D&I - February 17th 2015

Committee Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2015

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 4:36 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Hall. 

Present: Tom Cappello (Engineer), Jerry Catalano (Resident Representative), Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Tom Marrie (Council Representative), Tom Marsalis (Resident Representative), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Joe Saponaro (Council Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Also in Attendance: Mr. Consolo (800 Village Trail), Mrs. Horvath (6483 Highland Rd.), Mr. Caine (6184 No. Woodlane), Dr. DePaul (477 Hickory Hill), and Mr. Perout (902 Beechers Brook)

Mrs. Horvath 6483 Highland Rd.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, reiterated that he and Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, visited Mrs. Horvath’s home and tested the downspouts. The west side of the house drains into the crock and is pumped to the sewer. They believe the sump pump is too small to handle the amount of water that flows during a heavy storm and recommend splash blocks be installed to divert the water to the yard.

Mrs. Horvath voiced concern that the water from the street and sidewalk, as well as her neighbor’s yard, will still cause flooding. It’s the opinion of Doug and Tom Cappello that this won’t happen if the crock isn’t already trying to handle so much water. They also don’t believe the water from the street and sidewalk are causing a problem based on observations from intentionally flooding the street in the past.

Mrs. Horvath continued to voice concerns.  Councilman,Tom Marrie, suggested that the splash blocks be installed and see if that alleviates the flooding. If not, the problem can be re-addressed.

Councilman, Steve Jerome, asked Doug if we would be seeing to the installation of the splash block? Doug said we could assist Mrs. Horvath. Mrs. Horvath asked when this will be completed? Doug explained that the weather has to clear and the snow melt before any work can be started.

The committee agreed upon this resolution for Mrs. Horvath.

Mr. Mackie 6206 N. Woodlane

Mr. Mackie could not attend the meeting tonight. Mr. Brian Caine, of

6184 No. Woodlane, attended the meeting to represent Mr. Mackie’s interests.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained this project is addressing stream bank erosion. It was originally approved in 2012 and then submitted and approved, for funding, through the N.E.O.R.S.D. program. Legislation has stopped further action through N.E.O.R.S.D. It is hoped that this matter will be cleared, in the courts, early this year and this project can be remedied through the sewer company.

Mr. Caine asked if the work included fixing the front of the property? Doug Metzung pointed out that Mr. Mackie’s original application didn’t mention erosion of the stream in front of the house and this extended project would be more appropriate to be addressed through the sewer district so this should be put on hold for now.

Councilman Tom Marrie said we should look at helping with the back yard and get costs to repair the front yard also. Tom Cappello advised waiting for N.E.O.R.S.D. because the front yard issues have far-reaching implications that can be better addressed through them. The problem in the back yard is non-threatening to the home so can also be put on hold.

Councilman Marrie asked about removing the trees that are in the side yard? Councilman Steve Jerome suggested taking another look at the trees and deciding if they need to be removed at this time.

Mr. Marsalis said the committee can look at the request again, as a whole, rather than the front and back yards separately, if N.E.O.R.S.D. was unable to assist. The committee agreed to put the project on hold.

Mr. & Mrs. Batcheller 6784 Wilson Mills

Doug Metzung, Service Director, will take a look at the property again. The Village assisted the Batcheller’s in 2006 with flooding problems. He’s not sure that there is more that the Village can do.

Mr. Consolo 800 Village Trail

Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that water comes down, from a drain at the top of a hill in his backyard, until it finds a drain. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, suggested a rock-lined swale be installed to avoid standing water in Mr. Consolo’s back yard. It is a fairly simple project using 6-8” river rock.

The committee agreed to this recommendation.

Mr. Setlock 6818 Bonnieview

Susan Jerome, committee secretary, said that at the last meeting Mr. Setlock attended, the committee suggested he hire an attorney to look into this. Councilman Steve Jerome asked Susan to call Mr. Setlock and see if he needed anything from the Village to assist them in moving forward.

Dr. DePaul 477 Hickory Hill

Doug Metzung, Service Director, said storm water is coming off his roof but it’s unclear as to where it is going. A dye test of a yard drain was completed but the end location of the pipe couldn’t be found. The water is coming into the house through the duct work and left 6” of water in the house with the last storm.  Doug recommended, to Dr. DePaul, that he hire a contractor to excavate around the foundation to see if there is a broken pipe.

(Steve Jerome left at this time. 5:25 p.m.)

Mr. Wallace 6785 Wilson Mills

Doug Metzung, Service Director and Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, will go out to the property and assess the problem.

Mr. Perout  902 Beechers Brook

Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, and Doug Metzung, Service Director, visited the property. Mr. Perout has a pond in the back of his yard that is now mud and stagnant. Tom and Doug think there may be a blockage somewhere but the area is too remote to get any equipment to the back. The Service Department had fixed the weir in the past.

Tom Cappello called ODOT to solicit their help since he thinks the problem is originating from their property by I-271. They have not gotten back to him as of today. He will call again.

The committee will wait for input from ODOT before moving forward.

Mr. Gittozzi 6774 Meadowood

Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that water floods his side and back yard. There are times that the yard is always under water. Doug recommended a swale from the back to the front yard to alleviate the problem.

The committee agreed to this recommendation.

A D&I meeting was scheduled for March 16, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at Civic Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 5:34 p.m.