D&I - May 27th 2011

Committee Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2011

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. at the Mayfield Village Service Department. 

Present: Joanne Cinco (Co-Chair), Tom Cappello (Engineer), Tom Marrie (Co-Chair), Doug Metzung (Service Director), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Absent: Joseph Saponaro (Council Representative)

Doug Metzung, Service Director, began the meeting with the request from Mr. Phil Tromba, residing at 6476 Derby Drive, for assistance. The problem involves his private drive so I don't think we can assist him.  He also has stagnant water in his back yard which the committee might be able to assist him with. Mr. Tromba said he is getting water in his yard from the private drive located at 863 No. Aintree Drive. The two residents have spoken to one another about the problem but I don't know if any conclusion was reached between the two of them. There was a mound that runs along the berm area, at one point, that stopped the water. Another gentleman, who's house is located on the private drive, said there's water sitting on this drive all the time. The area was opened-up and the water then started flowing through the yard.

Joanne Cinco said that we have always had problems with this area. The Village is going to work on the road in this area this year. Doug Metzung said the Village won't be doing anything with the private drive, which is really a non-dedicated drive. The Village most-likely owns it but must never have formally accepted it. Tom Cappello clarified that if we own the property, but don't dedicate it, we are not responsible for taking care of it. Tom Marrie asked for further clarification. Tom Cappello explained that in the past, a developer would come in and build the road. The City would wait until the occupancy was at a certain level before dedicating the road to ensure everything was complete and functioning properly. Patsy Mills can probably add clarification on this as to why the driveway was never dedicated. It actually is a throughway and not a driveway.

Tom Marrie said he looks at it as a private drive because of it's relationship to the street. Doug Metzung said it is a little different than Washington Extension where the yards meet each other at the road and it is clear who owns the parcel. In this situation, it is only one owner. Doug Metzung will address that issue when the Village repairs the road this summer.

Doug Metzung then addressed the request from Connie Kellers at 939 Worton Park. The creek comes across her property. She is looking for some stabilization of the creek because it is eroding her property. Joanne Cinco said she believes this will fit into the parameters we have for assistance from the D&I committee. Doug Metzung said they narrowed the creek with rock. Connie Kellers believes her house is in danger.

The resident at 6186 Woodlane has called with concerns from the water that is coming from Mayfield Heights. The resident at 6180 So. Woodlane had requested assistance in the past but was turned down. Doug Metzung explained that we have made emergency repairs in the past at 1006 Woodlane because if the wall collapsed it would have blocked the inland. In the past, we have made some stream bank repairs between 995-1003, 6184, 6198, and 6213 Woodlane. Tom Cappello said the school is doing a Wild Cat Park to address the water that is coming from Mayfield Heights, running through the high school and effecting Woodlane. It may be possible to talk to them and coordinate our efforts. Tom Marrie said we should follow-up on that. Tom Cappello said, at one time, we were considering applying for grant money to do a study with Mayfield Heights. Mayfield Heights has the problem and are the contributor and we are down stream of that problem. Tom Cappello is not aware if Mayfield Heights has done anything to alleviate it yet but we are talking about a mile stretch of streets that drainage is coming from. A detention structure is needed in the area.

Tom Marrie asked Doug Metzung what the address is of the photographs showing deterioration in a residents yard. Doug Metzung said it is 6198 and 6206 North Woodlane. Both Joanne Cinco and Tom Marrie felt the Village should assist them. The pictures indicate a great deal of deterioration of the properties.  Tom Marrie asked if these properties are separate from the Kellers request? Doug Metzung said they are separate but all intertwined by the same creek. Tom Marrie asked if we have a quote on the Norman property yet? Doug Metzung said we don't have a quote for anything yet.

Tom Cappello asked if the Village would be fixing the problem with a natural solution or armoring the banks and widening the flood plain to slow the flow of the water. Doug Metzung said we have to dig it out but then the residents will be concerned that more of their property is lost. If we armor it, we are just moving the problem down further. In the past, we talked about tiling it but the Village wasn't able to do it because it was impacting more than 200 feet of stream. Tom Marrie asked if this falls in the category of State or Federal assistance because of the flood monies. Tom Cappello said the acceptable method of repairing this is to widen the flood plain, keeping the solution “green” and not armoring it. The problem is the water rises too high and erodes the banks so we need to try and slow it down by making the path wider. I think gabioning this whole area would be expensive and isn't attractive over time. There may be ways to use gravel or a material that looks similar to honeycomb. You stack it and fill it with soil to hold vegetation secure to the area. There is also concrete gabions but they aren't very aesthetic. Tom Marrie said the appearance isn't as important as correcting the problem. Tom Cappello said that he can't just add rock, to shore the edges, without digging out more land.

Tom Cappello said that whatever the Village decides to do, it won't be cheap. Doug Metzung said there is approximately $46,000.00 in the budget for this. The last big project we did was the storm sewers on Metro Park. Tom Cappello said Connie Kellers repairs will cost approximately $7,400.00. Do we know if she's willing to pay the 10%? That would reduce the cost. Tom Cappello said we might be able to handle the Tromba situation with some asphalt. Doug Metzung said we'll address his problem at a later date. Tom Cappello said we are looking at Thornapple and Mrs. Horvath on Highland Road. Tom Cappello estimated the cost for her property would be approximately $10,000.00. The property on Thornapple and Walnut and Oakton Circle also have water concerns. The Village addressed some of the catch basins, at 481 Woodbine, to the west of the property but the Village has to address the catch basins to the west. Tom Cappello said those will be difficult areas because  of the access points to that area. Doug Metzung said they will be expensive repairs. Joanne Cinco said the jobs will have to go out to bid.

The Village wouldn't charge for the drainage in the back of Oakton Circle because the Village has an easement for that so it is the Village's responsibility. Joanne Cinco was concerned that the Village won't have enough in the budget to do all the repairs. Tom Cappello said the Thornapple and Walnut problem is complicated by the trees, sheds and other obstacles in the resident's back yards. The Village can do one of two things. Tell the residents we are going to get an easement and install sewers with a basin in each yard or put the main line further in so as not to disturb the sheds and trees; stay 20 – 30' from the property line. Doug Metzung was concerned that it will interfere with what residents have in the backyards even going  20 – 30' from the property line the further down the street you go. Doug Metzung said the correct way to handle this is to remove 10' of land from each side of the property line, including all landscaping, fences and sheds.  Tom Marrie didn't think the residents would be happy with this solution but something has to be done. Tom Cappello thought if the Village could get all the residents to agree to fixing the problem, it would work.  Joanne Cinco suggested presenting a plan to the residents of the area;  propose a few different alternatives. Tom Cappello said he has to do a survey of the area to be precise on any proposal. There are 20 plus residents in the Thornapple and Walnut area who's property will be effected; the residents on Thornapple have the deeper lots and deeper grade elevations toward Sandalwood which will make it more difficult.

The committee decided to start the process in the Thornapple and Walnut area by notifying the residents that Tom Cappello will be surveying the area.  Tom Cappello estimated it would cost approximately $1,500 – 2,000.00 to survey the area. Tom Marrie and Joanne Cinco authorized Tom Cappello to start the survey. Tom Cappello will notify the residents that they will be in their backyards. The committee will assess the repair costs once Tom Cappello has surveyed the property and some estimates are calculated. The committee will then decide if it will be possible to correct the drainage issues.