CAC: September 26th 2017

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2017

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Present: Bob Haycox (Chair), Mary Salomon, Allen Meyers, Sandy Batcheller, Steve Schutt, Rosemarie Fabrizio, Joanna McNally, Kay Phillips, Mary Singer, Merv Singer, and Lorry Nadeau

Absent: Loretta Williams, Sara Calo, Paula Lear, and Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein                

Also Present: Patsy Mills (Council Representative), George Williams (Council Alternate), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), and Shane McAvinew (Director of Parks & Recreation)

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Haycox asked the Committee if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from August 19, 2017, previously provided for review.  There were none and the minutes were approved as submitted.

Deer Management

Mrs. Mills advised that a hand-out had been distributed to the Committee regarding information that Ms. Wolgamuth had obtained at a recent seminar regarding deer management for municipalities.  (A copy is attached to these Minutes).  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that she found that there was no easy solution to controlling the deer population and suggested that the members read through the information.  Ms. Wolgamuth pointed to updated information she provided regarding conversations with the Metroparks and the local Animal Warden.  Currently, the EHD virus is killing a large number of deer and until the first frost that will kill the gnats or midges spreading the virus, it will remain active.  An article detailing ways to keep deer out of people’s yards was also distributed and is attached to these Minutes.

The Committee discussed the difficulties with culling deer in a populated area like Mayfield Village and Mrs. Mills stated that she is glad that we have the Metroparks to help handle the problem.  She described that they cull each year and use infrared cameras to locate the deer to determine how many are in the area.  She added that the meat is donated to local foodbanks.  Ms. Wolgamuth agreed, stated that the Metroparks cull a different number of deer each year based upon the results of their infrared survey.  All culling is coordinated with the State of Ohio. 

Mrs. McNally asked if Mayfield Village has a deer management plan.  Ms. Wolgamuth responded that we do not, adding that, at the suggestion of the professionals that spoke at the seminar, she had looked into the number of traffic accidents being caused by deer in the Village, the number of dead deer being picked up by the Animal Warden each year, and the number of complaints received from residents.  She reported that there had been only one accident per year for the past three years and six to seven dead deer picked up each year by the Animal Warden.  Ms. Wolgamuth stated that recently there have been some complaints received from residents.  Mayor Bodnar had received one, Mr. Williams had received a few, and she had received one.  She suggested that residents call the Police non-emergency line or the Civic Center if they have complaints to make about the deer.

Mr. Williams asked the Committee if they have any recommendations and asked if a hotline should be set up to receive deer complaints.  Mrs. Nadeau stated that most people take care of the issue themselves.  Mr. Meyers asked if the virus affects humans and pets.  Ms. Wolgamuth responded that it does not affect humans or domestic pets; it impacts hoofed animals, so cattle can also be at risk.  Mrs. McNally commented that she saw information on the Village’s website that provided more detail.  She stated that she would hate to see what has happened in other communities like South Euclid.  Mr. Haycox suggested that an article be included in the Voice of the Village advising residents to be aware of the deer population.  After discussion, the Committee members agreed that the number of accidents was low and that the deer were not creating a large enough problem in the Village to require any immediate action. 

Programming at The Grove and Gazebo

Mr. Haycox introduced Parks & Recreation Director Shane McAvinew.  Mr. McAvinew thanked the Committee for the opportunity to talk to them about programming.  He stated that now that he has been in the Village through a summer season, he is in the process of reviewing all entertainment.  “We have a lot of things going on, but we are a bit narrow.”  He explained that he found that many of the Village’s offerings are very similar in style on the same weekend, causing the Village to compete with itself for an audience.  Mr. McAvinew stated that he learned many years ago that while he might personally only like about fifty percent of the programming, it is important to reach as many people as possible.

Mr. McAvinew informed the Committee that at the Gazebo this past summer, several lunch concerts were held that averaged about 100 attendees.  “Unfortunately, it was very hot during the day, so next summer we may put up a few tents for shade.  These concerts were low cost and Donna Heath was able to secure sponsors that helped pay for the entertainment.  The sponsors also attended and brought snacks.”  Mr. McAvinew described the Thursday evening concert series that had been offered and said that 100 to 300 people attended each event.  He was pleased with 300, but less pleased with only 100 in attendance.  Mr. McAvinew attributed some of the issue to weather and added, “With so many quality acts in NE Ohio, we have to watch other communities who are drawing crowds the same night.”  Mr. McAvinew advised that he intends to continue to offer Gazebo concerts next summer. 

Next year at The Grove, Mr. McAvinew stated that he hopes to schedule cultural events on one weekend night and tribute bands on the other night.  He anticipates 8 cultural acts on Friday nights and 8 tribute acts on Saturday nights, likely from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.  His goal is to draw approximately 500 people on average, most of them coming from the Village.  He hopes to bring people into the Village to patronize our restaurants and intends to continue to offer only simple concessions, adding, “We need more consistent numbers in order to made food sales make sense.”

Mrs. McNally asked about the average cost for entertainment and Mr. McAvinew responded that $2,500 was a good average.  He added that bands have many costs and when their fee is split among the members, they don’t make a lot of money. 

Mr. Haycox asked if the best acts from previous years would return.  Mr. McAvinew said, yes, based on numbers and feedback.  He cautioned that we want to keep the schedule fresh and don’t want to repeat the same groups each year.  “Sometimes, it is good to take a break and skip a year before bringing them back.” 

