D&I - September 4th 2012

Committee Meeting Minutes
September 4, 2012

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, September 4, 2012 at 5:35 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Hall. 

Present: Tom Cappello (Engineer), Joanne Cinco (Co-Chair), Nick Delguyd (Council Representative), Tom Marrie (Co-Chair), Tom Marsalis (Resident Representative), Doug Metzung (Service Director), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Absent: Jerry Catalano (Resident Representative)

Ciraolo, 848 Hardwood Court

Joanne Cinco, committee co-chair, began the meeting addressing the concerns of Mr. Charles Ciralo, residing at 848 Hardwood Court. Douglas Metzung, Service Director and Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, met with Mr. Ciralo at his property today to discuss what options were available to alleviate the water problem in his yard. Doug Metzung and Tom Cappello agreed that if the area was re-swaled and the height of the mounding around the swale were increased, the problem should be relieved. Joanne Cinco asked the approximate cost of the project and Tom Cappello estimated it would be under $3,000.00. The committee requested Tom Cappello get a quote and forward it to Safety and Service as soon as possible.  Mrs. Cinco also asked that Mr. Ciraolo complete a Drainage Application for the Committee’s files.

Washington Blvd. Ext.

Charmaine Rudy, residing at 1070 Washington Blvd. Ext., spoke to the committee about her concerns of standing water at the end of her driveway and flooding with the Spring rainfall. She described the water's path, running down the street and into the Mayfield City Schools property. She believes the addition of her neighbor's concrete driveway has accelerated the problem.

Paula Conte, residing at 1090 Washington Blvd. Ext., also expressed concern that the water was pooling at the end of her neighbor's driveway. Paula Conte also gets water pooling at the end of her drive but not to the extent that Charmaine Rudy experiences.

Doug Metzung and Tom Cappello will visit the properties and see if a swale can be installed on the resident side. The difficult part will be to route the water to the other side of the roadway to disperse it properly. The school will probably have to be notified since repairs will most likely affect their property also.

The committee asked if there were any other concerns to address regarding Washington Blvd. Ext. Charmaine Rudy or Paula Conte said no, it was the water issue that needed  to be addressed and they thanked the committee for their time and attention to this matter. 

Fairchild 6786 Seneca

Tom Cappello explained that there is a collapsed pipe and a retaining wall the resident built that is adding to the water problem. The resident next to Mr. Fairchild was notified that some work will have to be done in her yard also and she agreed to allow it to correct the problem. Joanne Cinco asked what amount of the repairs is the resident responsible to pay. Doug Metzung said the customary 10% or if it affects two properties, the residents would split the cost. Joanne Cinco asked Susan Jerome to ensure the minutes were given to Council by Friday so they can vote on this project. The committee authorized Tom Cappello to get a bid on this project.

Mackie 6206 No. Woodlane

This project is a stream restoration/erosion problem. Doug Metzung explained that the Village is currently working with N.E.O.R.S.D. (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District) to assist in this financially. N.E.O.R.S.D. will be collecting money from the residents it serves for repairs to the system and the Village will be able to request funds for applicable projects. Joanne Cinco asked if the project should be put on hold until next year so the Village can request funds from N.E.O.R.S.D.  Tom Marrie asked if we can obtain a better estimate. Tom Cappello felt the estimate was accurate but agreed that the Village should wait until next year. Doug Metzung is currently talking to a representative from N.E.O.R.S.D. to discuss future projects that are under their jurisdiction and determine for which the Village can request  funding.

Setlock 6818 Bonnieview

Tom Cappello explained that installation of a storm sewer should alleviate the ponding on this property.  The resident will need to get permission from the neighbor because it will run through their property also. The committee instructed Tom Cappello to get a bid on this project.

Ferrante 6746 Sandalwood

Doug Metzung and Tom Cappello agree that the drainage problem on Sandalwood is a separate issue from the water problem Nanci Ferrante is experiencing. Nanci Ferrante is experiencing water in her basement. Tom Cappello attributes it to poorly designed landscaping and a swale that isn't low enough. Tom Cappello believes Mrs. Ferrante’s problems can be corrected by changing some of the landscaping and having the County come out and clean the sewer from the street to the house.

The Committee discussed that the rear yard drainage problem on Sandalwood affects many properties. Mr. Cappello expressed concern that if the drainage issue is corrected on Sandalwood, it may have an adverse effect on the drainage on Oakwood. Discussion was held regarding to what extent repairs should be made and how that might impact other areas in the vicinity.

The committee agreed that a meeting with the residents on Sandalwood, on site, should be scheduled to determine what their concerns are with the water. There is a possibility that trees would have to be taken down and sheds moved to correct the problem.

Tromba 6476 Derby Drive

Doug Metzung said this issue can be corrected with a swale in the backyard and around the house and down the hill. The committee agreed to go ahead with the repair which is estimated to cost $2,500.00. Mr. Tromba will have to pay 10% of the cost.

Attached is a copy of the email from Tom Cappello, dated August 17, 2012, with cost estimates and project descriptions.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Civic Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 6:38 p.m.