Finance Caucus - July 11th 2016

Main Conference Room – Mayfield Village Civic Center
Monday, July 11, 2016 - 7:15 p.m.

The Finance Committee met on Monday, July 11, 2016 in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.  Mr. Williams called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.


Present: Mr. Marquardt, Dr. Parker and Mr. Williams

Also Present: Mrs. Mills, Mayor Bodnar, Mr. Metzung, Mr. Cappello, Chief Carcioppolo, Chief Edelman, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Wolgamuth, and Mrs. Betsa


  • LED signs for Civic Center driveway and corner of Wilson Mills and SOM

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, we have discussed this before.  It is out to bid currently.  The bid opening is Friday.  If the bids come in in a good manner, this will be on the agenda next Monday for approval. 

Mr. Williams asked, any questions on this?

There were none.


  • Audible Pedestrian Signal Improvement-SOM and Aintree Park Dr./Seneca Dr., SOM and Wilson Mills Rd. and SOM and Sandalwood Rd.

Mr. Williams asked, for anyone not at the Safety and Service meeting, are there any questions on this? 

There were none.


  • Tax Budget 2017

This item is scheduled for Special Meeting this evening.  It has to be passed this evening.

  • Property and Casualty Insurance – 7-1-16 to 6-30-17 (Wichert Insurance - $92,000)

This item is scheduled for Special Meeting this evening.  It has to be passed this evening.

  • Street Lighting Assessments 2016 and 2017

Ms. Wolgamuth stated, I have an e-mail from Mr. Wynne that gives us a little more information about the timeline and the cost.  He says it is a two-year assessment which expires at the end of this year to be renewed and into the County timely for inclusion on next year’s real estate tax bills.  It must be passed and submitted by September 12th.  It will need to be passed at the August Council meeting.  The assessment is a .4 mill or 40 cents for every $1,000 of taxable market value.  Taxable market value is 35% of the County listed market value so the annual assessment on a home with a $250,000 market value would be $35.  The assessment generates approximately $85,000 annually.  Half of this amount is paid by employers with the other half being paid by residents. Costs to residents average $30 annually.

Mrs. Mills asked, a house?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, yes.

Mr. Williams asked, it’s part of the property tax?

Ms. Wolgamuth replied, yes.

Mrs. Mills asked, do we know what our tax is now?

Mayor Bodnar replied, it is a renewal.

Mrs. Mills asked, will you put a copy in our packets?  Because everyone does not have a street light, they get a little upset every time they get a tax bill.

Mr. Williams stated, it came up at a meeting I had this weekend.

Mayor Bodnar stated, everyone who drives around the whole Village at night, you get the benefit of the street lights.

Mr. Williams stated, in certain areas, more lighting is needed.


  • Personnel

Chief Carcioppolo stated, budgetary numbers were included in my report.  This is a budgeted item.  We will be looking at comparables for the same like positions in other communities to make sure the position will fall in line with that and come up with an actual range.  I put what was budgeted in the annual budget.  That is the maximum worst case scenario.

Mr. Williams asked, when you did the budget, did we bring this up at all, that this was a potential for this year?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, it was identified in the budget.  I discussed it briefly with Joe when I met with him.  It was not an in-depth conversation.

Mr. Williams asked, but Joe was aware that there was potential for it this year?

Chief Carcioppolo replied, yes.

Mr. Williams asked, any questions?

Chief Carcioppolo added, I think I remember discussing this during a Finance meeting.


  • Compressor replacement – rooftop HVAC Unit (Comfort Control Systems –$9,828.71)

Chief Edelman stated, you are all aware that one of our air conditioning compressors failed a couple weeks ago.  The item on the agenda is for the cost of the replacement compressor and also for the adjustment in the maintenance contract. We already have a maintenance contract with Comfort Control Systems. This is just the adjustment for the new item and some discounts they were offering us.

Mr. Williams asked, has the work been done?

Chief Edelman replied, the work has not been done yet.  I expect the work to be done this week or early next week. 

Mr. Williams asked, any questions for the Chief on this item?

There were none.


  • Winter salt program (1,980 tons at $29.23 per ton – total $57,875.40 – Cargill)

Mr. Metzung stated, as you can see, the pricing for this year’s salt purchase came in from the State of Ohio. Cuyahoga County got theirs at $29.23 which is the lowest in the State.  This, combined with the left over reserves from last year, we had significant savings over last year.  Last year we were at $52.89 when we purchased salt.  When we did a summer fill program, it was over $80 a ton.  So you can see it is a pretty significant savings this year.  It certainly goes by the winters previously to tell you how much you are going to spend the next year.

