D&I - July 15th 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2013

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, July 15, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present: Joanne Cinco (Co-Chair), Tom Cappello (Engineer), Nick Delguyd (Council Representative/arrived at 7:05 p.m.), Tom Marrie (Co-Chair), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Jerry Catalano (Resident Representative), Tom Marsalis (Resident Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Doug Metzung, Service Director, began the meeting discussing the riparian set-back ordinance. He reminded the committee that the 5 year permit will be ending next year. The new permit will detail any changes and regulations required under this program.

Applications for Assistance

1. Richard Fienga 905 Beechers Brook

Doug Metzung, Service Director, and Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, visited Mr. Fienga’s property to assess Mr. Fienga’s  concern. Doug Metzung explained that the property is flat and water from the neighbor’s property flows into his backyard. The most efficient means of removing the water will be to extend the storm sewer on the north side of the property to drain to Beechers Brook.

Tony Konkoly at 899 Beechers Brook, gave a brief history of the problem. He explained that the previous neighbor had allowed the yard to become overgrown causing the water to flow to his backyard resulting in a swamp-type situation. When the yard was cleared of the over-growth, the water settled in Mr. Fienga’s yard.

Audel Hanna at 6467 Chase Drive property abuts Mr. Fienga’s backyard. He also expressed concern because of the water in his yard. Doug Metzung explained that Mr. Hanna’s situation was caused by the garden in his yard that prohibits the flow of the water. If the garden is removed, the problem will correct itself.

The committee approved Doug Metzung obtain a proposal for the work

2. Tony Setlock 6818 Bonnieview

Doug Metzung asked for Tony Setlock’s original request to remain on the D&I Committee agenda. The original proposal was approved by the committee in 2012 but Mr. Setlock’s  neighbor hasn’t agreed to the work. Mr. Setlock is confident he and his neighbor can come to an agreement so work can begin. Tom Cappello explained that the grade of his property does not allow the water to flow from his yard to the creek. Therefore, a pipe needs to be installed from his yard, through his neighbor’s yard, that would carry the water to the creek. Once that is completed, Mr. Setlock can make additional improvements.

3. Mrs. Hilda Horvath 6483 Highland Road

Mrs. Horvath’s property is on the north side of Highland Road and is situated low to the road. Mrs.Horvath said that, since the road project, she has been getting water in her garage; about 5 years now. She has tried to correct the problem herself, with various improvements, but nothing is helping. Tom Cappello explained that the road project added 3” to the height of the road but that should not have caused the water to flow into the garage. He observed that the swale installed with the sidewalk project was not deep enough to contain the water.  He has shot the grades and believes a gravity drain will allow the water to flow to her backyard and away from the garage. The drain will be installed approximately 75 – 100 feet beyond the deck on the back of the house.

Nick Delguyd, Council Representative, asked if it is the responsibility of the Village to address this problem. Doug Metzung said, yes, under the guidelines of D&I.

Mrs. Horvath expressed concern over the cost of the repair stating she has already spent thousands of dollars to try and correct the problem on her own. Doug Metzung said it was the decision of the committee and council to address that issue and he couldn’t advise her at this time.

The committee approved Doug Metzung obtain a proposal for the work.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.