D&I - December 6th 2011

Committee Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2011

The Drainage & Infrastructure Committee met on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. at the Mayfield Village Service Department. 

Present: Joanne Cinco (Co-Chair), Tom Cappello (Engineer), Tom Marrie (Co-Chair), Doug Metzung (Service Director), Joseph Saponaro (Council Representative), and Susan Jerome (Committee Secretary)

Joseph Saponaro, Council Representative, began the meeting with the request from

Mr. Phil Tromba, residing at 6476 Derby Drive, for assistance. Doug Metzung, Service Director, showed the committee, on the map, where the residence is located. Doug explained that Mr. Tromba's backyard is being flooded from water coming down the hill from the private drive (No. Aintree Drive). The water comes down the road and flows between the two yards. It stays stagnant in the yard but doesn't flood his home. Mr. Tromba installed a french drain and tied it into his home but it has been unsuccessful in alleviating the water problem. There is an old swale between the yards that should be graded again.   Mr. Tromba also constructed a berm, along North Aintree Dr.,  that causes the water to flow in a different direction. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, said there was also a barn that used to be in the back area that has since been removed but the concrete slab is still there creating an area similar to a retaining basin. There was a mound that runs along the berm area, at one point, that stopped the water.  Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, asked how wet is the backyard? Joseph Saponaro, Council Representative said the amount of water has increased over the years. Doug Metzung and Joe Saponaro agreed it is relatively wet all the time to the point that the ground under the railroad ties Mr. Tromba installed is eroding.

Joe Saponaro said Edie Wohlgang, at 6468 Derby Drive, did some work on the side of the house that retains the water in the area rather than it dispersing.  Joe Saponaro spoke with Mr. Tromba, on the phone, several times and visited the property. There are houses on the back of North Aintree that face Mr. Tromba's property. The water pools along the north side of the street. As the road goes up, there is 1 catch basin that is attached to a sanitary sewer that will need to be capped.

Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, asked how many houses are there on the private drive? Doug Metzung replied, seven. Joe Saponaro explained that Mr. Tromba is more than willing to pay more than the 10% requested from a resident for a D&I project so he can get this problem solved. Tom Cappello said that he and Doug Metzung had discussed regrading the road with asphalt to force the water down to Beechers Brook. The concern was then how much water would Beechers Brook get and would that become a problem? Another alternative was to tie a pipe into the storm sewer but that would be expensive. Joe Saponaro said Mr. Tromba wanted to install catch basins but that would take the water towards his house around his foundation. Doug Metzung said that wouldn't work.

Doug Metzung said that no homes, on North Aintree, were experiencing flooding since they are on a hill. Joe Saponaro said they expressed they have water concerns. Doug Metzung clarified it was an issue with water on the drive.  Mr. Tromba built a berm which Tom Cappello explained basically built a pond of water on that corner.

Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, asked what the approximate cost to fix the problem would be. Tom Cappello, Engineer, said that Mr. Tromba is the recipient of water from No. Aintree. Should the residents who live on North Aintree contribute to the cost of the repair? There are several solutions to review. One would be to build the road up so that the water flows to Beechers Brook. The whole road would not have to be replaced. Asphalt would be used to adjust the grade. Doug Metzung, Service Director, said there are two benefits to that solution which are, it takes care of the water problem and gives them a new road, which they need. The other option is to put a basin in at the curve at North Aintree. The possible problem with that is the water would have to go across North Aintree and Beechers Brook  to connect to the sewer  which, in turn, would require digging up the road and installing a pipe to connect to the sewer.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, said the easiest repair would be to correct his swale on the west side of his side yard. Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, asked if this would be a solution to his problem. Doug Metzung said it would solve the water problem in his back yard but not the water going down the hill. Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, said we cannot just look at Mr. Tromba's problem and ignore the problem on No. Aintree. Tom Marrie said it should be up to Mr. Young, who owns the road, to make the necessary repairs.

All the members of the committee, the engineer, and the service director, all agreed that the next step should be to fix the swale to correct the flooding in Mr. Tromba's yard in the Spring oof 2012. Joanne Cinco, Co-Chair, said we should have a meeting with Mr. Young and the residents of North Aintree  to discuss the problem and possible solutions. In addition, the residents need to be aware that they live on a private drive and it is their responsibility to maintain it although the Village is willing to assist them. Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, said Joe Diemert, Village Attorney, should obtain copies of all the deeds for the property on North Aintree so we can see what the easements are and if there are deed restrictions.

Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, was asked to assess the area. He will determine if the berm Mr. Tromba built is an obstacle to the water flowing properly, estimate what it might cost to regrade the road, and the cost of installing a storm sewer. Tom Marrie thought it would be better to have a meeting with the residents before Tom Cappello does anything. Joe Saponaro, Council Representative said if the repairs are needed because it is a safety issue, then we can financially assist them through D&I. At the same time, the project would not be funded in the usual 90/10 manner. The residents will bear the majority of the cost.

Joanne Cinco, Co-Chair, asked for the next item on the agenda. Susan Jerome, Committee Secretary, said it was a project from 2005 that resident, Nanci Ferrante, wanted to bring to the committee's attention again. Doug Metzung, Service Director explained that this was the project submitted regarding the rear yard swale that would tie in to the catch basin at 737 Sandalwood. Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, asked how this request came about, to resurrect the project. Doug Metzung explained that Nanci Ferrante called the Service Department and made the request.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, suggested Nanci Ferrante, reapply to the committee. Susan Jerome was asked to call Nanci and instruct her to submit the project again so easements can be obtained and all the proper forms are completed, with the current date, to start the project.

Discussion was held about discussion that was held in the past regarding the installation of  a swale behind the residences of  Walnut to direct the water to a catch basin. In the future there could be a storm sewer that the resident can tie into if they so desired.  Easements would be needed from all the residents.  Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that if a storm sewer was installed, there would be no access to it if repairs were needed. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, said there is an empty lot on Thornapple the Village might be able to use for accessing the sewer.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative, directed Tom Marrie, Co-Chair, to have a resident from his street, submit a request to D&I to look at the water problem on Walnut.

Joe Saponaro, Council Representative asked if there were any other concerns that needed to be addressed. Doug Metzung, Service Director, explained that there were water problems in the Worton Park area. The Village assisted Connie Kellers with her drive. There is a problem at the residence on South Woodlane where the creek enters at her property, that backs up to Ridgebury.  Doug asked Tom Cappello to survey the whole site, all the creeks, and assess that area in total. The South end, where the creek enters from Mayfield Heights, the creek is overgrown with rocks which causes it to overflow. Further down, you have erosion causing a problem. All of these are connected so the Village needs to look at repairing the whole area.

Doug Metzung, Service Director, said he will call Mr. Tromba and explain what the committee decided. Mr. Marrie, Co-Chair, asked Doug to follow up the phone call with a letter. Tom Cappello, Village Engineer, asked Doug to secure permission for him to send out a crew to survey the area. Susan Jerome, Committee Secretary was asked to contact Nanci Ferrante and let her know to submit her request to the D&I Committee.