  • Purchase of used John Deere 40450 80 hp Diesel engine ($9,500.00)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is a replacement motor for one of our leaf machines.  We had some water get into the system and it damaged the motor so we took it out to get estimates to rebuild the motor or replace the motor.  The gentlemen we took it to had four options.  We also had Murphy Tractor come and look at the machine.  They are the John Deere vendor for the area.  We felt the best option would be to purchase this used motor which is actually a better motor.  It’s the ones they are actually putting in the machines now as opposed to this other model.  The engine only has 80 hours on it.  We felt the best move to make was to purchase this engine at $9,500 as opposed to spending $13,000 for a brand new motor.  It’s the same motor.

Mrs. Mills asked, do you have a warranty on it?

Mr. Metzung replied, it’s just a 6-month warranty on that engine. Six months is a season for us.  It’s only out for 6-8 weeks.  The machines run hard for 6-8 weeks and then they sit for the rest of the time period, the other 10 months of the year.  The other options gave us a one year warranty but really the machine’s only running during that one period of time.

  • Crack Sealing Program (not to exceed $25,000.00 – DJL Material and Supply Inc.)

Mr. Metzung reported, this is a program that we have done in the past where we have purchased the material from DJL and then they provide the machine to apply it.  We do this with our own forces.  $25,000 is a little more aggressive than we have done in the past but the last couple years we have not had the opportunity to get out and do much.  This year we would like to hit it and hit it good; try to get out to all of the areas that have been resurfaced in the last few years.  This is under the State Purchasing Program.  This is typically done during September and October.  It will probably take us about three or four weeks.

  • Update on bid process for Service Garage Roof

Mr. Metzung reported, I received an update this morning.  We got the bids back from the people we are looking to use.  Right now a rough number for that will be $415,000.  Our budget for this project was $450,000.  He’s saying right now as he goes through the results, it would be $415,000 for a 40-year roof.  This includes putting the ladder and hatch in.  It also includes the contingency numbers you see in there of the $23,700 for deck replacement.  We may do all of that.  We may do a quarter of that.  We don’t know until we peel off the old roof.  The $24,800 is if we have to put all new skylights in.  Right now they are looking at one that’s already broken that we know we are going to replace.  That’s already included in the first bid so that’s not part of it.  But if for whatever reason when they are taking off the old roof and they are pulling up the weather stripping and they start to break, this will give us the opportunity to replace them all.

Dr. Parker asked, doesn’t it usually make sense if you are replacing the roof?

Mr. Metzung replied, apparently they are not damaged. They are comfortable with it.  I will leave that up to the people doing this.  They are warrantying the roof for 40 years.  They are putting their name on it.  We will see what happens when they start taking it apart, what kind of shape they are in.

Mrs. Mills asked, what kind of surface is it?

Mr. Metzung replied, it’s multiple layers of roofing material.  It’s their design.  It has layers of asphalt and more of this.  It’s layered up two or three times and on top of that another layer of asphalt with stones that protect the roof or UV rays, things of that nature.  If we don’t go with the stone we can go where you paint a reflective material on the roof.  That does require maintenance throughout the 40 years.  You have to go back up and reapply.

Mrs. Mills asked, if you have a leak somewhere, how would you repair that?

Mr. Metzung replied, they have to figure out where it’s at.  It’s part of the warranty. That’s their job.  They recommend the stone, but when you do the stone, it makes it a lot harder to figure out where the leak is. They are really picky about while they are doing this work they have someone from The Garland Company on-site constantly making sure this is done to their standards.  They are the ones putting their name on it.

Mrs. Mills stated, flat roofs are known to leak.

Mr. Metzung stated, this does have pitch to it.  It is a pitched roof to what would be the west side.

Mr. Williams asked, on the crack sealing program, are you keeping record of where the cracks are now or when the program starts you will start looking for the cracks?

Mr. Metzung replied, Tom and I drove in one neighborhood today to get a feel.  As you are going out, you are covering every inch of that street as you are doing it.  There’s a guy with a wand blowing the cracks open and there’s another guy right behind that with a crack sealing machine filling those cracks in.  It’s literally half a mile an hour pace they set to do this.  They see every inch of the roadway.

Mr. Cappello stated, we don’t go out and survey the cracks.  As you go, you fill them.

Mr. Williams stated, okay. That way you cover every street.

Mr. Metzung stated, streets we are doing and the places we recently repatched, they are going to have cracks, but they are real tight, real narrow.  You don’t use very much material. It’s more time and labor putting it in than it is material.  You go on to SOM and we have some pretty significant cracks, you can go through a lot of material.  In this case, not a lot of material, just a lot of time and labor to get it done.

Mr. Williams asked, any other questions for the Service Department?


Mr. Williams asked, any other matters?

Mr. Metzung stated, we are out to bid for doing some drainage repair in two easement areas, one in the Hanover Woods area and one in the Aintree North neighborhood.  Those bids will be in Friday and will be part of your packets for Council vote next Monday.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.  The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 17, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the Main Conference Room at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.