CAC: October 30th 2017

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 30, 2017

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, Oct 30, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Historical House, 606 SOM Center Road.

Present: Bob Haycox (Chair), Mary Salomon, Allen Meyers, Steve Schutt, Rosemarie Fabrizio, Joanna McNally, Mary Singer, Merv Singer, Lorry Nadeau, Loretta Williams, and Sara Calo

Absent: Paula Lear, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, Sandy Batcheller, and Kay Phillips     

Also Present: Patsy Mills (Council Representative), Eugene Carcioppolo (Fire Chief), and Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration)

Joan Gottschling, President of the Historical Society, welcomed the Committee to the Historical House.  She advised that the Society is currently running a Gift Card Raffle and tickets are still available.  Mrs. Mills added that tickets will be sold at the polls on election day.  Mr. Haycox commented that this is his favorite meeting of the year because the Committee is treated so well here. 

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Haycox asked the Committee if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from Sept 26, 2017, previously provided for review.  There were none and the minutes were approved.

Fire Dept. Update and Programs

Chief Carcioppolo distributed a sheet showing his current Department’s staffing.  He advised that the Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal position was created last year and started in January of 2017.  Annual visits and inspections are required at all businesses and, with the dedicated position, we should be better able to keep up with these inspections.  Chief Carcioppolo stated that it is his hope that the Village’s ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating will be reduced to a Level 2.  “Some insurance companies will provide discounts to homeowners and businesses based on this rating.”  He added that the Village is too small to ever achieve a Level 1 rating, but he hopes to achieve Level 2. 

Chief Carcioppolo described that he, the Assistant Chief and the Executive Assistant work Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Either he or the Asst. Chief are always on duty.  Firefighters work on three 24-hour rotating shifts, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.  Chief Carcioppolo stated that he is finding that there is a shortage of people who want to work in the field, particularly on a part-time basis.  Chief Carcioppolo advised that State law requires that four people be on duty at all times. In order to comply, he has had to hold employees over to cover shifts, sometimes working as much as 48 hours. 

Chief Carcioppolo also provided the Committee with a list of services provided to residents free of charge and described the various programs:

  • Knox Box Program -  a box is mounted to the exterior of the home; it’s purpose is to allow access to the house in case the occupants are incapacitated.  The Fire Department uses a code to gain access to the box which holds keys to the residence.  Knox boxes are provided free of charge and Fire Dept. personnel will install.

Mrs. McNally asked about homes with multiple doors and multiple keys.  Chief Carcioppolo advised that the keys would be appropriately marked.

  • Smoke & CO Alarms – The Fire Dept. purchases the alarms at a discounted cost and passes its cost on to the homeowner.  The alarms are battery operated and have a wireless connection.  They provided early notification and identify which alarm went off.  Smoke alarms cost $22 and combo alarms with CO detectors cost $28.50.  They last for 10 and 7 years respectively.  Chief Carcioppolo advised that there should be at least one alarm per level of home.  The Fire Dept. will install and recommend how many are needed.  He encouraged the Committee to read the CO detection story in the upcoming Voice of the Village.

Mr. Haycox stated that he purchased a smoke detector the first year that the Fire Dept. offered them for sale.  Mrs. Mills said that she did also and asked how many years had elapsed since that time.  Chief Carcioppolo said he was unsure and would check.  (Post Meeting Note:  Smoke detectors were first offered for sale by the Fire Dept. in August of 2011; alarms purchased at that time should not need to be replaced until 2021).

  • Blood Pressure Checks – residents are welcome to stop at the Fire Station for a free blood pressure check.
  • Home Fire Safety Survey – Fire Dept. personnel will come to residents’ homes to make safety recommendations.
  • CPR Training – The Fire Dept is now advertising this training through the Parks & Rec Department.
  • Child Car Seat Inspection – This service is provided for all residents in the school district.
  • Fire Station Tours – Tours of the Station are available for groups or individuals, by appointment.

