CAC - March 22nd 2016

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2016

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center. 

Present: Sandy Batcheller, Rosemarie Fabrizio, Shirley Jay, Joanna McNally, Allen Meyers, Lorry Nadeau, and Merv Singer

Absent: Joan Catalano, Loretta Williams, Tom Piteo, Bob Haycox, Paula Lear, Patricia Russo, Mary Singer, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, and Kay Phillips

Also Present: Steve Jerome (Council Alternate), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Ted Esborn (Economic Development Director), and Resident Sara Calo

Approval of Minutes

In the absence of Chairman Bob Haycox, Lorry Nadeau served as Chair.  Mrs. Nadeau opened the meeting and asked if there were any additions or changes to the minutes of February 29, 2016, which were previously provided to the Committee.  There were none and the minutes were approved as written. 

Economic Development Update

Mrs. Nadeau welcomed Mr. Esborn to the meeting.  Mr. Esborn described that his role in Mayfield Village has three essential branches:  1) he is the Village’s contact with businesses; 2) he works with the Planning & Zoning Commission on zoning issues; and 3) he is primarily responsible for all grant writing.  Mr. Esborn stated that he welcomed this opportunity to address the Committee and wanted to focus on one question about Beta Drive that he is asked most often.  The question is, “why is there so much vacancy on Beta Drive?”  Mr. Esborn stated that there are many vacancy signs on Beta Drive which leads many people to think there is a lot of vacant space.  Mr. Esborn stated that after his presentation, he hoped the Committee could make their own assessment on the health of Beta Drive. 

Mr. Esborn began his presentation (a copy of which is attached hereto) by providing an overview of the area.  He described that Beta Park encompasses approximately 200 acres, was developed in the 1960s and 1970s, and being close to I-271 is its main draw.  Mr. Esborn stated that Beta Park is made up of 18 separate commercial properties and his PPT presentation will provide information regarding the total square footage of each property, the total square footage currently occupied and the percentage of occupancy compared to vacancy.  He proceeded to review each individual property:

  1. Holiday Inn – the owners of this property have been working slowly on an overhaul of the entire site.  They would like to build a new hotel closer to I-271, tear down the old hotel and build a small retail center.
  2. Beta Center – three of the four buildings that make up this complex are fully occupied.
  3. 700 Beta – includes the Hilton Garden and an office building.  QED is currently moving from this property to 6655 Beta.
  4. Preformed Line Products – an international company, publicly-traded, makes equipment for utilities.  They own a wooded lot to the north, possibly for future expansion.
  5. 600 Beta – This property has been completely vacant since 2004.  Formerly Picker X-Ray and Phillips.  Mr. Esborn is currently working with a company that is interested in leasing this property, unfortunately, the years of vacancy have taken their toll and the building requires substantial investment.  The property owner needs to secure a tenant in order to proceed with repairs.  Mrs. Batcheller asked why new owners had recently purchased the building.  Mr. Esborn responded that they saw a change in the interest in Village space and were able to purchase the building at a good price.
  6. Mayfran – This company makes conveyor systems.  Recently purchased by a Japanese company.  This company has the most prominent I-271 exposure on Beta.
  7. 6655 Beta – new home of QED and Mars Electric is preparing to move in.  This property has become a recent success and is having a huge impact on Beta Drive.
  8. Progressive Discovery – a training facility for Progressive employees.
  9. Skoda Minotti – a long-time business in the Village that is one of our largest employers.
  10. Mt.Vernon – a multi-tenant building.  Strictly office use with a recent conditional use permit to allow medical offices.  Mr. Esborn’s focus with this building is to help find tenants.
  11. Rockwell – one of the Village’s highest income-generating companies.
  12. First Energy Beta Labs – A building with a huge amount of fine-tuned equipment, used for research and development for First Energy, but also open to the public for testing and calibration of equipment.
  13. Progressive Concierge – one of Beta Drive’s newer buildings.
  14. Illuminating Company – a facility that houses this company’s utility crews.
  15. Hemingway – another multi-tenant building, formerly Versaplex, that is doing very well and allows a wide range of uses.
  16. Panzica – three multi-tenant buildings that include Panzica’s headquarters.
  17. Caputo – Includes tenants like Sherwin Williams, Amir Foods, Crooked River Coffee.
  18. Panzica Tech Park – this is where QED began their business.  About 12 companies are located here, including Freedonia and Preemptive Solutions.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Esborn summarized that approximately half of the properties on Beta Drive are single tenant and are 100% occupied.  Overall, Beta Drive has 1,936,606 sq. ft. of space and 1,759,944 sq. ft. are occupied.  This is a 91% occupancy rate.  Mr. Esborn stated that it is exciting to be trending as we are.  There is not much available space.

