied, no. You are going to want to do it now as part of this program. If you wait until after the roads are redone, you are going to have already gone out and reswaled all those drainage swales, put new drive pipes in and done all that kind of work then you go back and to fill them in doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you were going to do it, you would do it now.

Chairman Marrie stated, that should be then part of the repaving project.

Mr. Jerome stated, yes, because they are going to be putting out the driveway pipes on the aprons.

Chairman Marrie stated, put it with the road project, not a problem.

Mr. Wynne asked, what do you mean, not a problem? It’s $400,000-500,000.

Chairman Marrie clarified, I meant not a problem as far as where you are going with it. Let’s see what it is.

Mr. Wynne stated, the way things were left, we had the meeting with the neighborhood. The residents came by and everyone said their peace and it was kind of left in their court that if they wanted to pursue the road widening, they had to bring forth a petition that met the requirements to address. Nothing has happened so from our standpoint it’s business as usual and we are moving forward with the project as originally planned.

Mr. Jerome stated, it was just a suggestion I thought of to meet in the middle. It seems like there is still a 50-50 mix between keeping as is or widening it. I thought by this, this would satisfy the people that don’t want it widened and satisfy the people with the complaints of the road being so narrow they go in to the ditch especially in the winter and people who are walking would have less of a hard time. What’s going to happen is these ditches that are there are going to be more than a foot deeper?

Mr. Metzung replied, it would just be a lazy little swale.

Mr. Jerome stated, but if you go over to Meadowood and Eastgate, the swales are unbelievable. They are twice the size of what they were before. That’s why I reached out to Tom and asked him if this is a third option where it might satisfy everyone somewhat?

Ms. Wolgamuth asked, does everyone remember the memo? We also talked about the reasons we use swales instead of enclosed pipes. We were trying to show there are water quality issues, there are stormwater issues that arise if you enclose the swale and that swales are really the preferred method.

Mr. Cappello arrived at the meeting. Chairman Marrie updated Tom on Steve bringing up the swales on the three streets and possibly paving. At the meeting it was left in their court. What is your opinion?

Mr. Jerome added, about culverting the ditches on all three streets. You provided a cost figure and some pros and cons of both. I told everyone my initial thoughts and why I thought this could be a viable option. From an engineering standpoint, I wanted to elaborate on this.

Mr. Cappello stated, can you culvert them? Sure. It’s going to cost $425,000. How would we pay for it? How we decide to work that through, I don’t know. From an engineering point, can you culvert them? Yes. It’s just going to cost between $400,000-500,000 to do it.

With regard to the sidewalk extension on Wilson Mills, Chairman Marrie asked Mr. Cappello for his comments.

Mr. Cappello asked, what were the questions?

Chairman Marrie replied, is it practical? Can it be done? How much does it affect the people on Wilson Mills? Wilson Mills residents should have a say so on this.

Mr. Cappello replied, can it be built? Sure. From Hanover East you have homes where a lot of people have encroached the right of way with mounds and landscaping that has been there for 10-20 years. In order to put the sidewalk in and stay inside the right of way, we would have to remove all the landscaping affecting their front yards which they put in. In the past, the section from Beech Hill to Hanover we pretty much worked around everything we could. That’s why it is four foot instead of five foot. It’s a nightmare. If we put a five foot walk in, we would probably have to culvert the existing swales. That’s going to cost more. When you get further down, there are trees. We are either going to culvert the swales or remove a bunch of trees. There’s a bunch of different potential options. If you are looking for a rough estimate, it’s pretty similar to Highland Road. Although on Highland Road we had a lot more room between the edge of the road and the right of way. I took Highland Road’s improvements. They had a lot of stormsewer work on there also. It’s kind of a similar job. I took the average of all of the bids and it was roughly $18 a square foot.

Mr. Saponaro stated, we want to keep the cost out of Safety and Service. The question here is (a) can it be done and I think Steve’s following up on a conversation with Paul Klatte who came to this meeting. They signed a petition. I thought there was going to be a follow up by you or something.

Mr. Cappello replied, we went out and we did survey that area. Doug and I have walked it a few times. It’s going to be very intrusive. Can it be built? Yes. Is it going to cost a lot of money? It’s going to cost more than a standard sidewalk would be if you were just going down a street in your neighborhood because yours is pretty flat. Over there you have hills and ditches. Can it be done? Sure. Is it going to be intrusive? Yes. Is it going to be difficult? Yes.

Mr. Jerome stated, one option you said was some spots you may be able to curve the road and get the sidewalk closer.

Mr. Cappello stated, you can get the sidewalk closer but then install storm catch basins along Wilson Mills. These are all things that will cost money. Certain areas you might be able to build retaining walls depending on the topography. Again, can it be built? Sure. Is it going to be easy? It’s not as simple as these other ones. One other thing though. If I remember the petition, I don’t think I saw one Wilson Mills’ resident’s address on there.

Mr. Jerome stated, he had not gotten to that yet. He asked if he should go through and do what he did with the people on Wilson Mills but I thought you guys had said the Administration will talk to people on Wilson Mills to see what their thoughts were.

Mr. Cappello stated, we were authorized to go and survey and we did. We have that done. We surveyed from SOM all the way because we thought we were going to get rid of that old asphalt walk that’s four feet and put that back in concrete.

Mr. Jerome asked, should I ask Mr. Klatte to talk to the people on Wilson Mills?

Mr. Saponaro replied, if he is interested in continuing the process, he should contact our legal department who will tell him what he needs to do in order to get all the people and bring it in front of Council. The only other way to do it is to have Administration advance it and if they are not going to advance it to us, the people have to advance it. If the people want it, they need to pull it together and do it.

Mr. Wynne stated, from a project standpoint, it’s not something we are prepared to advance this year. Our priorities are the flooding on Beta Drive and providing the funding to convert the last neighborhood from septic to sanitary.

Mr. Jerome stated, however when someone asks for it and they ask the Council to move it forward, it’s our duty to present it to Administration to ask them to move it forward.

Dr. Parker stated, if Council feels there’s a reason to do it, we certainly can.

Mr. Jerome stated, we will look at the Minutes from the last meeting where we discussed this. I will tell Paul if he wants to move forward with what he was willing to do, he can do that and see what he comes back with.

Chairman Marrie asked, any other questions? There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m. The next Safety and Service Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 4, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center