Mr. Haycox asked how the Chief recruits people into the industry.  Chief Carcioppolo described that notices are posted at local colleges and testing is advertised in the newspaper.  A three-month open period is provided to sign up.  “There is no way to force people to want to enter the field.”  He noted that credentialing and continuing education requirements in the State of Ohio have increased substantially over the last several years and may have something to do with the decline, particularly when it comes to the ability to work as a firefighter part-time. 

Mrs. McNally asked if the Village needs more full-time staff.  Chief Carcioppolo responded that the Village is in good shape right now.  “This is the first time we can actually work normal hours.”  He added that sometimes people say, “you are just hanging out or sleeping,” but the reality is that firefighters have to be ready to respond at all times and are forced to remain at the Fire Station rather than be home with their families.  He described that having to stay beyond a shift is a hardship for the firefighters.  He added that the Fire Dept. is getting busier and is on track to respond to 1,300 calls this year; the new nursing facility coming into town will likely increase that number.

Mrs. Nadeau asked what to do with a 10-year old fire extinguisher that has never been checked. Chief Carcioppolo responded that the typical household extinguisher is an ABC type. He suggested looking at the gauge, which will show if it is okay.  If the gauge indicates that a re-charge is needed, “it is done”.  Mrs. Mills asked how to properly dispose of extinguishers.   Chief Carcioppolo advised that they are disposed of with your regular trash.  (Post Meeting Note:   The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District advises that empty metal fire extinguishers can be recycled at a scrap metal yard. Contents must be discharged before recycling. Empty plastic fire extinguishers go in the trash. Do not place fire extinguishers (empty or otherwise) in your curbside recycling. Businesses with commercial fire extinguishers should contact a specialized company for disposal options.  See this link for more information:

Council Report:

Mrs. Mills reported on the following items:

  • The Appreciation Dinner was held this past Friday.  Bob and Terrie Haycox were honored as Outstanding Citizens along with Bob and Jan Perna and Betty Jo Mooney.  Bob is not only the Chair of this Committee, but is also on the current Master Planning Committee.
  • Everyone should have received a flyer about lane closures on Wilson Mills.  This work is part of the new water lines installed in Worton Park.
  • Mrs. Mills asked Ms. Wolgamuth to provide an update on Beechers Brook.  Ms. Wolgamuth advised that the Sewer District has long planned to assist the Village with bank stabilization of Beecher’s Brook.  The stream has eroded some of the SOM Court properties backing up to it.  Now that the Sewer District has gotten past all legal challenges and is charging storm water fees, it is using that money to assist municipalities.  Fortunately, Beechers Brook is one of its first projects and the Sewer District is proceeding with design and intends to do the work beginning in April of 2018.  The cost for stabilization has risen to $1.4 million and the Village is fortunate that the Sewer District is taking on this project.  The only remaining decision for the Village is whether to install the trail connector from the SOM underpass to the main trail as part of this project.  The Sewer District will be presenting the project to Council at their meeting on Nov 6 and all are welcome to attend.
  • Plans are underway for a traffic light at Hickory Hill and SOM Center.
  • This year’s Halloween window painting contest included more storefront windows than ever; 54 windows were painted.  Five children were named as winners but all participating received a prize.
  • Recreation Director Shane McAvinew is working on Grove programming for next summer and a grant application for Phase II of the band shell is being submitted to the County.
  • Civil Service testing for positions in Police and Fire is being advertised.
  • The house at 570 SOM will be razed soon to make room for the expanded storm water basin.  It is being used for training by Police and Fire prior to demolition.

Upcoming Events.

Ms. Wolgamuth distributed the calendar from the upcoming Voice of the Village, and advised that it should be hitting mailboxes this week. 

Mr. Haycox reminded everyone that Election Day is Nov 7.  The Committee’s next meeting is Tuesday, Nov 27 at the High School.

Mr. Jerome stated that he heard Committee member Paula Lear had surgery and is currently at Altercare.  He asked that everyone keep her in their thoughts.

The Committee adjourned at 7:45 p.m.