Safety and Service - December 1st 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7:15 p.m.
Main Conference Room - Mayfield Village Civic Center

The Safety and Service Committee met on Monday, December 1, 2014 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mr. Marrie called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

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Present: Mr. Marrie, Mr. Jerome and Mr. Saponaro

Also Present: Mrs. Mills, Mr. Wynne, Lieutenant Girbino, Chief Edelman, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa


  • Brief overview of lethal/non-lethal force policy


Chief Edelman was asked to report on this by Mr. Jerome.  Chief Edelman e-mailed everyone the latest policy on use of force from 2004 written by Chief Dearden. 

Mr. Jerome stated, as situations are arising across the country, I just wanted to understand what transpires to get to that point and what can we do to stop it from happening.

Chief Edelman replied, that’s a sociological question.  Specifically, I am not going to address the two incidents in question. There’s so much evidence involved in both of those that I don’t have access to.  No one does actually.  To get the facts that we have seen just from the media is unfair for me to comment on that.  To answer your question, I don’t know.

Mr. Jerome stated, since you sent out this policy, I reviewed the methods of how you go about it and how things go together. I was glad to receive this.

Mr. Mills stated, prior to passing this policy, we had a great discussion about the implications of the use of tasers.  This was researched very thoroughly. As the Chief just said, every incident is in itself unique. There’s no way of saying this is the pattern, correct?

Chief Edelman replied, absolutely.

Mr. Saponaro stated, if there is a threat of imminent harm, the police force can only direct so many times. If someone does not follow the directions, you take one path; if they do follow the directions, you go the other path.  Again, it’s people. We rely on the officers who are duly trained to be able to make those assessments.

Chief Edelman stated, we do do a lot of training.

Mrs. Mills stated, we now have cameras.  Everyone was kind of skeptical, but it’s the best thing.

Chief Edelman stated, the video cameras in the cars overwhelmingly have exonerated my officers from complaints.

Mrs. Mills agreed.  I have had residents call me because they wanted to review the tape. They did and ended up being wrong.

Mr. Marrie gave credit to Chief Dearden and Chief Edelman. This was extremely well-written. As the Chief said, there’s just no way you can put things in categories.

Mr. Saponaro stated, it’s good to pull it out and make sure it complies with 2014.  It’s 10 years later, does it make sense, does it go far enough?  This is a good exercise.

Chief Edelman added, Steve, if I had the answer to your questions, I probably would not be sitting here.

Mr. Jerome stated, I understand. As someone from the outside, it’s like how did things get so ugly so quickly?

Mrs. Mills stated, the press hypes everything up and gets everyone stirred up.

Chief Edelman stated, I can say this, what you have seen on the media is just scratching the surface. There are so many additional facts involved in both of the recent incidents.

Mrs. Mills added, there’s a lot going on in that neighborhood that we don’t know. We are sheltered here. Credit to the police.  It’s a big job to do.

Mr. Saponaro stated, I think you are very correct about the press. The people disseminating the information do not give it like they did when we were growing up which was, here’s the information, you make the decision one way or another.

Mr. Marrie stated, they want to do what is newsworthy.

Mrs. Mills stated, and, as it is happening, it is on the news.  What are the facts that led up to this bad incident?  Now that it is coming up what has been going on in that whole area, it throws a whole different slant on things.

Mrs. Mills asked, is there anything in this policy that needs to be changed?

Chief Edelman replied, no.


Mr. Marrie asked, any other matters?

Mr. Jerome asked Doug, we talked about this before, the asphalt overlay, the curbs are not even there.  I remember last year it seemed like after the snow, the corners were destroyed with tire tracks.  Is there any thought in putting up some sort of markers on the corners to help that from happening in the winter?

Mr. Metzung replied, you put your plow against the curb as best you can. As you go around the corner, the rear tires hit the side of it. That causes some of the problem.

Mr. Jerome stated, I just noticed the curbs are not even there at all in some places.

Mr. Metzung stated, in places where the curbing is high, we run into it and catch the rear wheel and bend it and then we have to go buy new wheels.   That’s just an effort of trying to get it as close to the curb as we can.

Mr. Marrie stated, I would rather have that than what we had before when the curbs were so high and you pulled in to your driveway it was like rolling over a log.  I don’t think it’s just the trucks, it’s people going over it also.

Mr. Jerome agreed. It’s everyone.

Mr. Marrie asked, anything else? There were no further matters.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.  The next Safety and Service Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 5, 2015 in the Main Conference Room of the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Betsa, Clerk of Council