Mr. Esborn described and reviewed with the Committee the Village’s website that includes a Planning Development page showing available spaces.  Currently, except for 600 Beta, there are only small spaces available in the multi-tenant buildings. 

Mr. Jerome asked Mr. Esborn to talk about the balance between filling a building and bringing in revenue.  Mr. Esborn provided some examples of uses that proposed moving into vacant buildings on Beta Drive--SkyZone, Playground World, Kiddie Kingdom and indoor go-carts.  These uses required conditional use permits as Beta Drive is not zoned to permit them.  These permits were denied as many of these uses would not have generated many employees or much revenue.  Mrs. McNally stated that there are not a lot of amenities here for younger families.  Mrs. Nadeau responded that the Village has many parks. 

Mrs. McNally asked if 600 Beta could become a multi-tenant building.  Mr. Esborn responded that it has an open floor plan and is designed for manufacturing.  Mr. Jerome commented that many of the buildings were designed for manufacturing.

Mrs. Jay asked about the building next to Pizzazz Pizza.  Mr. Esborn stated that a dentist recently purchased the property.  The chiropractor will remain in the building and the dentist also intends to open a boutique.

Mrs. Nadeau thanked Mr. Esborn for making the presentation.  “We are so fortunate to have so many accomplished people working in the Village.  We appreciate your dedication and willingness to share.”  Mrs. McNally added that for a new resident, it was nice to hear some of the history.  Mr. Esborn stated that he enjoyed putting together the presentation and added that as he talks to Mayor Bodnar about new planning ideas, he will give more consideration to family uses.  Mr. Jerome suggested an indoor playground.  Mrs. McNally suggested collaboration with the Metroparks.  Mr. Esborn described a recent proposal to collaborate with the Library and the Metroparks on a bike-sharing program.  Mr. Jerome suggested that members call Mr. Esborn if they have more ideas.

Council Update

Mr. Jerome reported on the following Council activities:

  • Council recently accepted the bid for most of the furnishings at the new Community Room. Outdoor furniture is still to be selected.
  • Pavers are being installed at The Grove in time for this season. The stone seating wall has already been installed.  The Grove will continue to utilize Rosenberg Advertising to assist with marketing.
  • Engineering is moving forward for the Sandalwood crosswalk. It will be on SOM at the trail head next to the Fire station.
  • Three intersections on SOM are being fitted with audible crosswalk signals.
  • The tennis courts and intergenerational park are on hold this year while Mr. Esborn works on obtaining grant funds.
  • New LED signage is being planned for the Civic Center and Community Room.
  • The Habitat for Humanity is being offered items from the old Community Room that can be re-used.

Upcoming Events

Ms. Wolgamuth reviewed the following events with the Committee. 

  • The Arbor Day celebration is scheduled for Friday, April 29 at 9:00 a.m. at Center School.
  • The Community Room grand opening has been scheduled for August 21 from 1-4 p.m.
  • A Senior Fair has been scheduled for August 26 from 5-7 p.m. The hope is that more seniors will attend with their families if the event is held in the evening.

Upcoming meetings of the Citizens Advisory Committee are scheduled as follows, all at 7:00 p.m.:

Monday, Apr 25
Monday, May 23

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.