CAC: November 21st 2017

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Nov 21, 2017

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield High School Innovation Center, 6080 Wilson Mills Road.

Present: Bob Haycox (Chair), Mary Salomon, Allen Meyers, Steve Schutt, Rosemarie Fabrizio, Joanna McNally, and Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein

Absent: Paula Lear, Sara Calo, Sandy Batcheller, Kay Phillips, Lorry Nadeau, Loretta Williams, Mary Singer, and Merv Singer

Also Present: Brenda Bodnar (Mayor), Patsy Mills (Council Representative), Dr. Keith Kelly (Mayfield School Superintendent), Al Hess (Mayfield School Board Member), Residents Art Goldstein and Betty Jo Mooney, and
Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration)

Innovation Center Tour by Superintendent Keith Kelly

Dr. Kelly thanked the Committee for giving him the opportunity to show off the Innovation Center (IC).  He described the School District’s goal to prepare kids for the future by getting them engaged and excited.  He explained that many local businesses are sponsors of the IC, including the Cleveland Clinic, ThenDesign Architecture, Progressive Insurance, etc.  The IC is utilized by Mayfield students and Excel TECC students with weekly field trips by elementary and middle school students.

Dr. Kelly walked the Committee through all areas of the facility, beginning with the Café, where he described that it is staffed by students with disabilities and includes white-board tables so that students can work and create while enjoying breakfast or lunch.   Dr. Kelly took the Committee through the Presentation area and the CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design) Engineering and Design area where 3-D printers are available to turn students’ designs into reality. 

The Committee toured the Fabrication Lab where, this year, Gates Mills Elementary students (with the help of Excel TECC students) designed and built music walls to help students explore how different materials transmit sound waves.

Mrs. McNally commented that she wished her son, a student at Center Elementary, could have access to this facility more often than a couple of times per year.  Dr. Kelly responded that this is only the third year that the IC is in existence.  Lander Elementary now has dedicated tech space and all the elementary schools will soon have similar spaces, referred to as “Idea Labs”.  Middle School students have the opportunity to begin pathways that lead to these programs.  Dr. Kelly said that moving forward takes time and money, with the cost of the IC at $3 million.

Mr. Haycox asked if local businesses advise the schools what skills they are seeking and asked if they are having trouble finding employees with those skills.  Dr. Kelly said yes, and added that he is putting together an Advisory Council on Innovative Education to address this and other issues.  The Council will be made up of community leaders, business leaders and education leaders.  Mayor Bodnar has agreed to serve on this Council.

Dr. Kelly took the Committee to what is known as the “Collaboratory” area and to Work Labs that simulate work settings.  He described that the programs offered are open to every child in the District.  Mr. Haycox asked about feedback from the students.  Dr. Kelly responded, “They love it.”  He added that these courses are currently electives, but the District is considering adding some to core curriculum and providing AP credit.  Dr. Kelly advised that he serves on the Regional Advisory Group of The College Board.  Dr. Kelly described the variety of offerings, including graphic design and digital media courses, bio-med, and a Freshman course based on crime scene forensics.  Mr. Haycox asked about job availability after completing the program.  Dr. Kelly replied that most are related to medicine, nursing, mostly pre-med.  Mrs. McNally asked if many students take college credit courses along with these courses.  Dr. Kelly responded that not many are doing that.  The School District currently offers over 800 AP tests tries to encourage families to utilize that opportunity rather than seek outside college credit.  More AP tests are being added, most recently AP Computer Science.

The Committee toured the Bio-Med Room that resembles a hospital room.  Dr. Kelly described the Med Tech survey course for physicians, x-ray technicians and nurses and advised that some students are able to intern at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Mrs. McNally suggested a collaboration between Mayfield Village and the School District to offer a summer camp for younger students.  Dr. Kelly responded that the challenge is finding quality people to teach during the summer months.  Mrs. McNally suggested that maybe students could teach the courses.  Dr. Kelly said he was open to the idea. 

Dr. Kelly described a recent student challenge where an old school bus will be transformed by students into a mobile innovation lab that can go places where kids don’t have access to technology.  Almost immediately, 25 students signed up for the challenge.  Dr. Kelly concluded the tour stating, “The Innovation Center as a way of learning, not a place.”  Mr. Haycox agreed and commented what a great opportunity this is for our kids.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Haycox asked the Committee if there were any changes to the meeting minutes from Oct 30, 2017, previously provided for review.  There were none and the minutes were approved.

Council Report & Upcoming Events

Mrs. Mills reported on the following items:

  • The Sewer District is planning to stabilize Beecher’s Brook and recently had a meeting with affected residents to discuss the project and the proposed trail connector.
  • The Fire Department won this year’s Chili Cook-Off.  The Cook-Off will be held in the Village next year, likely at the Community Room.
  • The Zorn Lane circle is to be cleaned up and re-landscaped in Spring.
  • Two new members have been elected to Council—Allen Meyers and Steve Schutt.  The Committee congratulated Mr. Meyers and Mr. Schutt.
  • The Garden Club is hosting its annual craft fair—the Mistletoe Mart—on Dec 2.
  • The Santa Ride and Christmas Party is scheduled for Dec 9.
  • The Senior Holiday Party is scheduled for Dec 8.
  • The Tree Lighting is scheduled for Dec 3 and the Menorah Lighting will be on Dec 12.
  • Cleveland Institute of Music is holding a holiday concert in Reserve Hall on Nov 28 at 7 p.m.  Mrs. Mills encouraged everyone to attend.
  • All events are listed in the most recent Voice of the Village

Mrs. McNally stated that she is on the Master Plan Steering Committee and a meeting has been scheduled in December.  She believes that holding classes for adults in this type of facility would be of high value to the community.  She asked if the Committee members felt this would be worthwhile for her to bring to the Steering Committee.  She thinks it could be life altering for some people.  Mrs. Mills stated that years ago there was an adult education program but interest waned and people did not come.  Mrs. Mooney added that Tri-C has a senior program during the day for 55 and older and offers a variety of courses.  Mrs. McNally stated that she was thinking particularly about design skills.  “We have QED in our community.  It might attract people to come to use the equipment.”  Mrs. Mooney added that the Library has a 3-D printer that is available for public use.

Mrs. Mills stated that any time the school building is opened up, you have to remember to include janitorial expenses, and the costs can mount.  Mr. Hess added that storage can also be an issue.  Mrs. McNally stated that her intent was to find a way to better utilize the existing resources.  Mrs. Mills agreed that it would be worth bringing the issue up to the Steering Committee.  Mayor Bodnar added that a representative from QED is on the Steering Committee. 

Mrs. Salomon stated that the South Euclid Public Library also has equipment available for public use.  She is currently going there with the Community Partnership on Aging for training.  Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein asked, “What type of training?”  Mrs. Salomon replied, “Recording memories.”

Ms. Wolgamuth advised that letters to re-appoint Committee members will go out after Council sets the January meeting schedule.  The Committee does not meet in December.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.