Mr. Haycox asked if comedy would return to The Grove.  Mr. McAvinew said, “Yes, if I can find the right act.  Clean language is always a concern and many comics would like alcohol to be served during the show.”  He reminded the Committee that, currently, The Grove does not offer sales of beer, wine or alcohol.

Mr. McAvinew showed the Committee a slideshow with video clips of a variety of bands.  He advised that he was not concerned about the Committee’s reaction to any particular band, but was interested in the types of offerings or genres that they found interesting.  The Committee provided feedback throughout the presentation.  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that she would provide the PPT to the Committee so that they could watch and listen to clips on their own and let Mr. McAvinew know what they liked.  Mr. McAvinew encouraged the Committee members to contact him and also let him know if there was anything they did not want to see. 

Mrs. Fabrizio asked if the size of the group and its equipment drives the decision on whether to move the event to Reserve Hall.  Mr. McAvinew said, “Yes, Reserve Hall is difficult, the Community Room is better, and the Hilton Garden would be even better.”  He stated his intent to talk to the Hilton Garden Inn to see if they would be able to provide a back-up location. 

Mrs. McNally complimented Mr. McAvinew on the emails that have been coming out of the Recreation Department.  Mr. McAvinew encouraged those who do not receive them to sign up.  He stated that his staff is being receptive to making changes to many of the Village’s annual events.  He would like to add more family elements to Cruise Night to give children more to do.

Mr. Haycox suggested a combined schedule of all events at all locations.  Mr. McAvinew agreed and said that his goal next season is to provide a guide that includes all entertainment and special events. 

Mrs. McNally suggested that more events be scheduled in June.  Mr. McAvinew advised that after all construction is completed at The Grove, events could begin earlier in the season.  He cautioned that weather is most challenging in June and he would likely schedule less expensive acts earlier in the season. 

Council Report

Mrs. Mills reported on the following items:

  • The Public Meeting regarding dementia care on North Commons was held.  Not many people attended and there were no negative comments, so Council approved the use variance.  Now the project goes back to Planning & Zoning as the facility is designed.  Mrs. Mills stated that she believes this should be good for the Village.
  • The Mayor has appointed a Steering Committee to work with the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission on the new Master Plan.  Four residents from Citizens Advisory—Bob Haycox, Mary Singer, Rosemarie Fabrizio and Joanna McNally—were appointed as well as several commercial representatives from Progressive Insurance, Panzica Construction, QED and the Mayfield School District.
  • Chief Edelman is working with other local communities on the Safe Passages program.  People with drug addiction problems can go to the Police Department for help without fear of arrest.  Last year, Mayfield Village had two overdose fatalities and eight rescues.
  • The Mayfield Art show begins at the Library on Oct 15.
  • Work on the bridge at I-271 is expected to be complete by Oct 15.
  • The Worton Park road project is going smoothly.  Water main replacement should be complete in October with re-paving planned for next year.
  • The trail on the east side of SOM is currently being resurfaced.
  • Council also approved patching of the roadway on Wilson Mills, east of SOM.
  • Leaf pickup will run from Oct 16 through December.
  • The Village honored Alfredo’s and the Quagliata family with a Proclamation.
  • The Village hosted a seminar on Robert’s Rules.  Over 100 people attended this excellent seminar.
  • A flag box has been installed outside the Civic Center.  Residents should bring in their distressed flags for disposal.  The Women’s Club holds an annual flag retirement ceremony on Flag Day.
  • At the request of members, a copy of the Village ordinance regarding political signage was distributed.  Mrs. Mills asked if the members had any questions.  Mrs. Batcheller asked which positions are open.  Mrs. Mills responded that she is running in Ward 2, Mr. Williams is running in Ward 4 and there are two At-Large openings.  Mr. Marrie is retiring and Mr. Jerome’s term is up.  Four people are running for the two openings—Steve Schutt, Al Meyers, Steve Jerome and Ron DiNardo.  The Committee asked if a candidate’s debate would be scheduled.  Mrs. Mills advised that debates have not historically been held for Council races.
  • Council approved a variety of TIFs that generate $890,000 in tax income annually.

The Committee discussed dates for upcoming meetings.  The next meeting will be held on October 30 at the Historical House.  Ms. Wolgamuth will speak with Superintendent Keith Kelly and try to schedule the November meeting at the High School’s Innovation Center.  The Committee agreed to continue its practice of not holding a December meeting.

Upcoming Events.

Ms. Wolgamuth advised that the annual Appreciation Dinner is being held on October 27 and any volunteers that have not received an invitation should contact her.  All other upcoming events are listed in the Voice of the Village.

Other Matters.

Mr. Williams asked the Committee if they are experiencing cars speeding in their neighborhoods. Some members indicated that they are.  Mrs. Batcheller stated, “East of SOM is really bad; motorcycles speed there a lot.”  Mr. Williams stated that he has received several calls about the problem recently.  He has been talking to Chief Edelman about it and is trying to find out if the problem is isolated.  Mrs. Mills suggested that the issue be placed on the next Safety & Service agenda.

Mrs. Batcheller asked how the new BBQ restaurant is doing.  She stated that every time she goes by, it appears empty.  The Committee discussed that the reviews have not been very good and they seem to be having problem with consistency of their food.

The Committee adjourned at 8:30 p.m.