D&I - February 1st 2016

Committee Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2016

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6:40 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Hall. 

Roll Call:

Present: Mike Bucci (Resident Representative), Tom Cappello (Engineer),  Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Joe Saponaro (Council Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Absent: Jerry Catalano (Resident Representative) and Tom Marrie (Council Representative)

Also in Attendance: Al Meyers (Resident)

Nomination of Committee Chair Person:

Joe Saponaro, seconded by Mike Bucci, nominated Steve Jerome.

Roll Call:

Ayes:  All

Nays:  None

Nomination approved. Steve Jerome elected as Committee Chair.

Status Reports:

Mr. Batcheller 6784 Wilson Mills

Steve Jerome, Council Representative, asked for an update on this request. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, said the resident is waiting for a release from the neighbors, the Eisenberg’s, before work can begin.

Steve Jerome asked Susan Jerome, committee secretary, to follow-up with the Batcheller’s regarding this.

Mr. Wallace 6785 Wilson Mills

Steve Jerome asked for an update on this project. Doug Metzung, Service Director said the tree stump has been removed and ground. The project can be closed.

Horvath 6783 Highland Road

Steve Jerome asked for an update on this project. Doug Metzung said the Village gave Mrs. Horvath money toward repairs to which she did additional work paid for with her own funds.

Mackie 6206 North Woodlane

Steve Jerome asked for an update on this project. Tom Cappello said it is on hold pending recommendation to N.E.O.R.S.D. and the storm water management program.

Setlock 6818 Bonnieview

Steve Jerome recently spoke with Mr. Setlock. He is still interested in having the project completed. He is waiting to see if he can get additional funds from the developer of Stone Creek located off SOM Center Road in Mayfield Heights.

New Business:

Project Status Sheet

Discussion was held, by the committee, to implement a spreadsheet that would list all the projects, and the status of each of them, for future meetings. It was suggested that Tom Cappello and Susan Jerome devise something for the next meeting.

D&I Funding

Steve Jerome addressed the committee about additional funding, for the D&I Committee, for this year. The ordinance allots $25,000.00 per year for various projects. It was explained that the ordinance would have to be changed to have additional monies allotted to the program.

Mike Bucci, Village resident, asked if additional funding could be obtained from the N.E.O.R.S.D. storm water program. Doug Metzung explained that those funds are earmarked for large storm water projects. D&I is focused on the individual residents property or small areas in the Village.

The N.E.O.R.S.D. program will collect money from the residents of the communities they service and distribute 25% back to the municipalities.  The remaining 75% will be used by N.E.O.R.S.D. for their projects. Doug Metzung explained that the money the Village receives can be used to address the requirements of the Phase II program. Possible uses would be regular street sweeping and/or cleaning catch basins on a regular basis.

Steve Jerome asked if there was anything the committee can do to facilitate the projects N.E.O.R.S.D. will be considering.  Doug Metzung said they already have one project in Mayfield Village in the Beechers Brook area. Mike Bucci said there is a list of projects available. He wasn’t sure if it is public. He may have seen it in the court documents after the litigation regarding the program was over.

Steve Jerome’s main concern is turning away a resident if we meet the $25,000.00 in one year.  Doug Metzung suggested the committee could request more funds from Ron Wynne, Finance Director, which would have to be approved by the mayor and council.

Steve Jerome suggested the committee get more details from Ron Wynne on how to approach the question over additional funding, if needed.


Joe Saponaro, seconded by Mike Bucci, made a motion to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m. The next D&I Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2016 at Civic Hall at 6:30 p.m.