Safety and Service: May 4th 2015

Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, May 4, 2015 – 7:00 p.m.

The Safety and Service Committee met on Monday, May 4, 2015 in the Main Conference Room of the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mr. Jerome called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Jerome

Also Present: Mrs. Mills, Dr. Parker, Mr. Wynne, Mr. Metzung, Lieutenant Jablonski, Chief Carcioppolo, Mr. Cappello, Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Thomas, and Mrs. Betsa


Signage for bicycles along SOM Center Road

Mrs. Mills requested consideration for signage along Wilson Mills to Sandalwood to walk your bike.  There is a sign up in front of the shopping center that is empty that says to walk your bike.  Problems have been occurring along the sidewalk which are not going to get any better.  Lieutenant Jablonski discussed the incident that Mrs. Mills was referring to. 

Mrs. Mills stated, I don’t want anyone to get hurt.  Maybe when Rich comes back from his vacation you can talk to him about some signage. 

Mr. Jerome asked, do you want signage that says that bikes can be on the path?

Mrs. Mills clarified, no, walk your bike from Sandalwood up to Wilson Mills and then from Wilson Mills up to Seneca.

Mr. Jerome stated, I have in the past talked to our Prosecutor.  If I am not mistaken, he claims that Ohio laws says you can’t tell people where they can and can’t ride their bike.  You used to be able to say bikes can’t be on the sidewalk.  I thought he said now you can’t tell anyone.

Lieutenant Jablonski asked, is the purpose of those signs to prevent bikers from going across the driveway so they don’t get hit by a car?  What is the purpose of the sign? 

Mrs. Mills stated, if we are going to have walkers, especially from Seneca to Wilson Mills, with the way Deacon’s is doing business now, they are always crossing the street to get something to eat at Your’s Truly while they wait for their cars. 

Lieutenant Jablonski asked, if you said we are going to put signs up that says you have to walk your bike between Sandalwood and Wilson Mills, what is the purpose of that sign?

Mrs. Mills replied, for the same reason. Because of walkers.

Mr. Jerome added, it is unsafe because they are riding their bike and cars pull in and out of there, right?

Mrs. Mills replied, right.

Lieutenant Jablonski suggested, maybe you could put a sign up that says beware of vehicular traffic.

Mrs. Mills stated, but we are not telling them they can’t be on the bike path. They should walk their bike.

Mr. Metzung stated, you have to separate bike path from sidewalk.  The sidewalk is different than the bike path that is 10 foot wide.  You need to separate between bike path which is 10 foot wide and sidewalk which is 6 foot wide.

Mrs. Mills asked, when Rich comes back, run it by him again, will you Paul? 

Lieutenant Jablonski stated, in my 20 years on the police department, I don’t recall a biker hitting a pedestrian or a car ever in that area.

Mrs. Mills stated, okay, leave it go until Rich comes back.

Leaf pick-up

Mr. Jerome stated, I had a resident call me with complaints about the leaf pick-up.   He complained that his leaves don’t get picked up frequent enough.  He was saying they should get picked up once a week.  Is that what you guys try to do?

Mr. Metzung replied, that’s our goal, yes.  Weather is subjective.

Mr. Jerome stated, I tried to explain that. The resident stated it sat in his yard for three weeks last year and it killed his lawn. He also complained that when they do pick them up, they don’t do a good enough job of cleaning them up. A lot of them are left on the lawn.

Mr. Metzung stated, one of our biggest problems is getting the leaves to where the truck can pick them up. 

Mr. Jerome stated, he also wanted to know why we can’t do a spring pick-up to get the remaining leaves.

Mr. Metzung replied, because we have moved on to other items come springtime.  It would never end.  They are now still calling for limb collections that were only for storm events, but are now year-round.

Mr. Jerome asked, if he has a complaint this Fall, he should call the Service Department?

Mr. Metzung replied, yes.  I can’t think of the last time it has been more than two weeks that they have not been picked up.  It sometimes stretches into 8-10 days.  I can’t remember the last time it was more than two weeks.

Mr. Jerome stated, okay.  I will talk to him and tell him to call Susan with any concerns he has.

Mr. Metzung stated, during the season I know when they have been on the street.


Mr. Jerome asked, any other matters?

Mr. Thomas asked, did you want to bring up anything about people sitting on the curb during the Fourth of July celebration?

Mr. Jerome stated, Rich is not here, but he is the one who brought it up. We talked about what we can do to try to keep the people sitting on the curb up by the gazebo or being in the road. I know there’s auxiliary officers by the crosswalks. Rich’s idea was to rent those metal fences, like what they use at concerts.  We never really established if we wanted to do that or not.  We can talk to him and see what he thinks.

Dr. Parker asked, what is the concern, that people’s feet are on the road?

Mr. Jerome replied, little kids running in and out.  When we brought it up in Activities, I suggested we put some blinking signs up. Rich said he would like to see the fences.  When he gets back in town, we will ask him.

Mr. Jerome asked, any other matters? There were none.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.  The next Safety and Service Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 1, 2015 in the Main Conference Room of the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Betsa, CMC

Clerk of Council