D&I - September 8th 2014

Committee Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2014

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 7:05 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Hall. 

Present: Tom Cappello (Engineer), Steve Jerome (Council Representative), Tom Marrie (Council Representative), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Joe Saponaro (Council Representative),  Jerry Catalano (Resident Representative), Tom Marsalis (Resident Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Also in Attendance: Bill Marquardt (Council Representative), Bill Bukholtz (Council Representative), Ron Wynne (Finance Director), Mr. & Mrs. Schrieber (925 Worton Park), Mr. & Mrs. Setlock (6818 Bonnieview), Mr. Consolo (800 Village Trail), Mrs. Horvath (6483 Highland Rd.), Mr. Mackie (6206 North Woodlane), and Mr. Caine (6184 N. Woodlane)

Douglas Metzung, Service Director made an amendment to the agenda to include Ron Wynne, Finance Director to discuss the original

Ron Wynne, Finance Director

Ron distributed a copy of Chapter 955 of the Codified Ordinances that describes the scope and parameters of D&I. He specifically noted the financial restrictions of $10,000.00 maximum project amount and a yearly budget of $25,000.00. (attachment  A) intent, of Council, for the D&I program.

Schreiber 925 Worton Park Drive

Doug Metzung, Service Director, indicated that he received a proposed agreement from i.a. lewin, p.e. & associates for the professional services of structural engineering and overseeing the recommended repairs to their garage.  (attachment B)

In conversation with Mr. Lewin, Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that the engineer estimated the cost of the project at $50,000.00 for the cheek wall. Mrs. Schrieber was surprised at the cost. She said the engineer told her it would be around $30,000.00 for everything – the cheek wall and the repair to the garage.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, asked Mr. & Mrs. Schrieber what they expected from the Village. They said that they could not afford to install the cheek wall. They are willing to pay for the cost of the repairs to the garage.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, said to request a specific quote from i.a. lewin for the entire project; the engineering fee, the cheek wall, and repair to the garage. Present the information to the committee and then a determination can be made as to the extent of the involvement of the Village.

Horvath 6483 Highland Rd.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that there are several options we can implement to correct the problem. The first option is to re-establish the swale that appears to have been there originally which will allow the water to flow to the backyard. The second proposal is to tie the trench drain to the storm sewer. The third proposal is to run a storm drain around the property and in the backyards of several residences.

Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, expressed concern of water backing up, from the storm sewer, into Mrs. Horvath’s property.  Mrs. Horvath’s property is about 3-4 feet below the height of the road. He stated that a storm drain along the backyard would benefit 3 – 4 residences. He feels this is the best resolution. Tom also suggested making the trench drain in front of the garage larger.

Mr. Horvath, the son, suggested a larger sump pump and outlet could be investigated. The next step will be to dye test the down spouts and determine the cost to increase the size of the trench drain, sump pump, sump pit, and outlet.

Rodriguez 6451 Derby Drive

Doug Metzung, Service Director, said no evidence of erosion of the backyard was found. The property does have two culvert pipes that impede the flow of water and collect debris. The Chagrin River Watershed Partners and the Village are looking for funding to remove the pipes and install a bridge.

Mackie 6206 N. Woodlane

Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained this project is addressing stream bank erosion. It was originally approved in 2012 and then submitted and approved for funding through the N.E.O.R.S.D. program. Legislation has stopped further action through N.E.O.R.S.D.

We received three estimates for this project. The range is from $7,485.00 to $28,000.00 in addition to the cost of the tree removal. Doug Metzung recommends DiFranco do the work and Tree Service Now remove the trees.

Mr. Mackie asked if the work included fixing the front of the property. Doug Metzung pointed out that his original application didn’t mention erosion of the stream in front of the house.

Joe Saponaro, Councilman, asked Mr. Mackie if he wants to amend his original request to include the creek in the front yard.  The committee decided to review the side and front stream project as one project.

Mr. Caine explained that he attended the meeting to find out if there was going to be any repair work completed on his neighbor’s drive pipe located at 6198 N. Woodlane. Doug Metzung said he just received a notice from N.E.O.R.S.D. regarding the failure of the pipe

but hasn’t had time to address the concern.

Mr. Caine said that when the stream floods, the water hits the culvert pipe, floods his front yard, and travels to Mr. Mackie’s yard. The three neighbors will meet to discuss a plan of action as well as Doug visiting the neighbor’s property to look at the pipe.

Batcheller  6784 Wilson Mills Rd.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, indicated that the Village already assisted the Batchellers in 2006 by installing a drain pipe from the west side of their property to Wilson Mills. The current concern is the water isn’t draining in the back of their property probably due to the trees and landscape timbers. Doug will re-visit the property.

Consolo 800 Village Trail

Doug Metzung, Service Director, described Village Trails. There is an undeveloped property that sits high on the hill. The concern is the water that drains from this hill onto Mr. Consolo’s property. The Village will investigate this further.  

Walnut and Thornapple Drainage

Doug Metzung, Service Director, is currently working with the Sanitary Sewer Engineers on the flooding problems on Oakwood. This would be the first step in addressing the concerns in this area. Discussion was held regarding the back yards on Walnut, Oakwood, and Thornapple. Many of these yards have fencing and trees where a drainage swale could be installed to ease flooding. 

It appears that access to install a swale would best be obtained on the Thornapple side of the effected properties. A neighborhood meeting was suggested to address the topic of easements and flood relief and get input from the homeowners.

Iafelice 613 Timberline Trail

Doug Metzung, Service Director, said this was not a D&I issue. This is being addressed through other avenues.

Setlocks 6818 Bonnieview

The Setlocks concern is the damage to their property from the development of Stone Creek. They do not feel it is their financial responsibility to correct the problems since learning that the retention basin in the Stone Creek development was not capped properly, causing flooding problems for the Setlocks.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, suggested the Setlocks talk to an attorney. Since both properties are private, the Village cannot get involved in any action against the developer.

The file will be kept open and the Setlocks will keep the Village apprised of the progress they are making with the developer.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.