D&I - May 21st 2012

Committee Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2012

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Monday, May 21, 2012 at 5:35 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present: Joanne Cinco (Co-Chair), Tom Cappello (Engineer), Nick Delguyd (Council Representative/arrived at 5:40 p.m.), Tom Marrie (Co-Chair), Doug Metzung (Service Director), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)


1. Phil Tromba – 6476 Derby Drive.  Doug Metzung, Service Director, updated the committee on the request from Mr. Phil Tromba seeking funding to correct the problem with water on his property.  Mr. Tromba wanted all the storm drainage corrected in the Aintree Drive area. After evaluating the problem, it was determined that the installation of a swale in his back yard and one on the side of his property to direct the water would eliminate the problem. Joanne Cinco, Co-Chair, asked if this would take care of the problem? Doug Metzung said, “Yes, the catch basin that is currently in the area is connected to a sanitary sewer so we can't do anything with that and the current swale no longer functions properly.”

2. Robert Fairchild – 6786 Seneca Road.  The committee then addressed the request from Mr. Fairchild.  Doug Metzung explained that water flows through the Fairchild and Keptner's yards. The two residents chose to pipe the area between the two homes. The backside of the property line now backs-up. The County jetted the pipe but it was discovered that the pipe is broken and damaged. Mrs. Cinco  asked if the pipe should have been placed there originally? Doug Metzung said that over the years, multiple pipes have been installed and even tied into the downspouts. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, will have to evaluate the property. A decision on funding will be reached after Tom Cappello does an evaluation on the property.

A point evaluation was completed by the committee for Mr. Fairchild's property. See attachment to the minutes.  This project scored 8 points.

Nick Delguyd arrived at this time.

Mrs. Cinco asked Mr. Metzung to give some background information on Mr. Tromba to assist Nick Delguyd in understanding the problem with his property. Mr. Metzung explained that Mr. Tromba's property sits approximately five feet lower than the property behind him. Water from North Aintree flows down the hill into Mr. Tromba's yard. Mr. Tromba has created a dike with the permission of the neighboring property owner on North Aintree which has dammed the area, but the water continues to find its way around this and into his yard. Drainage in the North Aintree area is non-existent. The catch basin in the area is connected to the sanitary sewer so it cannot be utilized.  Mr. Tromba has agreed to allow two swales to be installed in the back and on the side of his property. Basically, we are re-establishing swales that were already on the property but no longer function properly. Mr. Delguyd asked if this is his preference. Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, said he prefers the water not get to the property at all but short of doing the complete storm sewer system, this is the best resolution.

A point evaluation was completed by the committee for Mr. Tromba's property. See attachment to the minutes.  This project scored 9 points.

3. Tim Mackie – 6206 North Woodlane.  Mr. Mackie requested assistance from the D&I Committee for the erosion to his property from the tributary that runs through the Worton Park area. Mr. Metzung explained that there is severe erosion on his property.  Mr. Metzung stated,  “I've asked Tom Cappello  to survey the area because we have requests that go back to the Mayfield Heights area. The complaints are that the creek is too small causing erosion at the side of their houses.”  Mrs. Cinco stated that this is considered a large project that affects many properties and has to be addressed in its entirety. How many residences are affected by the problem? Mr. Metzung said five residents have filed complaints. Mr. Cappello added that there are 24 residences that border the creek which could be affected. Mr. Metzung explained that the area has been armored and the Village hasn't received any more complaints. Mr. Cappello said originally we evaluated the creek to see where it could be widened and cleaned.  The problem with Mr. Mackie's house is that it is on a slab so it can't be lifted, economically, above the flood plain to alleviate the problem completely. Mr. Metzung said we have actively been seeking funds to buy the affected properties. Mr. Delguyd asked if this was so the Village could raze the property and designate the area a flood zone?  Mr. Cappello explained that the Village could then re-establish the flood plain. Mr.  Metzung said the best thing to do at this point is to do a full review of the area and determine exactly what it would take to correct the problem. Mr. Marrie asked if a cost estimate could be determined?  Mr.  Metzung said, yes, this would just be a review at this point but even that will be expensive. Mr. Cappello said the Village has to be careful not to disturb more of the stream bed than the Army Corp of Engineers will allow. The Village will also have to evaluate what affect changes to the area would have and  how many residences are affected against the cost of the project.

Mrs. Cinco suggested that the committee wait to do an evaluation on Mr. Mackie's request. The committee agreed to give permission to Tom Cappello to do a complete evaluation of the area before making a determination.

4. Tony Setlock – 6818 Bonnieview.  Tom Cappello explained that the problems at the Setlock property actually are originating from the Stone Creek Development in Mayfield Heights. It appears that the contractor did not remove the temporary pond outlet used to catch sediment during construction, causing additional water to flow into the area. Mr. Cappello is working with the Mayfield Heights Engineer to remove the temporary outlet, according to the original plans. The creek on Mr. Setlock's property shows signs of erosion. Several trees have fallen away from the creek, but the roots are still along the bank. Those should remain there to stabilize the bank. Mr. Cappello cannot say for certain that removing the temporary outlet will alleviate the water on Mr. Setlock's property. The property might be located in a natural flood plain. One option to drain his yard, is to get an easement from the neighbor on the east and place some pipes there to route the water to the natural drop-off. There are several different options. Mr. Marrie asked Mr. Cappello to prepare different options, with cost estimates, for the committee to review.

A point evaluation was completed by the committee for Mr. Setlock's property. See attachment to the minutes.  This project scored 11 points.

5. Nanci Ferrante – 6746 Sandalwood.  Mr. Metzung explained that the request from Nanci Ferrante has been reviewed in the past but, due to a neighbor who was not interested in any assistance, the project was unable to move forward previously. The neighbor has since moved from the neighborhood and Nanci Ferrante has resubmitted the request. Mr. Metzung stated that he believes this project rates highly because of the number of propertied affected. Mr. Marrie added that it affects almost everyone on Sandalwood and some properties on Wilson Mills.

A point evaluation was completed for Nanci Ferrante at 6746 Sandalwood. See attachment to the minutes.  The project scored 11 points.

The committee agreed to schedule their next meeting after Mr. Cappello has completed the requested work.

Washington Extension

Mrs. Cinco asked the committee what they want to do regarding the private drive issue.  Residents on Washington Ext. have been contacting the Village seeking improvements to the roadway.  Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration, told the committee that the Mayor had previously advised the residents that the Village would look into the cost of improvements if the road were to be dedicated.  Tom Cappello prepared an estimate that came in at $500,000.00 for the improvements for the five properties on Washington Ext.  Ms. Wolgamuth explained that Mayor Rinker would like this issue to be discussed by this committee and Safety and Service to determine if the improvements should be made and, if so, how they would be paid for.  Mr. Marrie expressed concern that this could leave the Village open to improving other private drives (North Aintree, North & South Berkley, and Upper 40's) in the Village which could get very costly.

Doug Metzung said that the Village can do some improvements to help the residents and still not dedicate the street. Mr. Marrie asked Mr. Metzung to gather information on these improvements.  Ms. Wolgamuth explained that the properties are subjects to easements with the Mayfield City School District which provide that the property owners are responsible for maintaining the roadway until improvement is made by a political subdivision.  It is unclear what the residents are requesting. There was a list of complaints by one resident in a letter submitted to the newspaper.